Officials have started a criminal investigation

Fall into the "hot puddle" burn area of 99% has been identified as production safety accidents has started a criminal investigation

Newspaper Beijing News (Reporter Li Ying) is April 9 at 8:00, because the road collapsed Beijing girl Yang Erjing passed away. Yesterday morning, the Beijing Xicheng District official microblogging announced preliminary findings, found that this was a production safety accident, the accident investigation team is responsible for the accident for further investigation found that the law and the relevant units and personnel accountability.

Walked fell into "fire pit"

Yang Erjing year,moncler sito ufficiale outlet, only 27 years old,moncler pas cher, her child is not a year old. However, no one would have thought, so bad luck from heaven. The afternoon of April 1, located on the sidewalk near Beijing Hua Chegongzhuang Street building a road suddenly collapse. Yang Erjing send statements are just passing through on the way, the results fall into a pit,giubbotti woolrich, and instantly scalded by hot water heat pipe leakage,woolrich parka, burns area of up to 99%. She was sent to Jishuitan Hospital.

Yang Erjing pitiful encounter endless,scarpe hogan outlet, but it is also a security risk for urban public service facilities behind expressed strong concern and anxiety. April 6,, Yang Erjing do first skin graft surgery, and the operation completed successfully. According to reports, after the serious condition of Yang Erjing once regained consciousness,woolrich sito ufficiale, although unable to speak, but when communicating with their family, she was able to slightly nodded in response. However, two days later, Yang Erjing's condition began again. Doctors have told the families of dying twice.

April 9 in the evening,outlet moncler, Yang Erjing health suddenly deteriorated. 20:13 the same day, Yang Erjing end result died of his wounds.

However, in the Yang Erjing suffer great pain when the accident but no one is willing to bear responsibility. Identify and process the accident was caused by the public widely questioned. Beijing Heating Group, said China is responsible for building the pipeline leak branch network,, where the pipeline should matter. Prior to the incident early on where there are security risks found, property party does not eventually lead to tragedy rectification. Under the government's request,hogan interactive, Mut Wah Building Property developers Wanhua Yang Erjing advance of 320,000 yuan for medical expenses,piumini moncler,, but not a positive response on the matter.

Until now, the accident responsibility confirmation inconclusive. Currently, the old pipeline accidents have all been dug up at. Recently, the Beijing Heating Group also plans for the city's heat pipes conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Officials have started a criminal investigation

Xicheng side said,moncler sito ufficiale, while ensuring at the same time as the first treatment of the wounded, the district government quickly set up an accident investigation team from the safety supervision,, public security departments,woolrich parka,, the scene of the accident investigation, and the property, the property unit, thermal Group conducted a survey asking.

Meanwhile, the investigation team on the basis of the organization of professional rescue teams were on the scene of the accident investigation,peuterey outlet, and hired experts to pipeline leakage points were analyzed to identify,, initially determined that this was a production safety accidents.

Bulletin shows that the current investigation team is still responsible for the accident investigation found that at the same time reminding the responsible municipal pipeline units to strengthen the investigation,tiffany outlet, to avoid similar tragedies.

According to reports, involving death, accidents identified at the same time, the government has launched a criminal investigation will be conducted through the criminal justice process accountable.

Event Playback

● 4 1 at 3 around 10:20, passing north Lishi Hua Yang Erjing building on the eastern side of the sidewalk, suddenly encountered ground collapse, fall in "hot puddle"

● 4 May 3, Mut Wah Building developers advance of 320,000 yuan for medical expenses. Heating Group said on several occasions to the heat pipes equity side - Hua Guo rectification notice under the building developers

● 4 May 6,louboutin pas cher, Yang Erjing do a skin graft surgery for the first time, and the successful completion of surgery

● 4 March 8, Yang Erjing condition began again,,woolrich italia, the doctor had told family members dying twice

● 4 9 th evening 8:13,spaccio piumini, the end result of treatment died Yang Erjing

Friends mourn: his pain with

"She walked with a blazing body scars, recourse to all the cold! Pedestrian in the road,, falling into a puddle,,nike tn pas cher, over the body burns, with its pain, only security,hogan 2014, comfort the child."

- CCTV host Lang Yongchun

"Twenty-year-old youth to do, the people pulling security incidents. Ruo Shi no tragedy,peuterey sito ufficiale, a sense of crisis accompanied you."

- Zhengzhou innings friends "Zhengzhou Jia Hui"

"A 27-year-old girl, shouldering the task of normal walking in the bustling streets of Beijing subway station next to the sidewalk Chegongzhuang, actually hit the road collapsed, the body 99% severe burns, eventually lost their lives! In fact, this girl is alive burnt to death in! amazing! Beijing! Someone must be held responsible! Beijing! wait and see! "

- Vice Chairman of China Association for Employment Promotion "Old Chen-yu"