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■ public security departments to remind online dating to be cautious, once the photo is propagated immediately to the police

On the network, a variety of Pornographic continued, suddenly becomes the protagonist of the film Reds, but this "one off the popular" approach is unacceptable. These days, the provincial capital of Linlin (screen name) was so plagued by fears. The beauty of the girls are satisfied with their body, private bath and took some photos and a "cool photos", finishing the album in its own. When meeting with male friends, Linlin will own album "borrowed" to the other side. But ......

A "White Horse" took a bath photo

Her beautiful youth; he was young and handsome,parajumpers paris, these two pictures on the site of a marriage encounter,spaccio woolrich, and it struck some sparks.

Linlin and winter sun are members of a family marriage dating site, in April this year,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/routes/page.cgi,peuterey outlet, the two met in the network,hogan outlet, which is destined to produce a story.

On the network,hogan outlet,http://www.yqtxt.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, one to one to two, hot chat. At this point, the winter sun seize the opportunity to put forward to meet the requirements.

"In the days of the Internet to talk to him, that he is a person quite honest, I would like to meet him in the end to see how", Linlin Interested his own winter sun, and agreed to the request to meet.

Know less than a month, they will be in good agreement time and place to meet up. Jianguang Si friends say,tn pas cher, they are the exception, they just like a pair of young lovers. In this case, the proposed winter sun, "You do not have a say in the online photo album? Let me Yangyang Yan?"

But this next Linlin hesitated,moncler donna, "He was always shaking hands, acts a little weird, I can not put the album to him,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/photos/search.cgi, sneaking off to the toilet to make a telephone call to a friend. But friends said he wanted to see, give him Look, it's nothing. I went on the album gave him confidence. "

Looked after, winter sun big plus praise, and further that "today I take the opportunity to pass the time a little tight,scarpe hogan outlet, let me take you back to just enjoy. Rest assured, I will certainly pay you back." All of a sudden it was flattered Linlin agreed.

B Good "by" bad yet

Who knows, after returning home, Linlin has been staring at the phone, the string of familiar numbers would never appear. "After the album was taken away, he did not give me a phone call played." Linlin anxious, became suspicious and began to take the initiative to call to ask for winter sun albums.

Linlin According to reports, the album has photos of her bath is a bath photos, content and some nudity. There are some cool photos, "is dressed less." Speaking of which, Linlin little embarrassed.

But this is not a gentle winter sun, "first began to move to the album lost, he said later found, but says he is in the field, or what was not at home, so someday have time to give me." Linlin pursued,moncler prezzi, "Since he did not have time,tiffany gioielli outlet, I put my address to him,moncler uomo, so he sent me, but he said that it would personally sent over."

Now three months have passed, and he still did not have. This time, Linlin really anxious, "continue to be exposed online Pornographic,moncler outlet, he will not take my photos uploaded to the Internet or to threaten me ah?"

C again pledges as soon as possible

Upon learning this,moncler uomo, the reporter contacted the winter sun.

When talking about it, he looks a little impatient, "I recently busy,http://www.sqlcourse.com/cgi-bin/interpreter.cgi, no time, time will be returned to her."

He explained, "I live in Wuhu,http://www.axiabridge.com/sunbbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=6&page=”,requin tn pas cher, Hefei from a certain distance. As she said,http://maplesikou.seesaa.net, let me be mailed to her album, the album itself is relatively small,woolrich sito ufficiale, I'm afraid to lose it in the mail."

Under questioning by reporters, he promised,louboutin milano, "in two or three days, my friends will come Hefei, Wuhu play, when I asked him to take back to the album Linlin. No later than three or four days will certainly be back to her. "

In this regard, Linlin exhibit less trust. She told reporters,spaccio moncler, "He is such a man,spaccio woolrich, like a promise has vowed not the first time,http://vlonggolf.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=116587,hollister outlet,http://www.84160.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=75158, I really can not believe it."

And Linlin also worried that even if the photos were recovered, "he can go remake. Alas, the original photograph should easily put to him, and I regret it a bit."

D public security organs: online dating to be cautious

Subsequently, the reporter consulted on the matter of the public security organs.

A staff member said, as Linlin this case, the two sides are not the same place, the public security organs is difficult to arrange the two together negotiation process, only to allow them to negotiate between the parties.

However, if the photo is uploaded to the Internet, was illegal use, a violation of the rights of Linlin, she can go to the area of the police station, you can also sue the other party's legal liability through the courts.

Meanwhile,spaccio woolrich, the staff also reminded the majority of users, "a lot of information registered on the site are false, users do not easily believe what they are saying, not easily to meet the users to easily believe false promises of a word, dating to be cautious. "

Intern Wu Yuanyuan

Kui Yuanyuan newspaper reporter