after the butt

Weinan newspaper (reporter Rui Xiaoxiao) 3 yuan in order to avoid parking fees,hogan uomo, disregard Landang,, escape from the car ran over him after toll collectors. This thrilling scene yesterday afternoon in Weinan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment on the west side of the parking spaces.

Yesterday 14:40 Xu, located in the Chaoyang road Weinan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment parking on the west side,,piumini bambina moncler,, a 40-year-old man lying on the street,woolrich prezzi, blood stained the road. 2:45,hogan sito ufficiale, four patrolmen and medical staff came this man carried to an ambulance and sent for treatment in Weinan City MCH. It is reported that the man was parking toll here was a refusal to pay 3 yuan parking fees from drivers to run over him.

"Just for 3 dollars parking fee, even from the people who run over by car,woolrich sito ufficiale, is an outrage." An eyewitness to bring the scene was very angry at that time. She said,scarpe hogan, was just passing himself saw standing in the front left side of the car toll,hogan outlet, and despite the outcry That red car toll, directly after the toll collectors who knocked down from the grind of the past.

A nearby hotel security briefing,peuterey outlet, is a red Mazda 3 sedan,woolrich sito ufficiale, after refusing to make payments,,giubbotti woolrich, who ran over from the toll fled in panic.

Several witnesses said,spaccio peuterey, after the butt, a red Mazda car without a license,,nike tn requin, leaving sharp right turn. Because things happen very suddenly, we did not see the driver's appearance.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Weinan City,,woolrich parka, MCH, hit by Yang, 45,tn pas cher, has been out of danger after the rescue. Medical staff briefing,nike requin pas cher, Yang left leg fracture,woolrich outlet, head,nike tn requin,, chest contusion. To 5:00 pm, Yang is still in a coma.

After Yang hit,woolrich outlet,, the police quickly rushed to the scene to investigate. According to the traffic police department said Yang hit near the scene, in part because of power outages and other reasons the camera is not working, the police will be the transfer of image data in the vicinity.

5 o'clock yesterday afternoon,piumino moncler, the reporter learned from the traffic police brigade Pro Wei, because the driver on suspicion of intentional injury, currently Linwei Public Security Bureau of Interpol has been sent to investigate the matter. The police brought the case to an eyewitness provided the perpetrators,hogan scarpe, and gave himself up to advise the perpetrators as soon as possible, for leniency.