the deceased called Koncz

WCC reporter Leiyuan Dong Lifeng Chun photography

● WCC reporter to the scene confirmed that the man was not previously knocked friends made microblogging called law enforcement officers, but wearing an armband around the site safety officer

● after only a couple of minutes,scarpe hogan outlet, the restaurant owner said he heard someone knocked, and ran over to see,hogan scarpe outlet,, "It's not just that person still eat my store it?"

● reporter saw the green belt across the gap is positive site,nike air max outlet, but if you take the Branch Road zebra crossing,woolrich parka,, take a U-shaped line about 400 meters across the workers do not want to detour

40-year-old man after lunch, cross the street ready to return to riding the green belt site, a speeding car hit the man lying on the car in front of tens of meters of the place, never go on site.

12:00 yesterday, Chengdu Ring Road South Road, Sec brown South Main Street dry mouth, the occurrence of such a tragedy together. Initially,outlet piumini, some people live microblogging said a man suspected of law enforcement officers killed by unlicensed BMW. WCC reporter to the scene confirmed that the man was not law enforcement officers knocked, but near the site of one of the security officers to wear the armband.

Witnesses knocked enforcement officers who wear the armband suspected

12:00, people ride south to Mr. Fu interchange south direction just after the brown blocks are left suddenly issued a "bang" of the crash, his legs shaking a bit scared,piumini moncler, bike almost fell to the ground.

Recovered a look, not far in front, stopped a white BMW sedan, a young man out of the car, look terrified. In front of the BMW car, a man crouched motionless on the ground bleeding head position has been bubbling,hogan uomo outlet, where there are more than 30 meters away from the car away.

Saw the accident, many people immediately around us, someone dialed 120. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the scene, but the medical staff after a simple view, it has been declared that the man can not be saved.

Witnesses said the scene, BMW driving too fast, the man on the spot Zhuangfei tens of meters, "bounced a 3-meter-high,hogan sito ufficiale, fell heavily to the ground." Hit man wearing a dark blue dress, wore an armband,parajumpers paris, Mr. Fu said, was knocked everyone thinks might be a law enforcement officer,, a bit like a security patrol.

At that time, many people witnessed this scene, a man named "Mao change Chomsky" microblogging users in 12:05, issued "a law enforcement officer was killed by a BMW,moncler outlet," the microblogging.

Drivers over 20 years old were taken in for questioning police look

12:30, reporters rushed to the scene. Funeral car has bid farewell to the dead, white BMW car parked in the two-lane roads, the amount of traffic police survey the scene is. Reporters learned that the BMW driver is over 20 years old look like a young man, did not run after the accident,hogan outlet, traffic police rushed after being taken in for questioning.

Brown South Main Street on the 3rd "Qi Li Xiang" female restaurant owner said, knocked people over 40 years old, she often came to the restaurant for lunch,hogan outlet, face Jiaoshu. The man is coming around 11:30, and a few wear the same "uniform" of colleagues, hurried meal and left.

Only had a couple of minutes, she heard someone say hit, ran over to see, "It's not just that person still eat my store it?"

Colleagues who knocked over 40-year-old is the site safety officer

At the scene, the reporter saw several colleagues dead, including several people with the same dress the deceased. One of the men said: "He's not law enforcement officers,, is opposite the site safety officer."

According to reports,piumino moncler, the deceased called Koncz (sound), 40 years old, is a large shopping center across from the incident site security officer decoration. Colleagues say that their clothes are a bit like the public security staff, wearing the armband again, there may be mistaken eyewitness law enforcement officers. Time of the accident, Kangqi Gang lunch, ready to return to the site on his way, only to be hit by a car. "BMW is not a license, but also modified, the speed must be very fast, or not knocked tens of meters away." Site an official said.

Reporters witnessed

Workers are still crossing the road after the accident

Koncz colleagues have said the car too fast, but why mention when he knocked on the roads, but do not want to say any more. Reporters saw the accident in the middle of the green with a small gap, witnesses said,,woolrich outlet, when a person is knocked across the road,tn pas cher, want from a shortcut past the gap,moncler outlet, the results out of trouble.

Corner shop business that originally the Second Ring Road in the middle of green belt is completely closed to pedestrians, and to cross the road on the eastern side should go Kehua zebra crossing. After construction site opposite,, many people are more brown to restaurant meals South Main Street,peuterey prezzi,, for the easy way, it came by way of the green belt.

Reporters saw the green belt across the gap is positive site,, but if you take the Branch Road zebra crossing,spaccio woolrich, take a U-shaped line of about 400 meters, opposite the workers do not want to detour. Koncz hit in death, reporters at the scene still see workers cross the street,nike tn pas cher, looks very dangerous.

Yesterday afternoon, the BMW driver and Koncz's family rushed to the traffic police branch,abercrombie femme, on the matter for further processing.