we are all victims. This is our thing

Food safety issues are in Guangzhou City, "two sessions" hot, continuous fermentation. "Bodybuilding pig", "stained bread", "plasticizing agent drink", "waste oil", "Staphylococcus aureus dumplings," Mengniu milk "cancer-related door" ...... In addition to housing, the price, the food safety has become community a hot topic. Looking back, this is the 2011 Guangzhou Economic growth remains strong, although no major food safety incident occurs, the food problem still occasionally hit a potential threat to the old people's happiness, cooked food, bottled water,peuterey outlet milano, frozen food and other fields problems still repeated. Not long ago, Guangzhou breath announced the "Guangzhou Food safety responsibilities objective assessment" and other nine food safety management supporting documents, comprehensive strengthening food safety management, called the history of the most fierce one mind, "a combination of boxing." It can hold live food safety?

Some people began to grow their own vegetables

Chinese New Year approaching, Guangzhou, supermarkets surging crowd, stocking promotion has started, all kinds of candy, vacuum-packed cooked, roasted and start selling gifts. However, domestic milk, but business in general. "Now do not drink milk,woolrich donna, homemade, and I felt bad taste, I do not know whether it was psychological." Lives in Haizhu Xiaoyun said that since Mengniu after the accident, the family left the pure milk not Ganhe.

"Bodybuilding pig",woolrich parka, "stained bread", "plasticizing agent drink", "waste oil", "Staphylococcus aureus dumplings,http://gxzaojiao.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=543688," Mengniu milk "cancer-related door" ...... the face of tremendous economic benefits, some manufacturers moral bottom line has been defeated. In an increasingly flat world, in national food safety constantly lit red whirlpool, Guangzhou is no exception.

Food sector in 2011, and in the event of uproar Mengniu draw ellipses. Reporters visited learned that Mengniu milk detected after a strong carcinogen aflatoxin M1 exceeded, the number of supermarkets with varying degrees of domestic liquid milk sales decline. Food issues and people closely related has not been broken, wave after wave of unsafe food, and even rich experience in Guangzhou, "housewife" who did not buy things direction. "! Now's the time to buy things also lengthen the" Wan Tsai aunt complained to reporters: "Even the big supermarket brands also look for a long time, the production date on the packaging, shelf life, food additives can not be a leak." Netizen "crazy little tea" is still microblogging said: "The company group began to discuss how passionately in Guangzhou eat vegetables come increasingly serious food safety ah.." There is such a piece: a beautiful morning is the beginning from a variety of concerns and drink milk with melamine fear, fear is hogwash eat fried fritters out,woolrich sito ufficiale, afraid to eat bread is stained,http://meguru.jp/cgi-bin/joyful/./joyful.cgi, eating rice rice cadmium afraid, afraid to point the vegetables pesticide residues, eat lean meat afraid there ... ... It has become the epitome of consumers tangled.

Although the relevant regulatory authorities are being strengthened,http://www.goiadc.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi, but many people have "hold live", in order to eat safe food,woolrich sito ufficiale, begin to act, will be replaced on the balcony bonsai small greens, turnip ...... retired teacher Yuexiu District Ren Bo to put on the balcony of a nearly two-meter-high machine vegetables to grow vegetables. His 28 pots planted with radish sprouts, lettuce, onions and other vegetables, gratifying,woolrich sito ufficiale, as if the whole balcony turned into a "three-dimensional garden." "Grow their own vegetables,louboutin femme, pollution-free, eat also assured that our family can be considered pure green enjoy life. It is a common topic, but the whole family, and every day there are new changes found in vegetables, I feel life is full of vitality." any horses Zizi said. Yesterday Guangzhou Tianhe some dish machine manufacturers Miss Hu introduced vegetables machine launched more than a year in Guangzhou,tn requin femme, has a lot of buyers to eat a home-grown vegetables, a lot of people are directed from the pollution-free green, Some families have children,hogan interactive, most do not want to let the children eat vegetables pesticides, relatively safe.

