clinging to each other on the thigh

Metropolis Daily News (intern reporter Li Li-Li Wei Fan Su Ming Ming Qiao Jingjing) Almost a long period of time,peuterey, the people of Wuhan Optics Valley Walking Street in the evening to casual shopping, often young men and women have been stopped several young children, forcing flowers experience. Last night,giubbotti woolrich, in the Optics Valley Walking Street a small fitness center to work on behalf of the discovery, a few children actually being "controlled" in the streets selling flowers.

Small generation just Wuhan Institute of Sports Training graduate. According to its introduction,nike tn pas cher, he worked in the fitness center on the 5th floor pedestrian street,moncler outlet, almost every day after work Optics Valley Walking Street, he saw several little girls selling flowers on the street. Several of about 4,hogan scarpe,5 years old little girl looks like, has a pair of big eyes,scarpe hogan, very cute. In the streets,louboutin femme, selling their hand a few roses: encounter reluctant to buy men, clinging to each other on the thigh,giubbotti peuterey, timidly,, said:. "Brother, buy flowers,, right,, on the 10 bucks." Most people are by no live child begging, forced to buy them in the hands of mostly already withered roses.

Small generation says the same faces every time he saw several children, my mind always think: why these kids are still on the streets selling flowers so late? 9:30 last night, when he again met one of the children,air max outlet, they played a photograph hair microblogging rescue flower girl's idea, who knows just lift the phone, he was alert little girl discovered. The little girl hiding, and shouted to a pair of well-dressed men and women. They claimed to be the little girl's parents,woolrich roma, would like to take the opportunity to leave, little man clung tightly generation immediately.

Soon the streets full of people. Small generation noticed there were around two around five children,, he questioned: "? 5 children are you,hogan outlet," the man replied that they are from Anhui, symbiosis of five children,, was fined the village money , life does go on,,moncler pas cher, just let the children out of the flower. To this end,, a small generation very angry: "I just graduated,, even leaflets can also rely on his hands to feed themselves, and you can actually make money by flower children?" Argument has been little response on behalf of the crowd,chaussures louboutin pas cher, we have surrounded to prevent the couple to leave and the police. Subsequently,spaccio woolrich, the Kanto police station rushed to the back and a woman and several children investigation.

Police said yesterday, after checking a woman's identity and account information, confirmed that the two are the parents of several children, initially ruled the Department of abducted children 5 children, they had to release a man and a woman both criticism and education. "Is the birth parents, you can let the children become profitable tool?" Said little doubt endless generations. According to an insider,giubbotti moncler, five children ages about the same size, has specialized in the field of gang children through leasing, account relationships with young children and then go to their name,outlet moncler, the formation of father and son,scarpe hogan, mother and other relations, and then with out begging and other profit-making, in order to evade the laws against things happen, hope that the authorities conduct a thorough investigation.

Coincidentally. A security guard walking street revealed that these children are familiar faces,moncler uomo, some specialized organizations they have been begging in disguise, often caught up,woolrich donna, put a few days again.

Link: "People's Republic of China on Protection of Minors Act," Article 41 of China's ban coercion, trick,abercrombie france, use of minors begging or organization of their physical and mental health of minors from harmful performances and other activities.