Xiao Zhou began the magic clown actor's career

Mention clowns, people's minds will immediately appear that his face was painted white powder, wore red ball nose, wearing a funny image of Huashan. Today in Fuzhou,hogan outlet, as long as you are willing, you can make them at home to add to the fun show, but also allows them to tell the truth on your behalf, for your apology.

Last night,spaccio woolrich, a school janitor in Fuzhou, where stood a girl, there are three iron door wearing a wig, wearing pants,giubbotti peuterey, exaggerated facial expressions clown. "Beautiful lady, today is your birthday,http://www.fuxuange.com/news/html/?169501.html, a gentleman you want to say 'Happy Birthday'." One of the girls clown on one knee to send a bouquet of flowers, and the other is to send a clown cake , as well as a clown antics at the edge of doing, and still magic, girls who tried to laugh. But embarrassing is that this girls coldly accepted the gift, turned and ran. The security did not allow a clown into the school, they only lost to leave the scene ......

This is the first professional clown Fuzhou company planned to send a birthday present generation activities. Actress from orders to thoroughly investigate the preferences, and then toured gifts. They planned for nearly a week.

Martin was a clown school, said that although this encounter unexpected situations, a little ice, but finally sent a gift. There are generations of people to declare their company's service, when I see the principal may lovers to get married, after the completion of the task they will find it very rewarding.

In recent days, the reporter visited this clown company, unveiled the mystery of the legendary clown.

Clown Company Size

The company's performance year to reach three four hundred thousand yuan

29-year-old Xiao Lin is one of the company's boss, is "hardcore" Fuzhou clown clown community. He dropped out of school early to go out battles. In for numerous jobs, he chose to work in a bar in Fuzhou, due to hard work, he soon became a director bar.

Xiao Lin said the bar had clowns, over time, he met some clowns from time to time. Then, for the clown, he knew nothing about. It is precisely this sense of mystery, so he sprouted an idea: to open a clown company. March 2008,hogan outlet, he and three friends set up a media company,abercrombie milano, set up to test the water clowns team.

Just opened, in order to save costs, Lin Xiao and friends four people,http://bbs.53dns.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=530191&fromuid=4279, is the boss is man. In the study, while clowns, we all went out to run the business. In particular holiday, the day, at least a dozen single business, are they riding electric cars came in, they often tired bending beneath the plate.

"Clowns, magic show, we all learned from the Internet." Xiao Lin said, because there is no master, they find a video on the Internet,woolrich donna, domestic and foreign, as long as the relevant clown, magic show, he again and again go with. Formerly of clown makeup, to more than one hour, now just ten minutes to get. Clown costume, he is also looking at the picture on the TV, and then buy their own fabric, their own design, and finally find someone to custom.

The company opened so far, Lin Xiao clowns team in the circle gradually with popularity, was invited to the country to perform. The number of employees increased from four to over 20 now. The company's performance year to reach three to four million. Today, they are still in Guangdong to open a branch.

In order to enhance the company's reputation, Xiao Lin also introduced the current clown express delivery business. Clown Clown Express for expansion apology on behalf of the person to declare business is a good way to promote this "send happy" courier service, subject to a number of young people like romantic love.

For the future of the company, Lin Xiao confidence. He said that every time they wear a clown suit walking in the street, always causes a stir, even when the intersection waiting for traffic lights,parajumpers jakke salg, but also cause traffic jams. These reactions illustrate the potential of all citizens of the market.

Clowns are not ugly

But they unloaded the makeup handsome boys & girls

If you do not wear makeup, it would be difficult for small peripheral and "Joker" together, 20 years old, he dressed fashion, are showing a surge of cool among facial features. He also said that to become a clown "by accident." Previously, Xiao Zhou in Fuzhou hairdressing school for two years. One day, he went to look for friends to play Wuyi Road,http://www.sie.sdnu.edu.cn/chinese/Review.asp?NewsID=654, the road received a recruiting ad clown. So he with curiosity, contacted Xiao Lin.

