on the classy type of friends also praised.

JNU stand yesterday in a half-hour speech,hogan sito ufficiale

Yesterday, wearing the iconic big red jackets, colored glasses,woolrich milano, over seventy years of the famous Taiwan writer Li Ao to Jinan University speech. He took the letter of appointment from the hands of Jinan University President Hu Jun,http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~dh/bbs/lightbbs.cgi, Jinan University appointed an honorary professor.

"There are a lot of historical truth and the surface is not the same. Than to create the Republic Second Guangzhou Uprising 72 martyrs,hogan uomo, as well as the first 73 martyrs. There are several people also took part in the uprising,woolrich sito ufficiale,http://www.gabugabu.net/i/cgi-bin/bbspatio/patio-i.cgi, but the others did not die they die,http://www.worley.com, they are guilty,peuterey uomo, feel should not be alive. "At a time when the community to commemorate the Guangzhou" March 29 uprising,woolrich prezzi,http://markt.vaart.nl/cgi-bin/vaart/markt/classifieds.cgi, "the centennial anniversary,sito ufficiale moncler, Li Ao in JNU Topic also" occasion "to determine the" Martyrs Mausoleum seventy-third. " Reporter correspondent Lu Jianmin Huang Qian, Su Yunsheng

Talk about the book I wanted to write this novel 50 years

Li Ao came on, the audience burst into applause.

"I brought a book to talk about is what happened March 31, 1911, called" seventy-third martyrs. "On the Martyrs Mausoleum Great Masters Zhangtaiyan handwritten inscriptions, called seventy-two Martyrs 'create the Republic' . seventy-two Martyrs is March 29 revolt,spaccio woolrich, resting day is April 3, but was injured in the uprising, April 7 at home, only to die there dead,louboutin femme, "Li Ao laments:.". history Many of the Truth and the surface is not the same as the average age of seventy-two Martyrs Mausoleum is only 29 years old, if they did not die, will not have feelings? "Li Ao said that he wanted to write this book for 50 years, spent 70 days to write.

But the whole speech yesterday, Li Ao did not start speaking the "first 73 martyrs." A reporter asked him whether "speech beside the point." Li Ao "cunning" answer: "This is the first 73 martyrs originally half-truths,http://www.asophoto.com/gesutoita/fantasy.cgi, there are several people can be regarded as the first 73 martyrs they also participated in the uprising, but the others died,hogan outlet, they feel guilty, feel that they do not. The alive. This book is a novel, draw your interest, a good thing to sell books! "

Talk to friends in times of trouble to do Ao

Li Ao's father graduated from Peking University, he went to Taiwan at that young age, and Jinan University has no roots. Why is this the first stop on the trip lecture on the continent, Jinan University,scarpe nike air max, JNU and accept an honorary professor of the letter of appointment it?

The reason is that, thanks to Li Ao's lifelong friend,peuterey outlet, Professor Emeritus of Jinan University Yugang Pan "matchmaking."

Professor Pan Yugang is famous world renowned quantum chemist, Yugang Pan and Li Ao's friendship began during military service in Taiwan. Proud as Li Ao, on the classy type of friends also praised.

Li Ao once wrote that if he becomes the next life who choose it, the top three are Li Ao, Ao, Ao, fourth place is Yugang Pan. . "Adults who lose their innocence of a child, there were also Pan Santa Claus." Li Ao said with a smile: "! Taipingshengshi do Yugang Pan, Li Ao to do in troubled times."

Talks on North Reading children LiKan

Last year, Li Ao links with the mainland another layer - parents. His son LiKan to Peking University School of Economics study, has aroused widespread concern. A semester later, how the situation in mainland LiKan learning?

Not long ago, Peking start "academic conferences" mechanism. Including: academic difficulties, extreme ideology, psychological vulnerability, economic poverty, school Alert,nike tn requin, an independent life, addiction, employment difficulties, suffering from serious diseases, be liable to disciplinary action. "LiKan has been on the 'consultation list', because 'the Internet into sex'." Despite all the talk outside of Beijing University of consultation system,http://www.pc-fukuoka.net,hogan donna, but it seems not mind Ao: "North is still a good foundation, is to promote Liberal Learning Activities. LiKan go to Beijing University,borse gucci, mainly his own decision. The outside world that I played a big role,moncler donna outlet, it is overrated me. "Li Ao said his son more accustomed to the North, but also very hard,http://www.shakyo-sendaiaoba.com, is sometimes feel "Water is not enough." "He went to Beijing University study considered 'defections', I do not regret it!"

Speaking of her daughter Li,piumino moncler, Li Ao love was palpable:. "Levin is very aggressive,piumini moncler, and very little temperament I told the US president,http://zapravdu.ru,air max outlet italia, she as a Chinese-American,moncler sito ufficiale, but also to tell the US president"