"He does not go out to work

Not tall,hogan outlet, looks humble, in the eyes of his wife and the villagers was a dutiful son, is one such farmer, at 17 years and raped 116 women in rural areas, but also committed 91 robberies since 23 theft from evil. Late last year,piumini moncler, people Linquan Fuyang City Intermediate People's Court of First Instance has been sentenced to death, but he filed an appeal against sentence. Why the devil did all sorts of long-term, case detection had encountered what kind of problem? Recently, reporters rushed to linquan were investigated.

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116 people 17 years of rape

Ambassadors Linquan town adjoining Henan,http://lkjxfzjllt.discus.me/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=321840, Liuqing Peng Ambassadors town home in a village, aged 46. In the local countryside, young men in order to have migrant household livelihoods, security conscious women left behind become weaker Liuqing Peng's targets of crime.

One summer night in 1993, masked Liuqing Peng sneaked into a nearby village, the villagers Wang rape knife,http://www.dmbl.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=394395, which was his first crime. One night in December 1997, his family fled to neighboring villages to rape Wu and stole blankets, quilts and other things ...... again succeeded because, modus increasing frequency, including 26 cases of crime in 2008, 2009 25 years since the crime.

After a long investigation, police last year linquan of a relative's house in Liuqing Peng Liu captured. According to the police investigation has revealed that the previous 17 years,nike air max pas cher, Liu Qingpeng total 116 rural women raped, robbed 91 onwards,http://www.kxwh.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=186147, 23 cases of theft, the vast majority of victims are women left behind. Liuqing Peng mostly covered face when committing the crime,moncler sito ufficiale, threatened at knife victims, waiting to grab belongings after rape.

A person has committed so much evil, indeed staggering. Even police investigators also said that the series of rape cases like the rare.

Not sparing even the sister

Chen Yun home in Yunnan, is Liuqing Peng's second wife, married in 1991 and Liu. Later, the sister of Chen Zhen Chen Yun home from Yunnan received Linquan,louboutin homme pas cher, ready for her to find a good husband. Chen Yun never thought my sister was raped soon to linquan up.

According to the prosecution allegations, one day in June 2001, to give the sister Liuqing Peng Zhen Chen introduced the object name, ask the bride price to the other requirements of Chen Qian, Liu Chen disagree Jibei rape. Followed by two consecutive days at night, Liuqing Peng Chen Zhen were implemented rape bestiality.

The reporter learned that the previous victims were teenage girls,holllister france, nearly six-year-old woman, as well as pregnant women. Once, Liuqing Peng large animal hair, in front of a mother's face to her two daughters raped.

"This man is a beast too, and the crime committed people made that!" After Liuqing Peng arrested, local people clapped and cheered.

Wanted a night of crime

It is understood that Liu Qingpeng only 160 centimeters tall,spaccio moncler, looks humble. Well, he actually has a kind of criminal mind? Anhui Zhihao lawyer is appointed defense lawyer tomorrow's case, he had twice met with .

In an interview tomorrow lawyer said: Liuqing Peng said, he began to just go out and commit crimes of theft,giubbotti peuterey, and later saw a man behind women mostly at home,peuterey outlet milano, he played a color center, and eventually even developed into one wanted to go out at night crime.

"He later commit crimes are addicted." Tomorrow lawyer said after Buganshengzhang rural women are violated but also contributed to his arrogance,air max pas cher homme, so that he gradually became emboldened. The trial,moncler outlet, the prosecution allegations mostly no objection, but in individual cases raised some objections.

By the end of 2010, Liu Qingpeng found guilty of rape, robbery, theft, intentional assault, was Fuyang City Court of First Instance sentenced to death.

More victims choose silence

Liuqing Peng why so rampant? According to police analysis, which most of the victims chose to remain silent and have a great relationship. Even after arrest,louboutin soldes, many victims are still reluctant to talk about the matter, but do not want to appear in court to testify against Liu crimes.

Recently, this reporter went to Linquan white miaozhen village, the village at least five women had been subjected to violations Liuqing Peng. A victim refuses to talk about the victims, she said she would like to live a quiet life. A village cadre told reporters that the victim did not want people to know that silence, fearing a lifetime suppressed.

Subsequently,http://www.wlzjy.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=158959, the reporter went to the crime Liuqing Peng Linquan white miaozhen most visited village,woolrich donna, all the victims admitted that he had not been infringed. In this regard, Yang Linquan Interpol brigade commander, said the hardest evidence Investigating the case, it is because most of the victims chose to remain silent, "do not want to wash their dirty linen in public."

In interviews, many villagers who will report less blame on the lack of legal knowledge of rural women left behind. "You will not come across violations alarm?" The reporter interviewed several local women, the majority of the answer is "no."

Wife's eyes he is a dutiful son

Liuqing Peng in the end is what kind of person? Before and after the incident, the local villagers evaluation of Liu appeared a great contrast.

The villagers said that Liuqing Peng is a dutiful son, the prime of life did not go out to work,hogan online store, because they want to stay at home to care for his elderly mother. "He looks humble." A very familiar with villagers said, before the incident and no one thought he would do such a thing, everyone was shocked after the incident.

In home, the reporter saw his 86-year-old mother,http://www.17fengba.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=244190, the elderly sick in body, still do not know and have been sentenced to death for crimes committed by his son.

In the eyes of his wife Chen Yun,hogan outlet, Liu Qingpeng indeed a dutiful son.

"He told me that his father died early, be sure to take good care of his mother, but he did take care of very thoughtful." Chen Yun wants to cry every time her husband to go out to work together to take care of his mother in the name always refused. When the quarrel with others, others criticize himself does not matter,nike tn, if he would be furious mother scolded him.

Chen Yun said, Liuqing Peng is easy to get angry man, failing to cool. "But you say he raped more than 100 people killed,nike tn pas cher, I do not believe in." Because perennial work outside, she did not know her husband guilty of anything. Sometimes at home, her husband go out at night,http://bbs.yepush.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=91373, midnight, just tell her to come back out to play mahjong.

"He does not go out to work, stay at home to take care of his mother,woolrich outlet, is very likely to provide cover for the perpetrators frequently." A police investigators analysts say.

Should not tolerate sexual abuse

Although Liuqing Peng has been sentenced to death the first instance,woolrich sito ufficiale, but the case is far from over left us thinking.

Lawyers say tomorrow, after some rural women are afraid to report violations. The reason, first forced mercy, followed by women due to hidden in the depths of the soul's self-esteem and shyness. "Things around once people know their marriage is likely to be a crisis."

In some rural areas, will face after the victim reported serious discrimination and prejudice is the fact that sexual abuse will affect their reputation, not only are people gossip, but not understood his family. Some victims are particularly concerned, would be estranged boyfriend or husband or even abandoned later report.

During the interview,chaussures nike pas cher, a police investigators wanted to tell the reader through the newspaper, sexual abuse must be reported promptly. Police also reminded the majority of women left behind,, usually must enhance safety awareness,http://www.dlxiaobai.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=58666, "the doors and windows to be locked at night, after the aggrieved To help, we must learn to deal with the bad guys, wits."

(In addition to police investigators, lawyers, all text characters pseudonym)

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