and shouting "crush you

Nanhai network Haikou April 9 news (South China Sea Network reporter �) Haikou a woman parked electric car with others dispute,,piumini moncler, then the hand of a man tearing nakedness,hogan donna, and ultimately caused his scrotum severe neuropathic pain caused by shock and death. 9, the case in a public hearing in the Court of Haikou.

According to reports, the defendant deng, female,moncler outlet, born in 1971,moncler sito ufficiale, farmer; defendant Dengmou Guo, male, born in 1977,hogan donna, the self-employed.

April 19,hogan donna, 2012, the defendant and her husband Dengmou side of a village primary school to pick up their kids from school nine when the electric car parked in front of the Haikou Meilan District,giubbotti woolrich, Lee Mei Xiang Road home run shops. Due to Lee's sister believes the side of a parked electric cars affect the business,moncler milano, the two sides quarrel ensued. Lee rushed out of the store to help,[/url/,louboutin sito ufficiale, mutual pushing and struggling together. In the process of pushing,nike tn requin, holding a wooden bench Dengmou Cookin,,hogan interactive,, hit Lee's forehead. In this case, the defendant's brother Deng Mouguo Dengmou passing through here, after seeing too rushed before holding a wooden bench and beaten with fists help Dengmou Lee, both sides struggling together again. In this process,tn femme pas cher, the defendant deng down to the ground,woolrich donna outlet, his hands firmly grasp and hold for a few minutes,spaccio woolrich,, Lee's testicles, and shouting "crush you,louboutin,, so you can not have children in the future,," Lee until the shock of pain down ground,spaccio moncler, after she died.

After identification,nike tn, the victim Lee Department of external force to cause severe pain in the scrotum caused by neurogenic shock and death.

Public prosecutor that the defendant and his brother accused Dengmou ignore state laws Deng Mouguo intentionally causing bodily harm,,parajumpers jakke, causing one death,moncler outlet, their behavior has violated the criminal law,chaussures nike pas cher, criminal facts are clear, there is ample evidence, should be investigated for the crime of intentional injury two criminal responsibility. Haikou Intermediate People's Court will choose a sentencing date.

(Original title: Haikou woman grasping man nakedness caused his death siblings being sued)