the two sides took place tear

Yan'an newspaper News June 2 morning,, a pair of sub-county chief siblings are preparing for college entrance, in the temporary care of the fruit stand for his father, was the founder of the county law enforcement officers injured twin. Reporters learned yesterday,, wounding two people will participate in this year's college entrance examination.

Fei Guo, Guo sweet brother and sister are two sub-county chief in grade three students, two good grades,giubbotti moncler, his father by Ning Guo fruit stall for two people reading. June 1, the school holidays to enable candidates to go home to prepare for college entrance, sensible brother and sister took the exam and fruit stand came to his father for help.

2 June 0900,hogan outlet, the father temporary something out, brother and sister sitting in front of a fruit stand while reading a book while greeting business. "I was reading a book,louboutin soldes, a few middle-aged man suddenly took me and my brother around the middle, law enforcement officials say they are double-founded,giubbotti moncler,, to confiscate tricycle and fruits,woolrich sito ufficiale,, I was frightened, seize tricycle let go, which A man slapped up on my two ears,peuterey outlet, my face swollen, and also with a bloody nose,, my brother and aunt came up to block, they have also been kicked. "Yesterday afternoon, the reporter Guo sweet description the situation at the time.

After the event, the crowd to the area police station the police,woolrich uomo, after the town police station rushed to the two sides of the record,woolrich donna, and instructed law enforcement officers will double founded three injured (two siblings and aunt) rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Reporters from the sub-county hospital inpatient long learned to fly when Guo was taken to the hospital bleeding nose and mouth, head bruising,moncler outlet, was diagnosed as "body multiple soft tissue injury, head trauma." Guo sweet facial swelling,giubbotti woolrich, she said he "occasionally tinnitus."

It was witnessed the whole thing through a person speaking,, double founder of law enforcement officers to confiscate the fruit stand, the two children with the body to try to protect law enforcement officers will not pull out a moment,hogan donna,, one person shouted, "You dare to violent resistance Law ", then surrounded them hit man. "Double duty is to create civilization founded the county and the county health, but this law itself is very uncivilized way." This witness said.

Due to the holidays, the reporter responsible for the Son of Man did not contact the county long double founder,woolrich donna, founder of a staff member surnamed Li dual telephone interview speaking, because of the county's commercial center is located in the downtown section,hogan rebel uomo outlet, frequent traffic jams, plus some small traders disorderly stall,abercrombie outlet online, exacerbated this situation. When "As far as I know,interactive hogan, when our law enforcement officers to clean up these small traders stalls law,woolrich parka, others are gone, only Guo Fei,hogan outlet,, Guo sweet brother and sister refused to cooperate with law enforcement, the two sides took place tear,spaccio moncler, but it is not that they think beating. "This name staff member surnamed Li also stressed that" I was to follow the leadership of the countryside,moncler uomo, not in the field of law enforcement, but also listen to other law enforcement members say. "

Because the entrance will be on the 7th, the brother and sister had to take the exam Injured. On the matter, the brother and sister have been reflected in the local education department, education department said it would pay special attention invigilator told the brother and sister of the physical condition, the situation may arise corresponding medical response. Currently,prezzi hogan, Metro police are investigating the matter for further investigation. Text / Chart reporter Zhou Peng