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8:36 yesterday,louboutin homme, Ms. Shao Caller: My Teddy dog "a lot",,scarpe hogan, has raised three years, last night,, walking in the crosswalk,, was run over by a car! Behaved a lot of very smart,, I have been training its own toilet, a horse go crosswalk ...... gone a lot, me and my daughter cried one night. I think a lot of completely knocked the driver's responsibility! Crosswalk car to make people go first,peuterey prezzi, do not let let the dog do?

Reporter Chen Jian verify reports: Ms. Shao live near Qingjiang road. The neighbors said that her family's dog Teddy "a lot" really smart,, the toilet will find the toilet, zebra crossing are gone, government stop shouting,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, shouting stay away.

The day before yesterday around 19:20,hogan rebel outlet, Ms. Shao took a walk along the waterfront lot, a lot of running in front, not tied to the leash. "After an intersection near the Bridge, a lot very quickly ran up the crosswalk, I can not keep it,scarpe hogan, then shouted: 'a lot,scarpe hogan, Mom ...... wait,abercrombie outlet online,'" Ms. Shao cried,, "We listen to a lot of really,moncler sito ufficiale, stop down the side of the road stood, motionless, at this moment,peuterey outlet, ready to turn a commercial vehicle,woolrich roma, passing through the street,moncler sito ufficiale,, put a lot of rolling in the next round ...... "

According to the "Hangzhou limit prescribed Kennel" Article XI third paragraph: small ornamental indoor dogs allowed out of time,air max tn pas cher, you must bundle dog chain,woolrich uomo, led by adults collar. Large dogs must ring (tied) to raise, not the family.

Zhejiang Xing Yun Xu Jianmin said the lawyer law firm,louboutin femme, law, pets are personal property, protected by law. But at the same time,tn nike pas cher, also need to meet our responsibility to look after the property owner's care and foreseeable harm to fasten the rope and pull a good dog.

Xu Jianmin lawyer added,nike tn requin, "dog hit by a car" accident caused by a negotiated compensation, the insurance company may also be required. Compensation and market prices are pretty pet,piumini moncler, dog owners should not require "moral damages."

The night before,gucci borse, hit a lot of commercial vehicle drivers are also guilty. He said he was now rushing to meet, excessive speed,,basket nike pas cher, did not see the street dogs. He Ms. Shao 4000 yuan compensation.