to provide sexual services

Zhongshan Information Times (Reporter correspondent Zhoushu Ting Kwong Yu) call "recruitment notice" phone, but fall into the trap carefully set of criminals, forced to sign a "service agreement" to engage in prostitution,woolrich uomo, after the police rescued four women. Recently,scarpe hogan uomo, Zhongshan City Second People's Court on the defendant Chen Jian (pseudonym),nike tn pas cher, a simple Chinese, to organize prostitution, assisting the organization of prostitution crime sentenced to 5 years to 12 years.

Recruitment girl lying to the purpose of prostitution

Court found that, between April 2009 to October 2010, the suspect, "Yang", "Li,," and others (all handled separately) to recruitment in the name of the woman Zhang Mouzhen respectively, Momou show , Yangmou Xia, Huang Moumei Pianzhi Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, "signed service agreement", after the defendant Chen said the woman, who brought to the Zhongshan City cross bar Zhenmou rental,woolrich giubbotti, and the defendant Liu Mouxiu together to detain identity, threats,, beatings and other ways to force them into prostitution. China is responsible for assisting the accused Kan two activities. October 14, 2010 at 11 am,moncler prezzi, police received a report that rescued Zhang Mouzhen, Momou show, Yangmou Xia, Huang Moumei four people,, and was arrested Liu Mouxiu. In the afternoon the same day, Kan Hua also was arrested. October 30 the same year,giubbotti woolrich,, Chen arrested.

Female victims were forced to sign the agreement

Huang Moumei victim recalled that October 11, 2010,spaccio woolrich, she saw a the "Orient International Club" Zhangcha recruitment notices in the town of Foshan,giubbotti woolrich,, they contact each other. In the afternoon, a self-proclaimed "hotel manager" man would bring her to a hotel Songgang District,tn pas cher, Shenzhen,nike tn italia, a room,parajumpers pas cher, the room there are two men. "They come up with a 'contract' for me to sign, I saw that it was to be of service and refused to leave, but the other said, if not checked will pay 12,hogan 2014,000 yuan, I was afraid to sign, and the other party was deducted my identity. " 13,woolrich milano, Huang Moumei was taken to Zhongshan cross bar in the town within a rental,tn pas cher, to the custody of a middle-aged woman. That night,,piumini outlet, a 30-year-old man came to be with her sexual relations,peuterey outlet milano, Huang Moumei told the man that she was deceived and borrow their phones to send text messages to her cousin for help. October 14 afternoon,”, and the house other woman was rescued by police.

Victims Momou show experience and Huang Moumei almost cheated. She said that one day in March 2010,, she saw a recruitment information is in the South China Sea area, and later lied to a man she was going to Guangzhou candidates,woolrich donna, took her to Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, a hotel. One claimed to be "Yang" the man forced her to sign the "contract", and taken away her cell phone and documents and other items. Then she was pulled inside the cross bar in the town this rental.

victim is April 15, 2009, in Houjie Town see hotel cheated by recruitment notices. She also was forced to sign copies of "contract", and then was taken to the cross bar in the town Yu Tong Street a rental "pick up."

Said the voluntary agreement to provide sexual services

It is understood that four female victims were forced to sign the copies of "service agreement", which actually says the victim was "voluntarily provide sexual services."

Zhongshan City Second People's Court verdict: the defendant guilty of the crime of organizing prostitution Chen, sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and fined 5,hogan 2014,000 yuan. The defendant guilty of the crime of organizing prostitution , sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and fined 5,000 yuan. Jane defendant guilty of assisting in the organization of a Chinese prostitution, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and fined 2,000 yuan.

"Services Agreement"

I voluntarily joined the company in entertainment public office, to provide sexual services, paid for 50-200 yuan per day,giubbotti peuterey, personal net profit 50%, of the contract for a period of three months, you can not leave, leave to compensate 12,000 yuan.

I have read the (agreement),louboutin femme, voluntarily engaged, no persecution of others.

This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of signing.