"When the two missing children

July 9, the newspaper of "parents searched eight days, but found both at the same time his son had gone" as the subject reported the Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Lo vermiculite Village, one pair to open a small restaurant in Zhengzhou parents 8 days ago found that while two children missing,tiffany outlet, July 8 found two children were buried excavation site near the village died. July 9, police confirmed to reporters that the two brothers were killed because excavation site caused landslides buried.

Two sons at the same time to leave,moncler uomo, so that parents distraught. Even so,http://www.kansmemo.com, there is still a liar to get money they send text messages, said the whereabouts of the child to master. Police advise, to beware of scammers by landing "missing person" money making machine.

Two brothers had gone,nike tn requin,http://www.es-project.net/maruyu/joyful2009121/joyful.cgi, there are still parents who give their children texting scam

July 9 afternoon,peuterey outlet, the reporter responsible for the police station from the open area at the propaganda learned after a preliminary investigation,http://hongkong02.rs-online.com, has ruled out LI Zhi-yu, Li Zhipeng little brothers homicide,http://www.biology.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~chromosome/gwbbs/gwbbs.cgi, two were buried deaths due to landslides caused by the excavation site. As for the families before children require remittances received text messages, has also been confirmed by the families of missing police that someone eager to get money and send the message. Due to the death of two children belong to the accident, the police were not on file.

For both of the child's accidental death, the child's parents are distraught. They ran a small restaurant already closed off the inside layer of soil,hogan sito ufficiale, into a kind of family atmosphere of repression.

Zhang said the child's mother: "Even today,louboutin prezzi, my husband and I still received a few phone messages sent to the scammers is that they know the contents of the child's whereabouts or children in their hands, hoping to send money quickly.."

In this regard,http://www.news-us.jp, the police warned that people often use deception missing person. The fraudster by calling or texting lied to know the whereabouts of missing persons,hogan scarpe, and to defraud their families. Encountered such a situation, the parties must remain calm and must not blindly follow the "remittance" and other requirements of the other party, the most sensible option is to promptly reported to the police.

Site incomplete procedures,woolrich sito ufficiale, pit construction does not meet building codes

"When the two missing children,parka woolrich, we went to a construction site looking too. I did not expect two children hit the edge of the excavation site of landslides buried. The building site excavation why no protection, so why not build like other construction sites fence it? "questioned the child's mother,piumini moncler,http://repository.tku.ac.jp, Zhang said.

Zhang said that after asking the families learned that the incident site is Henan Kim Young Kim Young Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. developed community gardens project, currently under excavation is, "we went to the site to look for people to discuss real estate company argument, the site may have locked the door,peuterey prezzi, could not find one. "

July 9 afternoon, the reporter saw at the incident site,hogan uomo prezzi, excavation has been slipping around a long cordon,peuterey uomo, landslides at the obvious signs of cracks. The south side of the site to build two new temporary building,http://www.grunen.com,louboutin sito ufficiale, there should be no time knocking.

For excavation Is there a relevant request? Zhengzhou Municipal Construction Safety Supervision Station Nie deputy chief said,http://tonzawa.godream.ne.jp/cgi-bin/aska/aska.cgi,louboutin pas cher, according to the requirements of building construction safety, construction sites, excavation pit is not only a limb protection,woolrich outlet, but also to do excavation. If these items is missing, will not meet building codes.

At the same time, through the open area planning and construction of the EPA staff in charge of security building quality Chen told reporters that the incident site should be required to set up a temporary fence, but did not. In addition,woolrich donna, after the inquiry,scarpe hogan donne prezzi, the incident site to the construction sector projects were not the quality,giubbotti moncler, safety supervision and registration, also without obtaining building construction permits. Currently,giubbotti woolrich, they are doing this for further investigation.

Source: Dahe