500 yuan last. After the money arrived

South Town, a three murder trial defendant Huang Jianping guilty of murder,nike tn air, rape

(Reporter Hu Di, intern Luo Yiming) last October 30, housed in residential tragedy South Town Road,peuterey outlet,http://jfy4ghtuertfy.bloguez.com/jfy4ghtuertfy/4856010/clever.cgi, Southampton, households Tanmou Kun, his wife and two read Fengmou E junior daughter Tan Unfortunately,Peuterey Milano, a Shan was killed, the murderer Huang Jianping then caught in the South China Sea. Although the murderer to justice already,http://boyuemy.com/news/html/?512876.html, but the motive is always a mystery.

Recently,http://happy-marron.com/cgi/diary/nicky/nicky.cgi, a reporter from the Zhongshan Municipal Intermediate People's Court heard this vicious murder in August of this year in the hospital trial, the defendant Huang Jianping accused of intentional homicide, two counts of rape. Court, he confessed to the crimes.

With the hearing of the case,hogan interactive, the relevant details of the case finally surfaced one by one.


Cause: Mother-to-door for fraud Tanmou Jiang explained

October 31, 2012 morning,nike air max outlet, Tan Moukun a family of three was found lying dead in a neighbor's home. According to the police investigation, the three causes of death were homicide, death time yesterday evening.

According to the prosecution submissions public security organs, this case does with , son Tan Moujiang related and murderer who defraud mother Fengmou E Huang Jianping partnership. Tan Mouqiang Pingmou E said they had been on debt collection, and Huang Jianping,giubbotti woolrich, you can settle the debt collector to his people.

The evening of 30 October 2012, 8 pm, Huang Jianping issue for fear of fraud brought to light,tiffany gioielli outlet, and family relationships affect Tanmou Jiang came Pingmou E home, his mother showdown want to explain the matter. After Huang Jianping mention this, by the abusive father. According to Huang Jianping confession, "said Tan Moukun I said to the police to engage in fraud, and said I'm going home,louis vuitton bauletto,http://newcafe.org/motet/guest/motet.cgi," is the main reason leading to the final out of control.

Crime: fear can not then murdered aftermath

Huang Jianping beaten after being scolded Tan Moukun head with a hammer in the hall, the two scuffle. During the scuffle, Tan Moukun yelling down on the second floor of Fengmou E, Huang Jianping Fengmou E beaten again.

When no action after seeing both the ability Huang Jianping ready to leave. But just went yard,http://www.amy.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/atomi/fantasy.cgi, they encountered Tan Moushan home from school. Huang Jianping things to worry about after the exposure of people find that they put Tanmou Shan tied under control.

Subsequently,http://www.giorgiopacchioni.com/cgi-bin/forum_talbot/newsboard.cgi,moncler uomo, Huang Jianping thought this can not be the aftermath, they played a murdered heart. He took the knife to kill Pingmou E, Tan Moukun. Then back to the second floor, will rape, and finally into the second floor of the toilet hold will suffocated in a vat.

Escape: after the murder to sent a message saying he was in East Phoenix

After committing the crime,nike tn pas cher,http://www.tfc-charts2.w2d.com/forum/index.cgi, Huang Jianping will pry open the drawers in the room, rummaging through Theft of four hundred dollars from him,scarpe hogan outlet, Theft from room drawer six or seven hundred dollars. Probably more than 2:00, Huang Jianping from Tan leave. In the meantime, Huang Jianping back Tanmou Jiang sent a phone message saying he Dong Feng, Tan Moujiang mistake to let him in East Phoenix.

Huang Jianping night fled to the city of Foshan. In the South China Sea, he got the help of ex-girlfriend Yangmou Xing,spaccio woolrich, a hotel in the city to open a room to rest. November 1, 2012 morning, Zhongshan police broke into the house,chaussures tn pas cher, the Huang Jianping arrested.

Huang Jianping: once committed odd counts

According to Huang Jianping confession, about three months before the incident, him several times to total borrowed a thousand dollars. And every time to debt collection, he said no money yet. So he had lied to his family took Huang Jianping way to tell the Tanmou Jiang.

Lied because bank debt being chased very tight,basket nike requin, Huang Jianping is capable of playing a man to help him settle the debt. Huang Jianping recalled, he and Tan Tan Mouqiang successfully defrauded the trust of the mother, his mother gave three yellow money and was 2,hogan outlet,000 yuan,woolrich uomo, a 1,000 yuan,abercrombie france, 500 yuan last. After the money arrived,hogan outlet, he and wanted to bring the cost of doing business, but then the money was take part.

Huang Jianping, born in 1985, Zhongshan City, where he had committed theft, robbery, arson, and other sins. After the March 2012 release,moncler uomo, Huang Jianping home unemployed ever since. According to Huang Jianping father introduced, Huang Jianping no money will go home, but every time he would give him a few hundred pieces. "He usually bad feelings and family, we are afraid of him. If he ask for money, I will give him that, if he would not give so much noise is very powerful."

The case will be sentenced today,http://www.center.nitech.ac.jp,spaccio peuterey.

(Original title: Because I want to alarm his victim pain killers)