some farmers also want to run away

Newspaper correspondent Liu Renfei to fly newspaper reporter trainee Blue Nana July 18,spaccio woolrich, a woman farmer from Yunnan abducted 10 years later, with the help of the police under the Lacey saw came from Yunnan sister came. Because agriculture has a right Zhuangzhen An Lacey Lee family, and gave birth to a 9-year-old child,woolrich sito ufficiale, life is happy, so she did not intend to settle back to Yunnan.

Abducted decades, woman has not alarm

In mid-July, Lacey Lee Public Security Bureau police station in the village right for the area of a business tactics when workers for temporary residence certificates found a woman farmer surnamed prove no account. Although the woman who claimed to be Li Quan town, but still could not get any evidence,hogan milano,, the town population nationwide demographic information online registration is also no information about her identity. After repeated inquiries, a farmer was told the police that she was being trafficked from Yunnan.

According to some farmers introduced 10 years ago,woolrich parka, one day, when she was 25-year-old home in Yunnan, by the local two men from their homes in order to help find a job on the grounds cheated. The two then took her and restricted her personal freedom. Onward journey in three or four days,borse gucci,, in addition to eating and toilet, her eyes are blindfolded. Finally, some farmers were brought right Lacey Lee Town, was sold at a price of 8,000 yuan Song when the wife of the local villagers. That was brought up thousands of miles away, has been sold to people who have a problem with the spirit when the wife,scarpe hogan outlet, some farmers also want to run away, but she did not attend school due to not know the word,piumini moncler, so I do not know how to contact with their families, even if escape success can not go home. Later, she found that Song has been very good to her, and family economic conditions are relatively well-off,abercrombie femme, so slowly on the default of the relationship between the two. For decades,, the two are living together, there is a 9-year-old child.

Unforgettable husband children, some farmers to abandon their hometowns to settle

Agriculture to the police a description of her home information, and then,louboutin prezzi, Lacey police twists and turns,louboutin femme pas cher,, finally linked to the Funing County, Yunnan Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture,nike tn requin, a man surnamed farming village home. When the family heard the case to police reports, the head of the household is likely to be immediately referred to the woman two years ago,peuterey uomo, her daughter missing. According to the head of the household, this introduction, the second daughter was born in 1976, disappeared one day in June 2001, and will never be no audio. Although the family also reported to the police, but also through a variety of channels tracing,moncler outlet, but still no news. After looking for years to no avail,piumini moncler, the family gave up looking.

18 July 0900, the farm's eldest daughter came from Yunnan village police station rushed to Lee right,woolrich spaccio, you want to verify whether a farmer is his long lost sister for 10 years. Some farmers saw two people immediately hold together crying, weeping,moncler sito ufficiale, talking about things after parting. In conversation with her sister in a farmer that his father had died during her home,, and can not help but sadly cried for a while.

A sister agricultural proposed to take her life back home,, but some farmers told her sister that she has the right to Lacey Lee family, and live a happy life. She hopes to settle in Lacey, accompanied by her son and her husband. Agriculture told a sister,, they will in the near future with her husband and son Song dedicated to visit the advanced age of the mother back to Yunnan. Hearing her sister,piumini moncler, her sister decided to respect the decision of their first home to their families are safe, waiting for her sister to return home as soon as possible with a reunion.

Deputy police procedures,hogan rebel outlet, trafficked women, black households farewell

Because some farmers are being trafficked to Lee right town,,tn requin pas cher, and therefore does not carry any identification. Because of this, some farmers and Song also has not obtain a marriage license, they 9-year-olds because of no account, and now can not attend school.

After confirming the identity of a farmer, the police immediately certain agricultural data sent over the network to its home location of the police station, please apply for a new local identity, and in accordance with the provisions for certain agricultural and other procedures to handle account transfer. Police hope some farmers could soon fall in Lee Town right accounts,woolrich outlet, good marriage certificate, so that children can go to school as soon as possible.