Old problem of repeated refraction Minsheng pain

"Pass rate of 44% cooked meat, buns cakes pass rate is 45%, cold tofu and seaweed salad are 'zero' qualified!" On the eve of the city's "two sessions", the China Zhi Gong Dang Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC Guangzhou Submit "recommendations on improving production and management supervision of food products." Denounced the proposal, within major supermarkets selling food products passing rate is low, simply can not eat.

In fact, cooked long-standing problem, called the exposure of "old faces." Nearly two years of investigation from the City of Industry, City Council and other departments shows that the passing rate as bulk cooked barbecued pork, shredded chicken and other supermarkets are hovering more than 60%, while in 2009 the supermarket ready-cooked meat comparative trials compliance rate is as low as 26.92%. According to the analysis,louboutin, the most prone to bulk cooked microbial indicators exceeded, many beyond the scope and excessive use of artificial colors and other food additives, the type of problems, Trust-Mart, Vanguard, Pokka other large supermarket chains, "spared." Recently, this reporter visited, there is "no hand sorting, selling," "naked selling cooked food" and other issues are still part of the supermarket. Guangzhou in recent years, although there is no sensation of food safety incidents across the country, but the flow of the production of a variety of test results can be seen, still needs to strengthen food safety supervision.

In addition to cooked food, bottled water,hogan sito ufficiale, frozen food and so is the "blacklist" regulars. In November last year, Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau sampling results showed, bottled drinking water, bottled drinking natural water only 61.90 percent pass rate, the nominal new County Comprehensive Industrial Co. Sunraycave Sunraycave "net natural mountain spring water water "detected excessive oxidation carcinogen bromate. Production areas, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau sampling of drinking water products in 3 batches detected excessive bromate,http://www.akabon.net, such as power consumption of natural water purification and other beauty and health. In addition, including heaven, three congruent brand dumplings quality problems have emerged,louboutin milano, namely excessive peroxide value and Staphylococcus aureus exceeded. "The old question" repeated, all in tearing people's nerves. "Cooked water we eat these foods are drunk, and if these are often a problem, then what is safe?" Chow Tai Tong lived in Haizhu bluntly.

Guangzhou City, the relevant department official said that in recent years the city's food security situation overall is stable to good food sampling pass rate showed a steady improvement in the trend, such as sampling pass rate BAIC food for circulation from 2009's 86.93% rose to 92.85 percent in the first three quarters of 2011; product sampling pass rate Municipal Bureau of Agriculture 98.40% increase from 2009 to 2011 in the first three quarters of 99.19%. "But the data also shows that the work done is not enough, even if only 1% of the problem,piumini woolrich, we have to give 100 percent effort. Detected was low proportion of substandard food, doing the absolute amount is not small. Food safety issues, related to the health of the people, but food safety issues are often also very professional, there are likely to cause unnecessary panic or misunderstanding. Therefore, for food safety must not have any slack. "The official admitted.

"Combined" can quell the food problem?

The director of the Food Research Center, Jinan University, Fu Liang seems behind frequent food safety incidents, "the regulatory passive" and "punishment weak" is part of the enterprise have nothing to fear "loophole" an important reason. In the United States and other developed countries, due to the regulatory front, the punishment is very severe, the manufacturer not to act rashly. It is with this in the overall strengthening of supervision, in December 2011, Guangzhou breath announced the "Guangzhou Food safety responsibilities objective assessment" and other 9 supporting documents relating to food safety management, covering reward, responsibility many aspects of assessment, food waste management, credit monitoring, etc., from the fields, the production company to the farmers market,giubbotti peuterey, supermarket, food waste, interlocking "bundled" package management, comprehensive strengthening food safety management, called the history of The most fierce one mind, "a combination of boxing." Particularly impressive is that Guangzhou will be the first in the country to set up special funds to reward accounts, plans to invest 60 million yuan of special funds financial reward "is not capped, under Paul at the end," the whistleblower fines expected to get the equivalent of 4 % -5% of the incentive.

