Liu Guangming already dying

Life has been maintained by infusion,peuterey outlet, treatment costs have consumed 200,000 still can not find the specific reasons

Express News reporter intern Ruan Jianhua Ma Rui Ge Jing Liu Guangming have been reported in Hunan guy in a coma more than two months, there is no signs of awakening, even his doctors have not found out why coma. Family borrowing more than 20 million, but still probably not save his life. Liu Guangming in the factory dormitory collapsed in the accident so far, the factory only 3,500 yuan advance. Family said Liu Guangming spray glue to work in the factory, usually without any protective measures relating to suspected coma.

Suddenly collapsed blowing hair

Liu Guangming Hunan Hengyang man, 22 years old,, finished secondary school in Guangzhou. Six months ago, he came to the Baiyun District Yongping Street Dongping Village Thailand electronics factory work.

In January this year,scarpe hogan outlet, 14 am, brother Liuguang Qing received a phone factory, said Liu Guangming fainted and was taken to East Ren Hospital. When rushed to the hospital, Liu Guangming already dying, Liuguang Qing follow doctor's advice, the younger brother to the emergency hospital south. After the rescue, Liu Guangming's life is spared, but has been unconscious.

"Until now,, I do not know why his brother would faint, and his body has been good." said. In accordance with the factory's argument, January 13 evening 10:30 Xu,nike requin pas cher, Liu Guangming dormitory with two colleagues in a drink, a bath blowing hair suddenly collapsed.

Glue does not wear a mask work

February 10,abercrombie outlet,, due to the issue of beds,moncler donna outlet, was transferred to the South Fang Yanling Liu Guangming hospital for further treatment. Medical diagnostic results on the table for the "post-cardiopulmonary resuscitation,abercrombie milano,, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy,,hogan outlet, multiple organ dysfunction." What is the specific cause fainting Liu Guangming,scarpe online hogan,, has not yet been identified. "The doctor had let us do dichloroethane determination,,doudoune moncler soldes, but the results did not find blood." Holding a thick stack of test data, Liuguang Qing Zhaoyan straight sigh.

Liuguang Qing introduced,parajumpers jakke, in addition to hospital for emergency treatment, the factory has not initiate contact with him. In order to identify the cause,moncler milano, he found his brother's phone call in the past one by one, to know his brother was engaged in spray job, "did not know before,abercrombie pas cher, that spray water onto the phone shell. The whole process is not even wearing masks." Later, a worker told him that a nearby factory workers had an event similar to the work caused the death occurred, Liuguang Qing suddenly felt faint brother probably related thereto. So he called the police to the local police station. However,, as has been unable to identify the cause, the investigation failed to progress.

Did not respond to someone's electronics factory

Yesterday, the Express reporter contacted Liu Guangming workers Adelaide (a pseudonym). He said Liu Guangming evening drink half a glass of wine,hogan uomo, and then went to take a bath, after he picked up the hairdryer blowing hair washing, suddenly collapsed to the ground. Adriano said Liu Guangming mainly responsible for electronic products in the factory glue job. When asked whether to wear special gloves,woolrich outlet, masks and other protective, he said firmly: "Nothing!"

To this end,moncler sito ufficiale, the reporter tried to contact someone in Thailand electronics factory boss Kwak, but phone calls several times no one answered.

Patchwork of large sums of money for medicine but Jiucheng opportunity not wake up

From January 14 a coma, Liu Guangming has relied lose energy supplement enteral nutrition suspension. Only undulating chest and side of the detector to prove that he was still alive.

Liu Guangming in the home fourth eldest, most parents love, height 1.75 m, the original itself a strong body and health. After the incident,peuterey outlet, the parents came from the home,parajumpers femme, has been accompanied by side. See reporters, Liu Mu suddenly burst into tears, repeating saying "no how my son been ill since childhood, so now how it?"

Mother every day for her son brush with alcohol, fever,tn nike pas cher, she cool with ice for him in every possible way. In the evening, there will be very serious Liu Guangming hands twitching phenomenon, extremely painful,spaccio piumini, "a look at him, my heart was broken."

Two months, the family has spent more than 20 million medical expenses. "These are a patchwork of borrowed money,spaccio moncler, but the doctor said he was 90 percent chance of not wake up ......" carrying parents, Liuguang Qing quietly told reporters.