usually no wages

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Beijing News (Reporter Fanchun Xu Ning) As of yesterday, Biography Wang's father has received a donation of 260,000 yuan, the fund received donations angel mother also broke the 600,hollister soldes,000 yuan.

13-year-old boy Shandong was caused by injuries from a pneumatic pump inflatable anus, with the help of an angel mother Fund,, has been to Beijing Bayi Children's Hospital for treatment. The day before yesterday, Wang Biography transferred from the ICU to general wards, out of danger (newspaper reported yesterday).

Biography Wang urgently needed to control infection

Angel Mom Foundation staff Shen Li, from the hospital learned that Wang Biography condition has improved, has been reduced heat than before,, as well as continue to wound necrosis, need to gradually debridement,, gastrointestinal temporarily unable to start enteral nutrition. Hospital believes that we must first control the infection Biography busy,woolrich shop online, the child's infection from the face, mouth, digestive tract, require antibiotic treatment, to clear and adequate drainage of infected necrotic tissue. In addition, Wang Biography heart,, lung, liver, kidney and there are varying degrees of problems,woolrich outlet, the need for targeted therapies. For the next issue needs plastic surgery,doudoune parajumpers, and then go to a good assessment of infection control.

Shen Li said, and now has been transferred to a separate Biography Wang general wards,nike tn, the hospital has set up a panel of experts medical assistance teams and related disciplines,, every afternoon timed rounds consultation, intensive care nurses 24 hours.

Local government will provide subsidies

At noon yesterday,woolrich donna, of Jiuye Dong Yuliang said that about 260,000 yuan donation has a small biography father Wang Du homes thick hands personal bank card account,hogan rebel outlet, Du expressed satisfaction with the angel mother fund.

As of yesterday, Wang Chuan small donation on Angel Mom platform exceeded 60 million. Angel Mom Foundation appealed the fourth time in the microblogging users pause donations as a result of subsequent treatment needs donations will then inform you.

At noon yesterday, where Wang Biography XIAJIN Dezhou, Shandong Province,, deputy magistrate to visit Duzhuan Wang.

"County authorities contributed a total of 16,120 yuan,,giubbotti woolrich, the Procuratorate donated 5,000 yuan, Dezhou City Health Bureau donations 10,000 yuan." Vice Minister of Publicity Department of square XIAJIN Qinghua said XIAJIN Civil Affairs Wang injured after a small biography of Biography Wang bailed out 22,000 yuan. July 12 at noon,tn requin pas cher, the county government departments in charge of the county rate staff, accompanied Wang to eighty-one Biography Children's Hospital for further treatment.

Biography Wang did for NCMS, can not enjoy medical reimbursement issues, Wan Qinghua said the grants were based on poverty Biography prosperous future.

■ Interrupted

Police investigate 'use of child labor. "

Xiajin County police confirmed on July 12,louboutin milano, two suspects allegedly hurt local prosecutors have been arrested. Du Zhuanwang Dongmou boss has lost contact for Dongmou regarding alleged illegal use of child labor,moncler pas cher, the police are supplementary investigation.

Xiajin County Public Security Bureau chief Shi Chuan Liu Jieshao, at 20:00 on June 30, Xiajin Chengguan police station received a report said Du Zhuanwang uncle, Duzhuan Wang was inflated, grievous bodily harm,outlet moncler, has been sent to the county People's Hospital treatment. July 1,parajumpers salg, XIAJIN police 27-year-old and 20-year-old mechanic Zhao Chen control, the two admitted that the pneumatic pump to inflate Duzhuan Wang anus, causing Duchuan Wang injured.

"The two suspects are sorry,scarpe nike air max, where Chen was arraigned at the time, off the tears. They say big joke." Shi Chuan Liu said the incident occurred, the two suspects and did not pump directly into the anus, but at one centimeter outside the anus,tn air max pas cher, with the high-pressure pump to inflate . July 12,louis vuitton bauletto, two suspects on suspicion of intentional assault,nike air max, was arrested prosecutors.

Xiajin County Prosecutor's Office Deputy Chief Lands Tongli confirmed that two suspects have been arrested, the case is yet the latest developments.

It is understood that Du Zhuanwang employed together with two suspects surnamed Dong vehicle maintenance boss, they have no fixed place of work, usually by private living Dongmou contact, send another to repair them.

The Jiuye Duchuan Wang Dong Yuliang said Dongmou is Duzhuan Wang neighbors. After the Spring Festival this year, Du Chuanwang dropout, has followed him to study repair,, usually no wages, one is "Let Wang Chuan school gate technology,, the second is to make the boss look after the children."

Xiajin County Public Security Bureau,scarpe hogan, said Shi Chuan Liu, Dongmou "There has been no contact on the" illegal use of child labor for its alleged police are supplementary investigation,gucci borse, "there is a problem, if verified, will be enforceable."