Identification of the King

Buy a ticket to see a movie, but in the wicket consumers Sharon was stopped. Staff pointed to her being drunk half a bottle of drink that the theater can not bring their own drinks, you can deposit or throw away. However, the movie theater next to the sale of their own food and drink, but they can successfully bring consumers to buy. Looking at the sales racks and their own hands exactly the same drink,parajumpers, Sharon really do not understand: Why can buy into the theater, buy their own will not do?

King appearance

Most theater allowed to bring their own drinks

16:00 yesterday,chaussures nike pas cher,, the reporter went to the Capital Times Square underground cinema, in the wicket,moncler outlet, the reporter consulted the staff can bring drinks to enter, you can register to get the answer is, but can not bring. Staff also pointed to the marquee on the big screen that says: No bring your own food and beverages theater.

"Their cups filled with boiled water it?" "I'm sorry, I'm afraid not OK." Staff answer. Reporters saw the majority of the people about to enter the theater to buy drinks at the cinema own selling points. However,louboutin homme, the beverage and food prices significantly higher than the cinema supermarkets selling points inside the mall.

Several reporters were asked ticket buyers know this provision, if the theater to see the reminder. Said a ticket alert did not pay attention to see, but has always been so, have become accustomed to. Another ticket buyers told reporters that can sneak in a bag with food and beverage into it,parajumpers femme, so it will not be found out.

Reporter consulted UME Huaxing theater,hogan donna 2013, SoShow, East Central,,woolrich sito ufficiale,, Wanda Plaza and many other theaters,air max outlet, have been told has been implementing the provisions allowed to bring their own food and beverages.

The industry claims

Theater called safeguard viewing results

"We have to protect the viewing results." According to a double security manager Huaxing Studios presentation, watching movies is a collective behavior in public places is prohibited bring their own food and beverage is an international practice,abercrombie femme, is to prevent the audience with a beep or smell of food into the theater,nike tn requin, to influence others to watch. Cinema own selling drinks to avoid these problems.

Reporters saw, not all theaters have declined to bring their own food and drink. Some,, such as the Youth Palace, Daguanlou other relatively old theater this does not strictly limited. Insiders told reporters that the new theater star costly to recover the investment necessary to establish some additional spending, higher selling prices of food and beverages is one of the means.

However,woolrich prezzi, despite the theater "policies",moncler sito ufficiale, the audience "have countermeasures." Some viewers of the food and drink into the theater to go on the bag,woolrich parka,, it was in the theater the seeds nibbling too loud bang Ga. The audience suggested that aboveboard cinema tickets, which brought food into the theater sneaky feeling really bad. The cinema audience since refused to publicly held food into, but this did not control possession entrainment. Had people doubting: Cinema take management when guise,spaccio woolrich, is to sell their own food and beverage.

Identification of the King

Identified on the basis of lack of provisions of the King

Reporters yesterday to call the hotline 12315 Commerce and Industry Advisory theater declined own drinks if food suspected of infringing the interests of consumers? Suspected terms of Overlord? Staff told reporters that at present there is no basis in the law are provisions of the King finds theater,nike tn,, cinema in advance if a prompt,, consumers have to buy a ticket,giubbotti woolrich,, you can reach some sort of agreement found between cinema and consumers.

Reporters learned that,peuterey donna, in the past, consumers are allowed to bring their own theater prosecute cases of beverages,scarpe hogan, food, since the lack of legal basis, consumers are mostly lost.

The reporter Fu Yang J004

Expert Comments

Gregory King is theater reap

Head of China Consumer Association lawyers Qiu Baochang: theater allowed to bring their own drinks audience fundamental reason is the theater for their own economic interests. Cinema own beverage sales than the same audience that comes with higher drink prices,tn pas cher, selling drinks,louboutin soldes, food and then became part of the theater revenue.

Years ago there was a theater audience is not allowed to prosecute its own drinks. Despite losing the final consumer, but the verdict in the case of the full court case judge also expressed different views on out. Think theater acts against the interests of consumers view is: compare prices based on the same food inside and outside the theater, cinema obtain profits far higher than the normal market profits, so the theater aims to seek ban comes Gregory. The Court also recommends lowering food prices theater. Cinema was accepted the recommendation of the Court, and the prices of some food halved.

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