brother in law were injured to varying degrees

BEIJING, July 8 Handan Power (Macartney before ) Handan City, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau Deputy Director of Publicity Department STRATEGIC 8, said the police are fully cracked the 6th place in the city's District Court Xing 3 dead 3 injured cases The court will announce in due course to the public. Handan city hospital where the wounded on the same day, said the injured injury is serious, the hospital is making every effort to rescue.

8,spaccio moncler,, Hebei media to "kill his wife Dr. Gao Xin family caused three deaths and three injuries allegedly as a result of divorce stuffed tragedy" in the title, reported the incident. Reported that the night of July 6, Handan City Renaissance Zone Xing District Court residents of the home, the suspect Wie his wife,, his son was only 4 years old, the son of Dayi Zi kill. The suspect's mother, Dayi Zi, brother in law were injured to varying degrees,borse louis vuitton,, of which the most seriously wounded Dayi Zi,tiffany outlet, still in the hospital for treatment. The suspects were arrested by the police.

STRATEGIC WASHINGTON reporter in an interview,peuterey outlet milano, said in a telephone interview, the public security department does not comment on media reports details of the crime, the suspects identity,nike tn prezzo,, motive and are still detected in the criminal process.

8 am, the reporter arrived at Fuxing District of Handan City, Hebei Province, Ye Jian hospital district hospital of the incident. A total of three buildings in the district six layers, there are more than 150 households living, residential unusually quiet,louboutin scarpe, less hospital staff.

One is the cool air of the elderly,, said the case occurred in a 6-storey building near the entrance, in at 22:30 on the 6th or so, I heard someone quarrel did not seriously, the next morning,hogan outlet, only to hear the hospital where neighbors say kill people.

An unnamed retired workers,hogan spaccio, said he lived in the incident room behind the tall buildings,hogan donna, at 22:30 on the 6th or so,hogan sito ufficiale, I heard someone quarrel, did not care about 11:30 or so, the sound of small quarrel. He opened the curtains and saw a man holding a long thing, what is beating,moncler uomo, after a child has to change to another room. That night also came four ambulances and two police cars, has been frustrating to go after more than 2:00.

It is understood that three injured currently in Handan city hospital for treatment. Orthopedic ward in the hospital on the 13th floor,spaccio woolrich, the reporter in the injured Weizhi Bo (the suspect brother in law) ward saw the injured site is mainly on the left,piumino moncler, the head, neck, shoulders and forearms were bandaged. Who is eight months pregnant,peuterey donna, injured wife that her husband has now been revived, to drink soup,,woolrich prezzi, are stimulated too, do not want to talk too much.

In the 18th floor of the hospital ICU, injured heaviest JINJIANG REACH (the suspect's Dayi Zi) still in the rescue. Hallway,woolrich sito ufficiale, a woman claiming to be surnamed white JINJIANG REACH aunt, she told reporters, Toshihide into the hospital to the intensive care unit,parajumpers norge, has not come out until now,abercrombie milano,, people have been waiting outside the house,,spaccio woolrich, she is very worried.

Publicity Division of the hospital staff said the injured in serious condition, the hospital is to rescue. For injuries,peuterey sito ufficiale, due to major cases involving patient privacy and that they had reported to the public security department. (End)