its total contracted three ponds

Baisha village on acres of vegetable, fish ponds near the incident,parajumpers pas cher, Baiyun District,,air max tn pas cher, also contaminated

Express News reporter intern Chen Huimin Linliang Tian forthcoming report ponds can sell four kilograms Tong Shi, have died in four days, while the remaining two ponds within kilograms Tong Shi, is slowly incidence of death,hogan sito ufficiale, which Let Baisha Village, Baiyun District, ponds contractor Laotan asking this question. The use of irrigation water in the vicinity of the same vegetable farmers nearly 20,, also found the situation leaves, vegetables yellow core. In this regard,peuterey outlet, the farmers are Laotan drains upstream suspect this is due to a glass factory waste-water. Currently, Baiyun district environmental protection departments have been to the scene sampling events further investigation.

4 kilograms Tong Shi gradually whiten

Laotan one from Yongzhou,, coming in Baiyun District,spaccio moncler, Baisha village ponds Ridge contract for 6 years. According to the old Tanjie Shao,, its total contracted three ponds, where an accident is four acres of fish ponds. In April, Laotan to put in ponds Tong Shi Miao, now the fish ponds Tong Shi has grown into about 6 kilograms, is about to be sold in this month. But on the 21st of this month at noon, old Tan Tong Shi suddenly found wrong, "has been jumping in the water, have to jump to the shore." Laotan wife told reporters that the day she gave Tong Shi feeding, Tong Shi seems to see no appetite,, not willing to eat feed. In the afternoon,tn pas cher, there is Tong Shi gradually whiten face floating in the pond.

Yesterday afternoon, the fish pond,giubbotti peuterey, the reporter saw a dead floating in the pond surface Tong Shi, stench sky, but still alive in the pond water Tong Shi also constantly beating. Laotan picked up from the pond a live Tong Shi,spaccio woolrich, the reporter saw the surface layer of skin has been lost,woolrich uomo, "dead Tong Shi such symptoms have appeared." Lao Tan said, fish ponds where the water comes from the pond canals, farmers used near a canal of water is the same as during the day to use irrigated vegetable dish, so he is in the evening to change the water ponds. And on the 20th in the evening just to change the water in the ponds, the next day there is a problem, and the other two Tong Tong Shi did not occur in this case,abercrombie soldes, therefore Laotan Water contamination is suspected.

"These days, died about four kilograms, and 20,000 kilos of Tong Shi will die in two days." Laotan reluctantly told reporters that the opening month of forage fish ponds cost about 15000 , originally wanted to sell after the end of the Tong Shi, will be able to pay the money to the merchant feed. But hard for six months, and ultimately get is a dead fish pond, also owed money to feed more than 10 million.

The acres of vegetable contamination

Meanwhile Laotan ponds appear Tong Shi died, more than 20 households near the farmers also have been found in the vegetables begin to brown. Yesterday afternoon, the farmers from Fuzhou, Jiangxi Liu,hogan 2014, pointing to the ground and has grown into,giubbotti woolrich, this can get the market to sell lettuce distressed and said:. "Now we do not dare cross out to sell,abercrombie outlet, sell sell it,parajumpers jakke salg," according to Liu introduction, he is using the canal water irrigation at 19 noon,scarpe hogan, "was milky water quality, our hands after contact,woolrich outlet, began itching, white,piumini moncler, also become very rough." Liu said,,louboutin donna, I did not expect the next day found vegetables appeared strange,, planted seedlings of all brown, while the leaves are slowly fade vegetables. Yesterday,, the reporter on the scene saw this side of the canal has been dry weeds exuberant, underwater, there are many dead snail. The farmers were skeptical, vegetable dishes and fish ponds in the Tong Shi, as subject to the same water pollution,moncler uomo, and therefore farmers and then not use the canal water watered. "There are four mu of vegetable per household, at least on the acres affected by the contaminated vegetable." Liu says with exasperation.


Even moss plant outfalls are white

To find the source of pollution, Laotan and canals along the way farmers are looking to go the day before and found the water by the Department, the surrounding plants escaped all dried up. Lao Tan said, until they find a glass door Baisha village near the plant dry conditions have changed. "After this plant drains, water drains through this plant is very white, brick ditch has become very clean,nike tn femme, even the moss are white, but the water quality of this plant upstream on normal, waterside miscellaneous Grass does not appear yellow. "To this end, Laotan and farmers secretly suspected the plant to the sewage drains water, which leads to the death in yellow vegetables.

After complaints to Laotan Baiyun District Environmental Protection Bureau, the day before yesterday, the environmental protection department staff has been drawn to the scene of the water samples, contaminated water quality reasons but also for further investigation.