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Yesterday, police confirmed unlimited Chaoyang district is a serial arson as for security. In recent years, caused by the internal security cell security cases frequently hit the newspapers, even the owners killed the security case occurred.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the capital of a plurality of cells that the current residential security team more confusion. Treatment of poor, low status job security labor shortage resulting in danger. Property companies in order to recruit people, trying to "lower standards" for community policing lay hidden.

■ "" Track

In recent days, Chaoyang district unlimited "terrorist incident" frequently. First tower falling objects, and then more than a dozen arson occurred. Last night, a suspect by the police control,moncler uomo, this person a new security system cells.

Yesterday, Chaoyang police, in the Chaoyang district put unlimited 19 fire 15-year-old security Ming (a pseudonym) to be controlled. Because a property was previously working month's salary arrears,moncler uomo, unlimited entry Chaoyang district has repeatedly altitude parabolic and arson, expressing dissatisfaction with the old club. Last night Ming is controlled and XingJu suspicion of arson. An informed source revealed that the newly installed cameras in the corridor to help police determine the suspects.

After fighting the security involved in arson

At 17:30 last night, Wang Ming finally put a fire in a building, he did not know,hogan donna, corridor hall camera can not be used until the day before had been the property and replaced with a new secret police. Camera caught fire when his whereabouts, and about half an hour later, he was standing guard arrested, then taken away by police investigation.

That night, together with Wang Ming was taken away by the police investigation team Yangxing another person is the person in charge of security. Yesterday this person has returned to the cell to continue working.

"How is he?" More than the owners and security in the offing. "Previous residential fire, always fire his newspaper, also helped the fire." Ms. Zhang said Building 5 owners. Ms. Zhang recalled that recently,woolrich roma, Building 5 meter room on fire, was the first to discover Ming and fire and owners together. "His clothes were wet with water, and I felt he was very responsible," Ms. Zhang said, "Who would have thought that he arson?"

Blond hair had been dyed owners questioned

Wang Ming's security community say "yellow hair" because he dyed blond hair. "That accident a few days,parajumpers soldes, often saw him riding a bicycle in the district four rock, mouth hanging laugh." In a building east of the security guard said.

'' Rattus' When I first came here to work ten days,vendita hogan, "a 50-year-old security guard said," He is not able to endure hardship, every 8 hours post station on the dormitory to rest, one to the hostel to lie in bed and watch TV , eating light pick meat. Compare childish. " According to knowledgeable sources, Wang Ming, the only primary school,piumini peuterey, has been dyed yellow reimburse owners questioned.

A security guard said, Chaoyang district unlimited security, by residential property (Sovereign Property) hired from the outside. "Currently,hogan scarpe,, 35 district security quotas,, but security is difficult to recruit, perennial lack of people,moncler piumini outlet, currently about 30 people."

The opening meeting of owners to install the probe

Although the suspects were arrested, but some owners still said "no pressure of cross God." 8 consecutive days, "the sky walk,giubbotti woolrich, a little far away from the floor", became the owners habits.

Yesterday, during the 22-storey building 8 meters in front,nike tn pas cher, a women business owners just go out and see a reporter, she shouted: "? What do you do," reporter identified himself, the other said: "really sorry,, this the door has happened a few days, I rushed out to see, although people have been caught, but I was afraid of being re-ignition. "

A source said the district will convene an owners' meeting recently to discuss the management of the district. He said that the existence of the current residential access control damage, such as hidden cameras fail, property, industry, the Commission,hogan donna, the owners will take the owners' meeting tripartite consultations, updated camera, and intends to install a new corridor and elevator cameras.

Yesterday, reporters repeatedly call the community property, including several staff, including the manager declined to be interviewed.


Labor shortage more down lower recruitment standards

Yesterday, a security guard said, Chaoyang unlimited, before coming to a cell at the site of his work, was introduced to the cell. Entry without any assessment.

Yesterday, the Beijing God shield security companies recruit online security, said a staff member surnamed Zhang, came on with just identity card. You can choose to sign a contract and do not sign a contract for three months.

