Zhu Ling to do business on the grounds

His life is like a stock K line chart, the daily limit and limit a bit more fierce



Some middle-aged balding


Multiple trips Macau

Gambled all property

Tea room open for dinner

Mobile wallet theft

Yesterday,http://www.city.toyota.aichi.jp, the Chongqing Evening News reporter learned from the Jiangbei district police station, Zhu Ling (a pseudonym) because of gambling gambled away money selling debt, and finally to meet with friends theft of property,hogan interactive, the result was arrested.

Recalling Zhu Ling's life trajectory,http://model-park.net, like a stock K line graph,woolrich parka, there have been very envious of career and business summit, and because gambling sunset little knowledge.

Jun Zhu Chongqing Evening News reporter intern Wang Bailin

Only 15 dollars when caught

The evening of March 14, 34-year-old man, Mr. Wu alarm,moncler donna, own Samsung phone theft friends.

Mr. Wu said he and the other on the dating site know,woolrich roma, it is to talk to. "This man is erudite,http://hyde.run.buttobi.net, quite some intellectuals temperament." Talked a month, Mr. Wu invited by the other party to the pedestrian street to eat hot pot. Eat hot pot,scarpe hogan, Mr. Wu on two toilets, all with the phone.

Later, the other offered to pay the bill, called Mr. Wu quick toilet. This time,http://web.thu.edu.tw/kudo/www/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi, Mr. Wu,moncler outlet, the phone on the table. Came back from the toilet, Zhu Ling and cell phone were gone.

After Mr. Wu home, in their understanding of that house dating site posting looking for each other. He clearly remember each other's characteristics --- big tall,http://www.bonkureshougatu.com/6/clip.cgi, black-rimmed glasses, wearing a dress and some taste, middle-aged,spaccio woolrich, some bald.

The evening of March 14, a netizen called Mr. Wu said, "I saw the guy steal your phone,louboutin soldes, in guanyinqiao bar."

Mr. Wu rushed to bar the parade,peuterey outlet, the other stopped, and the police.

District police investigation found that users suspected of stealing mobile phones called Zhu Ling, who is only 15 yuan in cash, Mr. Wu,basket nike tn requin,http://taf5686.269g.net, his phone has been sold for cash up.

Macau afraid of losing money back to Chongqing

Zhu Ling,spaccio peuterey, 46, Yuzhong people, conversation elegant, well-educated, when once in a journal editor, and friends engage in a number of subsidiary industries, catering, advertising industry are involved. A few years ago, poor performance on the verge of collapse unit, Zhu Ling just resign obsessed business.

Economic good that time, Zhu Ling fixed assets plus deposits million. Many of my friends are reemployed him as typical of his admiration for me.

Soon, Zhu Ling hooked on gambling. First play baccarat online gambling addiction is growing, a win or lose several hundred thousand dollars. He thinks that online gambling virtual too,piumini moncler, went to Macau true. Gambling stimulation and passion, so he found a sense of excitement,hogan scarpe, after repeated trips between Chongqing and Macao.

In 2009, Zhu Ling has his own money losers, only the next at home. Later that summer, Zhu Ling to do business on the grounds, find a friend borrowed a few hundred thousand dollars,hogan outlet, went to Macau. Unexpectedly, these 50 million is gambled, did not dare to come back a few months hiding in Macau.

Friends can not contact Zhu Ling, reported to the police. Finally, Zhu Ling's mother to persuade his son to go home in Macau.

In order to give his son the chance of rehabilitation, Zhu Ling's mother sold the property to pay off the debt, and the remaining hundred thousand dollars for him to live.

Specialized theft gay friends

Soon, a hundred thousand dollars gone, Zhu Ling became a poor and white,spaccio moncler, aid to life by his mother. Old mother may have been more than 80 years old, only a month to give him 500 yuan for living expenses. Brothers and sisters do not want to give him money, friends do not trust him, Zhu Ling did not work no source of livelihood.

Before Mr. Wu report, there are two reported phone, wallet stolen. After police verification, as are all of the mausoleum. Zhu Ling admitted three from the case.

According to the survey, Zhu Ling often in a gay dating site activities,scarpe hogan,http://www.midmopigskin.com/cgi-bin/guestbook/guestbook.cgi, and chat with friends. Netizens are more like him. Zhu Ling generally invited out to meet friends through tea, dinner, open house and other opportunities to steal property.

Account, the Zhu Ling said,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/gear/search.cgi,woolrich sito ufficiale, chose to start with the same sex, not that he is gay,giubbotti woolrich, but these people are generally embarrassed after being taken to the police.

Police speculated that there should be a lot of victims,louboutin milano, but have no choice because I am sorry to report.

Currently, Zhu Ling was detained for theft,spaccio woolrich, the case is still under investigation in.

(Original title: Thief)