stop charging fees for this information."

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yin Ann School Report: April 5 at 8 pm,woolrich sito ufficiale, Jingmen Jingshan a question of bringing in some students,abercrombie femme, learning materials will tear up and burned,spaccio woolrich, requiring schools to give an explanation. 7, Jingshan an officially responded that students considered unreasonable ordering information can be unconditionally returned to school.

Night throwing the book "Like with snow"

Paper answer sheet 6 yuan,,hogan milano, a good question this and wrong title 24 yuan,piumini moncler, 12 yuan notebook paper and writing paper, offset printing costs 38 yuan,parajumpers paris, air conditioning maintenance costs 15 yuan,louboutin homme pas cher, 15 yuan multimedia maintenance costs,, training costs 45 yuan ...... week online, Jingshan school students broke a variety of school fees. A fee table shows that want to charge fees high school student counseling information, including liberal arts students 442.1 yuan, 471.8 yuan science students, including a book called "early" magazine is Jingshan one began to say out of their own free, later said closing $ 5,, but in the end charged according to each lasting 10 yuan.

According to school requirements,abercrombie outlet, the evening of April 5 is more than the cost of the pay period. Some students find a teacher,moncler outlet, refused to pay the fees,abercrombie homme, and questioned the school's fees are reasonable. 8 pm that night to study up on the second quarter, the grade three students gathered outside the classroom part,louboutin, refused to return to the classroom,, and then some students booing, tore books, papers thrown downstairs.

Downstairs there is of high school students came to the lawn, lit books and tutorials,woolrich sito ufficiale, start "book burning" because they also need to pay the $ 400 materials fee.

One student describes that night, "lost a lot of books, just like snow, the whole ground is covered. Each layer has, the whole building is a sensation. Some students on the lawn to ignite a book ......"

After the students return to the classroom teacher advised, but the student was refused, the two sides deadlocked for some time,, the school leaders promise will give you a satisfactory explanation, the students will return to the classroom.

Students introduced almost every month, the school has a variety of names charges. Some of the information requirements set for school learning is not much help, but some of the information requirements of liberal arts students science students are set, and some of the information poor print quality. "We are not a cash machine,giubbotti peuterey, money machine ah."

Students no longer buy data by school

7, Jingshan one responded that Tencent Weibo, the majority of students and parents should be required for high school seniors with a door preparation materials for each subject, ordered a partial information papers. The order for the information, the school will pay students to check the list, but some students think the price is too high, and the school to let off steam in the network.

Jingshan one that is equipped with the information from the school uniform and books department negotiated discount price, according to the cost of fees charged to students, student representatives to participate in the verification,peuterey uomo, "the school does not make money, the school also put an end to teachers' personal information without permission to sell to students, unauthorized charges. "

After the book burning incident, Jingshan one said, after "self-examination and rectification",, adhere to the principle of voluntary purchase information, "students do not use that information for the study of no value, or that the information is not required, can be returned to the unconditional schools. Schools do not charge any fees. "

"To re-enact the reform program, ordered by the students adhere to the voluntary principle of data,louboutin milano, costs and release the docking station directly by students, the school no longer collect data charges. Before the introduction of the new program, stop charging fees for this information."

"Learning materials for students of all ages and subscription fees,,peuterey outlet, and to conduct a comprehensive clean-up,, if found violations to resolutely rectification to eliminate." Jingshan one that will take leadership and teacher grade package, including classes, including students' way, attention explanation,nike tn pas cher, lifting concerns of students and parents, to maintain the normal order of the school's teaching,abercrombie outlet online, improve pro forma Entrance Exam.

For this response,nike requin tn pas cher, students believe that of bringing not only a variety of complex data, as well as "text manuscript 'fees and other expenses. Some netizens ridiculed,hogan prezzi, Jingshan in response to a long-winded language, word order in chaos, there are typos, allow students to shame.