such as floor after repaired

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Reporters are Yiming

Gansu Daily Network - Western Daily News' live floor twenty years old,peuterey prezzi, and never appeared cracks,,hollister pas cher, ground subsidence phenomenon can be next to a digging site, residential buildings, cracks appeared in the ...... "October 8, 5:00 pm, Lanzhou Donggang West Road 525 Yijuminlou ground subsidence occurred, the building of more than 24 130 residents gradually shift, the accident caused no casualties. According to nearby residents said the residential buildings adjacent ground subsidence due to ground movement caused by the construction site dig.

Body Building cracks

130 Yu Jumin emergency evacuation

Yesterday, members of the public to the newspaper, said Wang reflect hotline,peuterey outlet milano,, Donggang Road 525 yard (Provincial Bureau of Nonferrous Metals Exploration address a family wings) a six-storey residential building House of cracks, and ground subsidence, more Seriously, the building on the first floor balcony of households have different degrees collapsed,moncler donna outlet, stored on the balcony of households lost everything,woolrich uomo, "disappeared." After the incident, the upstairs tenants of more than 24 130 people were evacuated relocated to neighboring hotels. Residents believe that such a situation is in the vicinity of a construction site excavation foundation caused.

On the morning of 9 am,louboutin sito ufficiale, reporters rushed to the scene to see the collapse in front of the residential building foundation placed a reminder signs that read, "This building dangerous" above. There are signs in front of a long security line, there are two staff members within the cordon to prevent outsiders from entering the building. Meanwhile, outside the cordon several staff survey in progress.

According to a staff survey the scene told reporters that the family wings was built in 1986,moncler outlet online, next door to the site are digging the foundation, the foundation should not have to deal with this situation happened before,woolrich parka, now a construction site excavation of the foundation not only cause of this Ground subsidence residential buildings, but also so that part of the room in a hostel near the House of the cracks, they have appeared on the floor of the body in the cracks made a mark,peuterey uomo, after which they will be measured every cook mark.

Subsequently,outlet moncler online italia,, the reporter into the residential buildings,, residents found the first floor balcony collapsed in households that have occurred, the interview,nike tn prezzo, the reporter met Ms. Wang rented the first floor of the household, she is doing the tea business, rental here The house is in order when using the Treasury after the incident, she found that some tea lose "sight", she suspected that followed the collapse of the balcony was buried in the earth together. Meanwhile,, the reporter saw along the collapse of the place, the whole House of southward tilt,peuterey outlet, collapsed mud bricks piled like hills in residential building construction site side, a few bare black piping,, and residential buildings with ground subsidence occurred wall site only 3 meters spacing.

Residents worried

Later lived there a security risk

Yesterday morning,nike tn pas cher, the reporter saw Ms. Lee, who lives in 502 households. According to Ms. Lee said she lived here for twenty years,scarpe hogan, the family house never had cracks day of the incident she was at work, received a neighbor's phone call saying the floor cracks. When she arrived at the family member courtyard downstairs to see the site has been blocked up, desperation, the night she and her family on their own to find a place to live, 9 and 10, she was placed in a business hotel in the nearby residential buildings . Lee also told reporters after the incident to inform residents of the property company,hogan interactive,, being the first do not live at home, to avoid accidents, but there are specific resettlement program has not yet come out.

Hand carrying large bags of Tian told reporters, "I lived in the 101 day of the incident I was in the house, and before I could react, someone shouted outside the building collapsed,nike tn pas cher, I quickly ran to the balcony A look at the original home of the balcony has collapsed, followed a few pieces I packed a change of clothes, and his wife take their children Wangwaimian run. Do not know, such as floor after repaired, we will not have to live in security risks. "

Household questioned

According to the plan if digging,hogan donna?

"Inhabited by 24 residents,hogan donna, from the base of the wall construction unit of the nearest building we live only three meters, and the absence of any protective measures, this caused a serious ground subsidence." During the interview, the families of the provincial Bureau of Nonferrous Metals Exploration address House tenants have said, "is not in accordance with the planning and construction units excavated foundations of it?" Residents are worried the building might have dumped.

Subsequently, the reporter went to the construction site,abercrombie france, according to a responsible person, this is the site of the project department of Gansu Jiuquan six buildings built after the incident, six built-provincial Nonferrous Metals Exploration Bureau address is being negotiated, rehousing and other related Matters were also being negotiated. Residents were evacuated in the future will be the placement? Whether construction units in accordance with the construction plan? What is the cause of the accident? Construction side digging how much impact the building next? ...... Yesterday afternoon,, the reporter with these questions to Lanzhou City Construction Bureau, according to the responsible person, the council has arranged for the staff on the 11th conducted a survey on the matter, while the number of departments ShangXi investigation team has been established launched an investigation on the matter.