without a word

May 17, Southwest University, Chongqing hold one pair of seniors graduating wedding, short wedding ceremony cost more than 120 yuan only.

At 8:00 on May 17 before, Zhang Qian China wearing a black suit, friends,tiffany outlet on line, congratulations on the sound,scarpe gucci, the bride Lee Si Qi back out the door to the girls dormitory, and work together toward a place for weddings.

However, different from ordinary wedding, the couple still Southwestern University School of Foreign Languages students. As they are outsiders, not ready for marriage room in Chongqing, nor a complete wedding, even for a decent diamond ring did not, only the students join the more than 120 yuan money held a naked marriage wedding, Many teachers and students to come to bless.

On site

Escorting the bedroom: the groom even had three close

Zhang Qian Hua is a senior student of Southwest University School of Foreign Languages, March 14 this year, he fell in love with his girlfriend of nearly four years of Division Kee Lee married. "We have decided to hold a wedding temporary, can be considered a graduation." 8:00 yesterday morning, dressed in suits, he entered the girls dormitory in four male students, accompanied by the wedding preparations.

Contrary to his expectation that appear in front of the wall blocking "the wall." Originally,piumini moncler, Lee Si Qi bride and friends and relatives of the students were in the dorm set up three "points." First off,woolrich donna, physically inspect Zhang Qian China, asked him to do push-ups in place, just as he hesitated on the occasion,nike requin tn, the best man to come forward and help him smooth clearance; the second hurdle, intelligence test, answering questions Riddles, Zhang Qian Hua anxious straight scratching his head "Give the red, say good words before he let me through." The last one off, let dry Hua Zhang sing love songs, his first smile, then loudly sang the song "Mice Love Rice", finally saw the bride.

Lee Si Qi bride wore a white wedding dress at this time is, the makeup, holding a bouquet of red roses sitting in the bedroom at the shop. Zhang Qian China in the bedroom, turned around to find the bride to be hidden in the shoes carefully for her to wear. In blessing the sound of students, carrying the bride out the door.

Woods wedding: Jacky singing the wedding march

Out of the bedroom door, Zhang Qian Hua Lee Si Qi into the ground. Students with a prepared balloons around the middle of the two men, a step toward a wedding venue in North camphor forest walk.

Along the way, Zhang Qian Hua Lee Si Qi clasped hands, without a word, they just laugh occasionally. And beside them, is composed of four or five ten students to send pro team. Along the way, the students took out his cell phone camera attracted in the past.

"Actually,moncler bambina outlet, we had wanted to hold a low-key wedding,doudoune moncler homme, I did not expect to so many people." Camphor forest near the north there is a lawn, very close to the two new school classrooms, the students of the colored balloons to tie the hands of the branches , as a background. Students holding red roses into two columns standing on the grass, Lee Si Qi groom holding hands,moncler sito ufficiale, walked from the middle of the students, the presence of students sang in unison "Wedding March."

"Regardless of poverty, wealth or illness,nike tn, you marry Lee Si Qi wife do?" Zhang Qian Hua Gang classmates holding the Bible, in front of everyone, with a full English for the two presided over the wedding. When the two men answered "I do",woolrich outlet, the scene is a burst of cheers.

Brief ritual process, about 10 minutes over. Next is the presence of students vied with two new photo, of which there are many strangers,louboutin homme, they saw the wedding picture in the campus network, immediately flew to the scene to.


120 yuan how to do field romantic wedding

This campus wedding yesterday, and no professional wedding planners, but by Zhang Qian Hua class 31 students, each paid five dollars,chaussures nike pas cher, do a simple ceremony. From the wedding dress to the banquet, the students are temporarily pooled, compared to modern urban wedding, which can be considered a veritable naked marriage.

Wedding: by classmates sister

Careful observation,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, the reporter found the body of Lee Si Qi wedding is not very fit, looks a little small. "This is a temporary change to get the tailor's." Lee Si Qi said her wedding dress before the wedding day,gucci borse, a classmate at 6 am to get up, go to their sister home Nanping borrowed. And after the ceremony wearing a dress, it is to borrow another classmate.

Makeup: Students help of

Lee Si Qi yesterday of a touch of makeup, hair and high beam in the head. "This makeup is our class members to learn of me, she often in student activities of someone else." She touched his hair and smiled and said, this simple dress, spent an hour, "when you get married is to have students own hair, particularly happy. "

Rings: Students sent

Reporters noted that two newcomers yesterday wearing a pair of very simple ring, engraved decoration of a small star. "This is a sophomore and I sent them another classmate." Hou Qian roommate did not know that in the end what is the material of the ring, "is not expensive, but it represents our mind."

Setting: Students help

In the wedding scene, the most solemn arrangement may have to be considered a string of white, purple, pink and white colored balloons. "These balloons are blown students last night, has been busy 12:00." Lee Si Qi said that in recent days she also went to the flea market, the books are sold, for the more than 100 dollars, "intended to make cover photo on when the wedding. "

Planning: class leadership organization

"Wedding process even newcomers do not know." Zhang Qian Hua squad, said May 15 was decided to hold a wedding, class leadership have organized three meetings opened, we decided to imitate the Western-style wedding ceremony. Repairing ritual required bouquets, balloons, ribbons, roses, etc., all expenses totaling more than $ 120.

After the ceremony, the class went to the nearby restaurant, then eat a meal together AA system, both the graduation dinner, but as two of the wedding banquet.