After the exchange with some magic and clowns circle of people, Xiao Zhou began the magic clown actor's career: "In the beginning, I was particularly fascinated by the Magic, and then gradually in love with the magic clown." Technically, the way the level, for the Magic Clown, most people seriously practicing magic show about a month, may be able to have a preliminary stage level. The hardest aspect or stage, performing side of things,spaccio woolrich, which is difficult to learn to rely on accumulation.

Being a professional clown, soon to join a small week, the mystery of the disappearance of this job, but he got the idea for this occupation is growing. "Dry very happy, I think this platform has given me a lot of room." And similar small Zhou, Xiao Lin in clown company operated in many of the 90 hotties have gone from under mysterious clown attracted to gradually took "love clown" of the road.

Clown recruitment requirements

Entry threshold is not high, the key to vital capacity,hogan scarpe, courage and creativity

26-year-old Martin is the only school this company veteran clown clown. Martin was the school that wanted to become the company's clown is not difficult, as long as the candidates show a their own unique skills or can amuse them on the line. But can become a professional clown, the next key depends on vital capacity, courage and creativity, which can grasp of clown makeup, balloon magic show,hogan scarpe, stilts, amused by these four basic skills.

How should of clown makeup? Martin only school that performers according to different occasions, there are creative with a different clown makeup, such as heart-shaped face, animal faces, cartoon characters, etc.,louboutin femme, in order to exhibit the temptation,http://www.svwfl.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=16265, cute,piumini peuterey outlet, sweet,http://www.fgzx.org/?action-viewnews-itemid-94, decadent, and other various style.

Balloon Magic is an original length of 30 cm and a width of 1 cm, finally able blown more than 1 meter long strip balloon. According to Martin introduced before school, two hours a night of performances, use more than 300 magic balloon. State is good, his breath can blow three. Why require artificial blowing mainly playing out of the balloon pump easily explode, not to do modeling, and no artificial blowing fast. Therefore, when a professional clown is the test lung capacity. The first day you want to join the novice Magic blow 50 balloons,woolrich outlet, the next day will have to blow 100,http://beekman33.com/forums/profile.php?id=48752,moncler outlet, through repeated practice to exercise lung capacity. Reporters at the scene tried to blow up 10 minutes and found still not blow open a magic balloon. Magic will blow the balloon still does not work,http://bbs.51dtstudy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1411295, but also will be folded into its twisted love birds, poodle, aircraft, and other shapes. This clown makeup, very creative test performer. In addition, there is an essential exercise is stilted. This exercise, especially for girls clown, it would need a lot of guts.

"In fact, in the clown in this profession, that is hard is to play,nike air tn requin, to bring joy to others, and he is fun." Martin was the school said, "how come play with color, it is up to the individual to play unlimited creativity."

Clown career prospects

Nobody taught entirely their own way, performing homogeneous into the development bottleneck

In China, the clown is a very popular profession,moncler outlet, engaged in this industry, very few people,louboutin homme, professional training institutions is absolutely no. As the company's number one clown training, Martin said before school, how to conduct a professional clown gold, which is currently the most troubled areas of their company. They all belong to the clown "halfway decent", there is no one to teach,peuterey outlet,http://rigwg2.h1k.delldns.com/viewthread.php?tid=3600539&extra=, thanks to my own.

Martin was not a high school degree, but that does not mean he does not like to learn. There is no formal way to learn, he trying to gather information through various channels, learn relevant skills clown performances. "Clowns itself started relatively late in China domestic things, often more serious homogenization, while foreign data, due to language limitations, currently it can learn some video."

Martin was the school said that currently, the company's a clown earn a minimum wage over three thousand yuan. But look at life behind the feast,doudoune parajumpers, he also has concerns: "dry our line a little too few people, the program is prone to homogenization, the situation is also a lot of plagiarism.." Because professional clown Among customers, regular customers are more frequently if customers see a similar program, over time it will lose interest, that the whole market is actually professional clown performances are affected.

Furthermore, we identify with the profession of a clown is not high, which is a bottleneck. The company turnover is large, often a couple of training,spaccio moncler, and can be performed to get started, but do not go long again.

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