the city of the South Branch of the attention

Qingdao in some regular bus and telephone pole close to the "well-paid PR Urgent men and women,hogan donna," the small ads,woolrich prezzi, shown above, due to business needs to recruit a certain hotel public relations staff,, a monthly salary ranging from 3,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan. Newspaper also received numerous public phone, tell these small ads are money making experience. South City Public Security Bureau recently after four days of squat,piumini peuterey, captured several small advertising fraud by criminals, one of whom was 90 girls.

To see the salaries, many people fooled

Since 2011, the Municipal Public Security Bureau south TANZAN several police received a report that people see on the bus schedule posted "well-paid PR Urgent men and women," the small ads, see monthly written above is particularly high,louis vuitton bauletto, many injured People are paying temptation With luck then with each other by telephone,, the other "public relations Miss Lee,," so that job to a hotel for an interview.

When the victim arrived by post about the interview location, Miss Lee said it has seen, the interview was a success,moncler milano, then, "Miss Lee" in clothing costs,hogan online store, fees, room grounds that the victim into the designated account remittance. Because the victims are mostly migrant workers, there is no property itself,nike tn pas cher, after being deceived by criminals,nike requin pas cher, often life have become a problem, caused great harm to society. TANZAN immediately reported the case to the police station City Southern Public Security Bureau, the city of the South Branch of the attention,abercrombie france, immediately set up a task force to the municipal police station south of Interpol brigade and TANZAN composed on the case cracked.

Liar withdrawals wearing a black hat

Police task force by the victim careful inquiry found that scammers use the phone number will be replaced after a period of time,gucci borse, while remittances account will change,peuterey outlet, indicating that the suspect has a strong anti-detection capabilities, is likely to be public security agencies to fight treated. So the police task force divided the way police in recent years, Qingdao and surrounding areas were hit treated telecommunications fraud criminals Mopai investigation, another way for the police to the major banks involved in the investigation of bank accounts.

Police suspect bank accounts were used in the query,, the police found the suspect was in the city of the South, City North,doudoune parajumpers, Lee Chang, Jimo's major banks ATM machine to take over the money,piumini moncler, but the main ATM locations in Jimo. Police perseverance, and the transfer of the suspects at the time of withdrawal of the surveillance video. By six police two days of viewing, from over 50 hours of video in the interception of a multi-segment video teller suspects,nike tn, police found the suspect is a middle-aged male,tn pas cher, wearing a black jacket and wearing a black hat, blocking all facial features,woolrich uomo, very cunning.

Another way police work screened through a citywide had criminal convictions staff recruitment fraud, with the suspect before getting a screenshot comparison and found a man named Hebei high of a man with a black man shot in a very similar, case has been a major breakthrough. High of a 37-year-old, who in 2004 was sentenced because of the small advertising fraud Shinan Court detention for 6 months.

Female boss was actually 90 girls

In determining the suspects, the ad hoc police after analysis found that high of a very likely hidden in Jimo. Then arrange the four police were often squat their bank ATM locations. After four days of unremitting squat, April 23 high of a appear before a bank ATM machine,, the police came to arrest them immediately,peuterey sito ufficiale,, immediately handle high into the arms of a dig,peuterey outlet,, the police immediately brought under control, and from his right hand grabbed a 40 cm-long machete. Subsequently, the police who will also its high co-girlfriend named Mao (19 years old, Hebei people) captured.

After appearing in court, the high of a job on their own, together with the implementation of telecommunications fraud named Mao confessed to the crime. Since July 2010, together with the high of a city named Mao in the South, City North, the Quartet, Lee Chang,scarpe hogan outlet shop, Jimo posted "Urgent paying" false small ads million copies,tiffany gioielli outlet, fraud nearly 100 people, illegal profits 50000 I yuan. Recently, the high of a city and named Mao Nan police have been under criminal detention,, the case for further investigation of the.

City Southern Police reminded workers, do not believe some of the advertisements on the street, go to a regular employment agency. Reporter correspondent Li Wei Wang Xun