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Tracking: two families of the injured have been called out of danger with psychiatric problems, police said the case has been solved already ruled out a burglary,woolrich donna, homicide and revealed some of the details of the case:

Newspaper reported yesterday occurred in Dongguan Shatin six villages along the sand righteous husband chopped his wife and children hacked to death with a knife tragedy of human relations.

Yesterday,woolrich prezzi, reporters learned from the Taiping People's Hospital, and his eldest son Zhoumou Jian Zhou Binghua by the hospital for treatment, have been out of danger. According to a deceased's brother Jimmy told two months before the attack,tiffany outlet, had already appeared mental problems, had originally planned to go to the hospital the day of the incident for examination and treatment, but did not expect to make such excesses. Is it true, as pointed Zhou Binghua relatives suffering from mental problems? ShaTian police responded that has not been determined.

Man, Figure / Reporter Man-yuan

Progress: The two injured are out of danger

Yesterday afternoon,chaussures tn, the reporter went to see Dongguan Taiping People's Hospital, Central Hospital ICU Zhou Binghua still receiving treatment, in order to prevent accidents, Zhou Binghua center where there are police in the ICU ward guard. The injured have been transferred to the general ward Zhoumou Jian, a police guard outside the ward in addition, there are a number of relatives.

According to the Director of the Office Taiping People's Hospital, Zhou Binghua after hospital treatment, has been out of danger, but he took a lot of "rat strong" poison, it is also necessary for him to hemodialysis treatment. Zhou Binghua's son, the body with multiple stab wounds, after the treatment has been out of danger, and transferred to a general ward.

Parents: can not believe his son would do such a thing

Yesterday morning, reporters once again came to the trouble of Zhou Binghua home. The incident is still pulling the cordon surrounding the house. In the incident outside the back of the house Little house yesterday,moncler donna, full of blood on a stone bench, windows and floors have been cleaned.

Speaking of Zhou Binghua attack things at home a pair of over seventy parents more silence in grief, but this old couple still can not believe that his son did not make such things to humanity.

Zhou Binghua mother said, a daughter and son Jimmy married 18 years ago. Then, gave birth to two boys. Not only that, when they get married, and only a small house. After marriage,scarpe hogan scontate, son and daughter together again in the old house and built a new building housed (incident house),http://www.weixiyang.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3561437,tiffany roma,http://lens-bargain.com, life is decent. This year, my son began to build a three-storey houses. Today, this building of new houses have been built three layers quickly, seeing soon can stay,giubbotti moncler, but I did not expect such a tragedy occurred.

"My son and daughter married for 18 years, and usually ultimately noisy, but still a decent life. He died how would suddenly chopping his wife and son and then committed suicide? This point,louboutin homme, I can not imagine how! Could not understand!" Zhou Binghua of Mother said.

Cases Focus

Zhou Binghua whether psychiatric problems?

Friends: suffering from mental problems for two months

According to a deceased's brother Jimmy Fan said, when he understood Qi Mei family's misfortune is caused by Zhou Binghua brother's wife,hogan timeactive, that he really can not believe it. In his eyes, his wife Zhou Binghua brother looks more powerful character though,woolrich outlet, but did not say Zhoubing Hua Mak a bully her.

Fan also said that all so fierce it made things miserable, probably because of the onset of mental problems. Two months ago, they found him a wife younger sister Mai,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi bassi,http://www.xiyatour.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, told spiritual problems, temper became very irritable, and regular beatings at home, curse, regardless of family persuasion useless. In addition,http://www.zhongguoline.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=177429, the day of the incident, Zhou Binghua originally intended to go to the hospital, but did not expect, before this, something went wrong.

Police: not yet determined whether the mentally ill

According to relevant staff ShaTian propaganda office reports, rumors have five men for the attack to open the van after the incident, police retrieved the surrounding video surveillance, from the monitor display,hogan uomo, and did not find the van haunt. At present, have been identified are burglary,woolrich sito ufficiale, homicide excluded.

For Zhou Binghua relatives said he was suffering from mental problems before the incident, police ShaTian responded that he was suffering from mental illness has not been determined whether he needs further investigation and review.

Official notification

Suspected his wife was having an affair her husband hacked to death his wife and children and attempted to commit suicide by taking poison poison

According to an informed, November 27, 6 pm, Saturday and sable sand group murder occurred, a family of four villagers Zhou Mouhua 2 dead 2 injured. Two days of careful investigation by the task force,http://tukipie.net/audiobook/index.cgi, the case has been successfully detected.

The field survey and investigation visits,spaccio woolrich, confirmed that no suspicious persons enter the scene of the incident. Zhou Mouhua injury forensic inspection, the body of sharp injuries consistent with the formation of self-injury.

The survey found a Zhoumou Hua suspected his wife was having an affair wheat, the two sides conflict. Scene of wheat a diary content reflects the contradiction between their spouses. And there are two sides to mediate their relatives had conflicts between husband and wife.

Zhoumou Hua Zhou Moujian reflect son, 27 am, Zhou Moujian sleep at home, was awakened by the screams of his brother Zhou Mouhui,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, then in bed by his father, Zhou Mouhua chopped back, after his father Zhou Mouhua Head and neck injuries caused by a knife chase. After fighting with his father opportunity to escape the residence along with his brother to help her grandmother.

Confirmed by the investigation,http://tsuruo.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/found/visit/main.pl, the case series Zhoumou Hua suspected his wife was having an affair conflict, a kill his wife Mai, the younger son Zhoumou Hui, Zhou Moujian chopped eldest son, after knife injuries since taking rat poison attempted suicide. At present, the suspect Zhou Mouhua still in hospital for treatment, the public security authorities of its intention to take enforcement measures under residential surveillance.

All of the reactions

Zhou Binghua Yizao Policing "delisting"

Subsequently, the reporter went to the meaning sable Policing on the Policing of a "righteous rotating table sable security team" saw name, his time on patrol duty in the morning 6:00 to 12:00. However, the reporter found that in the list of security management in the police office did not see his name and photograph,spaccio peuterey, and on more than one job evaluation form, on names have been labeled a note, a note was sealed cover or obliterated.

According to an informed security team introduced after work yesterday, the police sergeant let his teammates had hung indoor photos off, with his name on the form have also been removed, his name has also been removed.

The security team said that after the incident the first time,scarpe hogan outlet, he had a premonition, the murderer is teammate Zhou Binghua. Because eldest son was taken to hospital and in the process he was sent to the ward after surgery, he has been asking his mother and brother to the situation, but his father injury,spaccio woolrich, but he did not mention the word .

According to a number of villagers in six villages,http://www.hikershome.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=244984, the incident a few days ago, with his wife Mai have happened a quarrel, quarrel and very powerful. also repeatedly told his classmates, his father for violence at home, feeling very helpless and helpless, do not know how to do.

Factory: Mak and colleagues, a good performance is good

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the deceased during his lifetime work in a wheat Shatin three and a magnet plant, deputy director Li Jinning General told reporters, wheat from last August in a factory entry in the plant as a cleaner. Her cheerful, people can get along well with colleagues, work in factories performed well.

After learning of her misfortune, yesterday morning,spaccio woolrich, the plant will be held a collective meeting of her misfortune feel sad,woolrich parka, angry actions of the murderer. "After all, Jimmy is a factory employee, she was out afterwards, the factory is being treated for her funeral and family pension and other matters to discuss."