Zhao mother has also been notified of the court.

Egongyan show jump the bridge together,hogan online store, leads together with incitement to murder. The prosecution alleged a "80" for the early mother inherited the property,tn nike pas cher, hired two "90",http://www.dojjj.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the birth mother to help him murdered.

On Friday, when the south bank of the district court hearing the case,woolrich sito ufficiale, said her mother did not harm her grandson, grandson is being wronged. However, the other two defendants insisted that employed her mother's grandson.

Jump the bridge rescued

Frankly they have a "criminal record"

December 8, 2010 20 am, Jiulongpo Yangjiaping United States Patrol platform received a report that a man ready to jump the bridge Egongyan suicide. Police rushed to the scene, after patient persuasion,abercrombie outlet milano, the man at 22 am rescued by police.

Under the rescued man was born in 1991 in Guizhou Chen. On Friday,moncler sito ufficiale, he talked about the reasons for jumping bridge in court. He said that early because their parents divorce, their own bad mood, intends to commit suicide broken lives. On the 8th day he decided to jump the bridge, thanks Patrol Haoshuodaishuo, saved him from the bridge down.

Chen's testimony also said that under Patrol enlighten, he finally understood the meaning of life. He was very moved, very grateful to the Patrol, Patrol initiative to report:. "Police comrades, I have a very important thing to explain."

Chen Frankly, six months ago, he was involved in the murder.

Patrol initially thought he was joking. His words caused the police's attention,http://www1.u-netsurf.ne.jp/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/tiny-m/apeboard_plus.cgi/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=14/, the police took him to find the site of the incident immediately south coast area for verification.

After visiting police learned Garden Road in the south district police station area, there is a 77-year-old mother who had been pushed down the stairs. When that time, her mother went to the stairs between the second floor, the floor suddenly rushed down the stairs a little young, rushed in front of her,peuterey outlet, pushed her hard, her mother immediately to the back, and rolled down the first floor. Little young to see her mother lying on the ground and ran. After her mother injured, once to the local police station, but later taken off the case.

The mother beat the rap, but the head was thrown a pack, there is no congestion of the head, took only 2,http://my.5754.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,hogan donna,000 yuan drugs and inspection fees.

Users identify

His mother was murdered pro

Let Chen police investigators identified the victims is not the police who investigate the mother surnamed Zhao. After identification,moncler donna outlet, was pushed down the stairs by his mother is Zhao. Chen then XingJu, the police start looking for an accomplice.

Chen explained,abercrombie homme, before committing the crime, he and two friends like to play online games Audition. March 2010, he was in Audition online games, see friends opened a room called "looking for money to come in,parajumpers salg norge," so he entered the room, ask friends, "how a method to find the money." Friends say the best Nanping four community interviews. Thus, Chen and friends Hemou,http://www.hanmoto.com,woolrich prezzi, Nanping Wang arrived together from Beibei.

After the meeting, the other is a man of about 1.7 meters and look handsome. He said they are crucial for an old lady, we must do a clean,abercrombie soldes, not to be seen who is murdered, to be like an accident, the best result is death in the hospital. If the victim died, he paid 10,000 yuan per person; if injured, there is only 2000 yuan per person.

They asked the man,louboutin homme, why should lay violent hands on an old woman? The man said, the man is his pro-mother, because he is the sole heir of her mother, to inherit her mother's house.

Chen asked two friends, "do it?" Mou agree, but Wang believes that this was illegal thing, "I quit." Having left.


Want to make an accident

Chen explained, at the time to discuss the murder plan, incitement man offers several programs:

The first option is to open the gas in-law, create a false impression of gas poisoning death of her mother.

The second scheme is to use the bag to the hood of her mother, the direct use of brick or other weapon to kill her mother.

"Why not choose poisoning?" Mou asked,woolrich sito ufficiale.

"Poisoning easily checked out." Incitement man said, it is best to push her mother down the stairs, causing the illusion of an accident.

The prosecution alleges that the grandson of the man is the victim of incitement --- Hwang. Hwang finally chose to push down the stairs of the murder plan.

The prosecution's evidence also shows that when they determine a good plan, the division of labor is not only made,nike requin tn, but also with their yellow familiar with the terrain, identify his mother, and has repeatedly months of waiting,http://excelsior.vacau.com, opportunistic crime.

Division is: Chen responsible mother outside the months of waiting, Hemou cards in her mother's place waiting, call it a day as long as the mother to go home, immediately tipped off. Hemou keep a few times, I feel great risk, quit halfway, leaving Chen crime.

10 o'clock that night, Chen went home to see her mother, then rushing to push her down the stairs ......

Grandson denied

"There is no need to do so."

Hwang,http://www.shujuquan.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Hemou subsequently arrested.

The prosecution alleged, Hwang,gucci borse, Chen suspected of intentional homicide (attempted), is the principal; Hemou to quit, is an accomplice. They harm is an elderly parent or Hwang mother, so it should be punished severely. Chen surrendered, with mitigating circumstances.

Court, Hwang admitted that he does not harm his mother. He argues that he is the sole heir her mother, her mother's property sooner or later are his, he did not need to do that.

Prosecutors told him, I hope he seriously repentance in order to get her mother's forgiveness, Huang is still referred to as "not me." Defense lawyer also said Huang impossible for her own mother lay violent hands.

Prosecutors said Chen, Hemou are captured at different times, they and the testimony of another witness Wang confirm each other, are consistent point Hwang is the main culprit behind the scenes.

Due to a major case, the court did not in court for sentencing.

Strange that

Her mother said he was wronged

Hearing, Zhao mother has also been notified of the court.

Court, Zhao could not help her mother repeatedly said, "grandson did not harm me," "grandson is innocent." The presiding judge several times to say hello to her, so she abide by the court order.

After the adjournment, Zhao mother said she had had two sons and two grandchildren. Two sons are sick died, another grandson died in a car accident, and now only the grandchildren. Grandson, 26-year-old, two years old when his parents divorced, his mother remarried after eight years old his father left. She Since then, Dangdie mom, raising the grandchildren brought. She has been living with and grandchildren.

Who is detrimental to her people? Zhao said her mother,woolrich uomo, is near the "wine boss." "Wine Boss" organization man playing leopard (a kind of gambling), are not allowed to see her, she said to the police to catch them, "wine boss" a grudge against her, so this is often hired Chen here playing cards young people to harm her. Prior to her injuries, no how to play cards, and injured that day, she was out playing back.

Chongqing Evening News chief reporter intern reporter Zhang Yi Luo Bin Kids

If the killing of her mother

He will be disinherited

Prosecutors said the contractor, if the accused guilty, Hwang not only hurt the family, nor even the right of inheritance --- Succession Law, heir intentional killing of the decedent, will be disinherited.

In addition, in order to kill the other heirs fighting over the estate; abandonment of the decedent,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,moncler uomo outlet, the decedent,louboutin soldes,http://www.acoh-re.jp/post_mail/postmail.cgi, or in serious cases of abuse; forgery, tampering with or destroying the will,hogan online, if the circumstances are serious, it would be disinherited.