For this year's frequent exposure of "waste oil",nike tn requin, Guangzhou also try to regulate them from the regulations, "Guangzhou food waste management pilot scheme" provides food waste reporting and registration system will be implemented in the collection, transportation and disposal areas, Guangzhou will build Qualification license management system. For oil, Guangzhou also plans this year formal legislation management, cut off the source of the "waste oil". On the other hand, "Guangzhou Food safety responsibilities objective assessment approach" came into being, Guangzhou district (county-level city) government, together with the relevant departments of the "magic", the responsibility for food safety objective assessment included in the annual performance appraisal indicators , who qualified in the assessment of the unit,spaccio woolrich, the unit responsible shall first assessment alumni,vendita hogan, Jin Zhi promotion, promotion, salary, not easily, easily Gang held leadership positions at the same level. Some commentators pointed out that this marks the Guangzhou food safety management into a new phase, Guangzhou trying to solve the fundamental problem with the system reengineering. However, this in mind, "combined" can quell the food problem, like a huge question mark still waiting to solve. "Early in the morning to see the collar (microblogging) on reports about food safety, in 2012,parajumpers pas cher,http://www.kinzoku.co.jp, food security will still so hot?" New Year, there are users voiced the aspirations.

Government-led course important

Volkswagen also vote with their feet

■ Connection

Food is food safety, "star member" Han Zhipeng same concern.

"Since last year, the country still frequent food safety incidents,moncler donna, so that the general public's confidence hit. Guangzhou is a very open city, in terms of food security is also facing many challenges.", Said Han Zhipeng, specific to Guangzhou, the importance of food safety degree and remediation, the crackdown began with go up.

Late last year, Guangzhou will announce a number of management practices, including reward and so on, "but in the end what effect remains to be seen, you need to carry it out." Han Zhipeng appear in the current food regulatory system needs to improve segmentation, lack of communication linkage of different departments,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, such as for some consumer complaints pushed around. "Guangzhou Food Safety Committee since the existence, in the enjoyment of rights, we must also do their duty, to play a co-ordination, communication and other functions." He suggested that, in terms of food safety responsibility objective assessment, if district and county governments and departments mutual convenience between each other to face,http://www.kazenoko-club.com/bbs/kazenoko-bbs.cgi, assess the effect may be less than ideal. "The best assessment of the power to introduce a third party, such as NPC deputies and CPPCC members, third-party social organizations, public representatives and other forces, allowing the assessment of transparency, a higher degree of fairness."

"The government of course wants to lead the public should also be actively involved in food-insecure, we are all victims. This is our thing, to fight a people's war, the public to actively participate in the maintenance of food safety,http://girl.happybsday.com, to have this consciousness." Han Zhipeng said that in addition to the government to strengthen supervision, public issue of food you want to vote with their feet, see the cooked food stalls are not standardized unsanitary, do not buy; bottled water failed, they resist it together. He believes that food safety issues can not completely rely on the laws and regulations and regulatory constraints to cure,louboutin femme, nor is it a simple corporate responsibility, government agencies have a professional to manage it, there is a wide range of social forces to supervise the formation of a complete, three-dimensional regulatory system, so that people can really "safe to eat, eat at ease."

Specific to the supermarket deli management, ZhiGongDang Guangzhou Municipal suggested in their proposals, government regulations must be established within a unified market by function food processing area, and as a necessary condition for the market to allow the sale of ready-cooked food products, food products marketed request The process must be carried out in the region, usually by the relevant departments of health conditions, such as processing and inspection area to regulate. At the same time, the strong or the document to ban small workshop, to accept standardized production and management requirements, and guide it to do the necessary licenses; for escape regulation, should be firmly banned.

Nanfang Daily reporter Hu Liangguang