Beijing Warwick Zhenyuan security staff Guo Services Limited, said his company has just recruited security identity card. Although the requirements of the "height of 1.68 meters above," but he said, because a bad move, 1.6 m also hired.

One Asian Games Village, Chaoyang district security chief said they recruited the security community must be reviewed by the Corporation,louboutin prezzi, and signed the agreement. He said that some of the property to residential security business subcontracted to a security company, and then posted to the district by the security company, as a result of the security industry wages low,,hogan, and not respected, leading security difficult to recruit, almost all security companies and residential property have a lack of people, so when hiring lower standards. Age phenomenon has insufficient or excessive.


Work tired beaten scolded a belly full of grievances

On the one hand the security difficult to recruit,, on the other hand constantly complain about security. A security guard at the East Gate of Chaoyang Garden, said guard eight hours a day. "One day down the leg can not stand." Yesterday, in an infinite Building Chaoyang district, said a security guard constantly drowsy, he said, working 12 hours a day,hogan 2014, 0:00 to 8:00 am, and then rest to work until 12:00 pm 4:00, wages 1,800 yuan.

Many security guard said, in addition to physically tired, not being respected. "Often people make life difficult for us." Chaoyang Garden said a security, the work is often not the owner of respect and understanding. "The driver hit unreasonable." In the East Gate of Chaoyang district unlimited garage entrance, security shift records show, 21, owner and security conflict. Duty security guard said, "I was beaten." "And did not want done." Many security, said after going to get paid leave.

Part owners about security change frequently, decreased quality of personnel,hogan outlet, the impact of security levels.

Insiders said the security industry, low pay, work tired, scolded beaten, resulting in security mobility.


Wages could not walk because of want to quit

Yesterday,, a security guard said Chaoyang Garden district,giubbotti woolrich, where his district security staff shortage, he wanted to resign, but has not been approved. In desperation, he can continue to work, "one month delayed payment of wages, charge a month."

While delayed wages, unpaid wages and some community there. According to police, in the Chaoyang district unlimited arson suspect Wang Ming, is the result of a property company had been working one month's wages in arrears, so the ignition vent their anger.

Yesterday,peuterey prezzi,, Chaoyang district infinitely more than security, and they also are owed wages, a security guard said, about half did not get paid, "I have borrowed more than 2000, when the New Year have no money to pay down the phone." East Gate, also known as the security community,air max pas cher, currently only receive wages in January, February is only a part of the advance, no later get paid.

■ Regulatory

Not manage the security of property will be punished

In 2006, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau prepared a project "Beijing property security quality of service requirements," local standards, clearly the basic conditions for the security of the property, provides property security duties.

In 2007, property companies and property to further standardize the behavior of security guards "to defend the security of property services and security personnel management objective responsibility" introduced, require property's commitment to recruit the situation, "security personnel submitted to the public security organs belong to identity verification, registration record, and received formal training, "the property is not implemented public security and security management of the consequences of the target will be punished according to law by the relevant departments.

■ suggestions

Treatment should improve the material and spiritual

Kitano said the expert community problems, low residential security benefits, welfare, low status has become a common phenomenon. Thus leading to recruitment difficulties and reduce the quality of security. Then the labor disputes, easily lead some people to take extreme measures in retaliation.

Residential arson and other extreme cases are not isolated incidents, some property companies are flawed in security management, relevant departments should strengthen supervision.

At the same time, there are some problems owners, should be more respected security. Kitano said, to change the current status of the security industry, should improve the treatment of the root causes of security,tn femme pas cher, rising wages substance, the spirit of giving respect.

■ Playback

April 23

Altitude throwing objects 4 times

April 24

Throwing objects at height six times between 4 meter ignition

April 25

Between 5 meters ignition

April 26

Meter room, corridor arson three times

April 27

4 corridor arson

April 28

Meter room, corridor arson three times

Total: 6 days 29 cases of crime, including arson 19 times,, 10 times a parabolic aerial.

Written / reporter Liu Yang Yi Xing Fang Ning

Photography / reporter Li Dong Wang Jianing