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The brothers co-housing,abercrombie pas cher, after drywall partitions,woolrich parka,, brother takes up an area of

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Fan Meiling Zhongshan,moncler prezzi, correspondent Liu Yihui,tn pas cher,, Liang Jin reports: Zhongshan jointly building a pair of brothers,outlet moncler, and signed an agreement to build the house, the brother found his brother much of the 20 square meters of space, so the brother to court . Recently, Zhongshan Municipal Intermediate People's Court heard the brothers together to fight this room disputes.

This year 49-year-old ultra-Man (pseudonym) living in the town of Zhongshan triangle, two years younger than his brother superweapon (pseudonym) living in Guangzhou. In 2005,,giubbotti woolrich, the brothers agreed to build a town in Zhongshan Triangle house,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, as travel agents or rental use,woolrich donna, hypertext To the west,giubbotti peuterey,, the east superweapon want. A year later, the house was completed.

In 2008,, two brothers go through hypertext land use right and house ownership certificates,peuterey uomo, both as a person entitled to housing co-owned the house half share.

Then take the card, the brothers signed a housing allocation agreement,,woolrich donna, which stipulated the house,woolrich sito ufficiale,, "one,hogan uomo, two,piumini moncler outlet, three,tn pas cher,, fourth floor corridor in the middle of the corresponding position drywall intermittent, in room structure unchanged pattern belongs to every man."

However,scarpe hogan outlet, hypertext brother found after the middle of the corridors drywall cut off much of the brother should own six toilets,giubbotti moncler, area of about 20 square meters. Accordingly,, the brother superweapon hypertext court, requesting the court sentenced the house again from "middle ground position" drywall partitions, return superweapon much of the area.

In this regard, the court after hearing the view that because the house already Qi Hao corridor wall is built over the text myself,doudoune parajumpers, even if there is a positional deviation led to its actual area reduction,woolrich parka, but also not attributable to the superweapon; to safeguard their own interests , hypertext has Qi Hao wall can be removed and re-confirm the corridors of mutual middle ground line as the boundary walls were drywall.

Given the two brothers had not agreed at the time of signing the agreement drywall specifically who is responsible for housing allocation, the court held that the two sides should jointly commissioned by the relevant agencies to measure the middle ground position line corridors, then common walls, each bear half the cost.

(Original title: Zhongshan two brothers jointly building after drywall partition lawsuit to fight six toilets)