Blushing shy boy into boutiques for his girlfriend to buy tokens

Zhang Qian Hua and Lee Si Qi is a college classmate, from acquaintance love to get married, have come together nearly four Spring. "There is no love at first sight, but these people seem to feel pretty good." Lee Si Qi said that the first time I saw Zhang Qian Hua is military training, when he was talking with another student in the class, so everyone would know.

Contact with more than two months, both have a crush on each other, they established a relationship. "Our love is not spectacular, but very dull." Lee Si Qi told reporters that they are often about a study hall together, from freshman to now, except for the occasional minor arguments, feelings have been very good. The most she moved, big semester,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, the usually shy Zhang Qian China first entered the girl boutiques, Secretary Qi Lee bought a furry rabbit do keepsake tokens,http://www.chinayuhaibin.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=241567, "listen to the students that he was face red to the ears, but I was very impressed. "

Junior year new building is far from the bedroom,http://www.microhard.jp, to be more than 20 minutes to walk,http://www.kazenoko-club.com/bbs/yyregi.cgi, Zhang Qian Hua bought a bike, fixed time every day to go to school to pick her up in the bedroom downstairs, class sending back. "But we do not always tired together, half the time we have to play with their classmates." Lee Si Qi said.

Eyes of the students

They are the model couple

"In our eyes, they are the model couple." Secretary Qi roommate Lee Hou Qian said Zhang Qian Qi Hua and Li Division two feelings are very stable so far from love,http://www.chinaren-hh.de/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=39079&extra=, in addition, they did not learn a little delay.

Lee Si Qi among the best results in the whole school year,http://1.bzxrwl.com/news/html/?165708.html, the school often get first-class, second-class scholarship, speaking also very good.

Zhang Hua dry performance rankings, in addition to good at playing badminton, also served as Deputy Minister of College of the Propaganda Department.

After graduation

Go home with his wife to work

"We actually took a long time before deciding to get married." Secretary Qi Li said she Yunnan Yuxi, Zhang Qian Hua home in Anhui, the senior semester two of them decided to graduate together. They are due to free education for students,woolrich uomo outlet, according to the policy, students after graduation to return to work, if you want together, must be registered to get married,piumini moncler outlet online, to work across provinces.

"I'm still waiting to see our family wedding video of it in school." Secretary Qi Li smiled and told reporters, registration of marriage something that both parents have agreed, and expressed their support, though not to come, but already blessing.

March 14, they finished the English professional eight,hogan interactive, only to join the registration of marriage. "First prepare thesis, finished and then go to her hometown in Yunnan." Zhang Qian Hua said, after graduation, etc., they will go through a wedding back home in Anhui.


Campus marriage legal, but should be careful

Yesterday's wedding this campus, in addition to attracting students to the crowd outside, Zhang Qian Hua, Li Qi Secretary relevant teacher rushed to the scene.

"They already have," "the conditions of marriage, marriage is their right." In this regard the Marriage Law, Southwestern University School of Psychology, party secretary Li Xuemei,hogan sito ufficiale, said the campus is just a starting point, I hope they'll mutual respect, mutual trust,hogan uomo, and learn tolerance.

The Southwestern University School of Psychology, Master Instructor, Professor Wang Quanhong think, if only for the graduate college students to go to the same unit of work to get married as a springboard, not particularly advocate doing so. "Without a strong foundation of love, life is unable to withstand the test of time. If love is sincere, heartfelt bless them!"

"Legitimate marriage campus, college students have emotional needs." Professor Cultural and Social Development, Southwest University A Verifying that, if love can promote academic, a better life, from this level is still meaningful. But everything has two sides, he personally does not advocate a large area college students at the school to get married. "There is no economic basis of university graduates, the material base, lack of contacts, employment, work pressure, which is a challenge for them to get married should be careful."


How many college students in our city to get married

Civil affairs department said hard statistics

In 2005, the new version of "ordinary college student regulations" promulgated and implemented. The new regulations remove "unauthorized married during school students without handle withdrawal procedures, treatment for withdrawal," this provision, so the solution to the Students marriage ban. Reporter, and Zhang Shaohua, Li Qi Secretary for marriage in the same period a total of four pairs of students, but the data has not been officially confirmed.

The city's many colleges and universities in the end married college students? "This data can not be quantified." Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff said, because now do not need to issue a unit certificate of marriage, marriage registration system on the current term, which registered married couples are college students could not identify.


Students Getting Married

From the "forbidden" to "OK"

1990 issued by the State Board of Education, "College and University Students" Article 30 stipulates that "during the school without learning to handle unauthorized withdrawal procedures married students,hogan uomo, for withdrawal process";

December 2001, Wuhan University, first lifting the ban to allow undergraduates to get married;

May 1, 2004, Tianjin Normal University, College of Journalism and Communication advertising professional third-grade students at Tianjin University Wang Yang and Liu Hang PhD students in Tianjin married, became the first couple of college students;

In 2004, under a two college students in Chengdu after night classes, because kissing was recorded in the classroom, and then ordered to leave the school, which was the first case in the country, but the school that developed by 1990,tn chaussures, "College and University Students" allows students to drop out. Two students then sued his alma mater. After the newspaper first reported the case, national attention, a law professor at Peking University administration JiangMingAn and so that the case is significant, it is conducive to promoting the new "ordinary college student regulations" promulgated.

September 1, 2005, a new "college student regulations" official purposes, of concern, "the college students dropped out to get married,http://www.cnnm.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=20316," finally repealed;

August 3, 2007, Population and Family Planning, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document to a married female students at the school were prescribed fertility problems, from the level of regulation of the total abolition of the "forbidden sterile Order."

(This article Source: People's Daily)