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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhanjiang Yuanzeng Wei, Zhu Hao correspondent reports: the morning of September 6, Xuwen County man who started a middle school student Wu Rong (a pseudonym) because Paowang Ba addiction, his father back home from the bars of a harsh lesson After Dayton, brandished a knife in front of his father's face slashed his hand, vowed to quit the addiction. After the reporter on September 7 for the only two local cafes unannounced visits, found that only two undocumented cafe is open day and night, and the generosity of young teenage students.

Brandished a knife and cut the hand of junior high school students quit addiction oath

Reporters learned from schools Wu Rong, Wu Rong Wei, who lives and Changan,tiffany outlet, primary school with honors,spaccio peuterey, he admitted to the second stage of the whole school. But in this year's holidays,gucci outlet, he often went to a cafe near our home games. After school, he was addicted to the Internet is still self-study after class or the next day after a night in the net bar. September 6 at noon,moncler milano, Wu father found his son did not come home after school, then to Internet cafes to find,scarpe hogan, in an Internet cafe near the town government is playing games found the son angrily immediately put his son back home, severely training of the meal.

According to Wu Rong teachers and neighbors reflected severely criticized by his father after indulging cafe Wu Rong regretted their actions. To quit the addiction, he went to the kitchen,, while his father inadvertently brought a kitchen knife, then press the knife in his left hand back vowed to quit the addiction peace of mind reading,, the father not react,louboutin femme,, brandished a knife to Wu Rong cut himself twice in the back of the left hand, on the spot bleeding profusely. Wu Rong's father immediately sent his son and neighbors together and rescue Changan hospitals,peuterey piumini, due to serious injuries, after a simple dressing quickly sent him to Xuwen County People's Hospital. Reporters learned from the hospital,,woolrich outlet, Wu Rong left dorsiflexion tendon was cut off.

Junior high school students can pay online

September 7, the reporter in the investigation and Changan unannounced visits. It is understood that only two cafes and Town Fair,abercrombie france, where a safe distance and less than 80 meters high school door,peuterey prezzi, opened three private residential building in a second floor,peuterey spaccio, the door did not hang signs,moncler parka, there are more than 20 computer stations . 7,hogan outlet, at 11 am,woolrich outlet, the reporter walked into the cafe, found that there are more than 10 male students to wear school uniforms is the Internet, but the Internet does not hang on the walls of any business license, money counter,hollister sale, a responsible young man said, ID is not required,hogan uomo, you can pay directly to the Internet. When the reporter left the cafe,woolrich donna, two teenagers from the cafe came out, the reporter learned that they are one of two students, one was a Grade 6 students.

Another cafe in Hong Restaurant and Changan × diagonally opposite,, not far from the town government. The cafe opened on the first floor of a two-story private house, there are more than 20 sets of old computers. 11:50 or so, the reporter unannounced visits found the same business license did not hang on the walls of the cafe, five students wearing school uniforms in the Internet,chaussures nike tn, two of whom are students in the early years. In this cafe,woolrich parka, the reporters do not need to provide identification, just pay a dollar after the direct online.

Reporters interviewed a number of people and the Town Fair,, they are not without emotion,, said: cafe open day and night,, and open the door to the "Welcome" young students,abercrombie femme, the impact on many students imagined.