Tongji University

The day before yesterday,,nike tn pas cher, Tongji University,air max outlet, Siping Road Campus near the south gate of the sudden appearance of a new stall,, Monopoly, "crepes." Is different from other stalls,peuterey prezzi,, stall holders are two curly hair,louboutin prezzi, high nose French young men,air max tn pas cher, mouth speaking foreign language,,, hands Tanzhao cake. Such a strange scene so many students refer to "fresh",hogan donna, generous money to buy bread tasting.

Yesterday afternoon,hogan outlet, friends "VO_ North Star" on Weibo posting about this interesting. Post immediately aroused heated debate, there are more than 3000 a day forwards. Many users in order to see the guy, "hosting the Games," the rain last night before it is to buy bread.

Instantly popular network

The day before yesterday (21 May) the first stall,woolrich sito ufficiale, two handsome France quickly became popular network. Reporters from Sina microblogging, watercress post where learned that two French guy is a French exchange student in Shanghai named Benoit and Julien. A white tricycle, a wooden counter, a "crepes" sign,hogan scarpe, a frying pan,woolrich uomo, some spices tools is their entire belongings. Due to differences in appearance, they are eye-catching in a group of small vendors, each pizza sold $ 4, students passing mostly early adopters willing to buy a cake.

"Presence" over the stalls users post about two people to make pizza the whole process: one person to make cakes, one wiping sauce. To a group of flour paste on the pan, a process similar to "bake a cake,woolrich parka," and then coated with a special cake baked jam, you can choose kiwi,nike air max requin, mango, sugar, chocolate,scarpe hogan, honey and lemon six kinds of flavors. "Can all be foreigners wipe jam generous."

Encounter Law Enforcement

Users post,, said the night before, he was to buy bread, the way the two men chatting,moncler outlet, telling them, "the school gate stall encounter chased" Obviously, they do not understand the rules of the "dark cooking world".

Suddenly, city inspectors stop the car, the other hawkers "guard", "Zuoniaoshousan", Benoit and Julien was bewildered. In this case, the customer in front of them shouting "Run (run)! Escaping (escape)!" They looked around,moncler sito ufficiale, other stall fled, They realized that something was amiss, casually rubbed in the hands of the pie the jam, upon their customers,, and then hurried to pick up in the hands of something. "Chased the car has been open to the front of them, and press a few speakers, a boy riding a tricycle slipped, and several others also took the tool to run." Several students did not turn to buy bread, "endless regret" determined to "come back tomorrow."

Yesterday price 1 yuan

Last night (22), the reporter went to the school gate is located in Chifeng Tongji road,louboutin femme, but did not see the legendary French guy. A Hawker told reporters,, "crepes" Booth 21:30 dismissed. "They 7pm stall, grab a good position, just put more than two hours sold out." Tongji University student, said the post's popularity soared to let business, the two have been the first day of "preferential price "4 yuan / only raised to 5 yuan / only. Many students come to buy bread,, by the way,spaccio woolrich, and the guy to chat to practice speaking.

Speaking Benoit Julien stall causes and, in fact, very simple. After they came to Shanghai to see the school gate at night many stalls selling food, temporary whim would also like to sell pizza. The food is simple and easy to do, but also French specialties. They spent an afternoon to prepare flour, fruits and other material,louboutin outlet, 19:00 time out stalls. After the first attempt was an instant sensation,peuterey uomo, the first day to earn a lot of money. (Reporter Yan left)