XIAO still probationary stage

A health center, a total of 18 employees, a horse named dean accounted for 8 people. February 10, former employees of the hospitals built dry-ling this "strange phenomenon" written message sent to the Internet, and took the title - "Ma's Army" occupation hospitals.

After local media reports, is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province Jiajiang County town of hospitals that are suddenly drawn into the vortex of public opinion. Someone quipped: Are hospitals became "family business"?

But higher authorities hospitals - the person in charge to come forward Jiajiang County Health Department explained that there are "historical reasons", is due to the marriage of the two family doctors. He said Ma 8 people entering hospitals, are in line with the relevant provisions, and the fulfillment of the relevant procedures.

Dry build Ling cited "Ma's Army" members of the new town hospitals in the post. China Youth Daily reporter after investigation and verification, Ma 8 are: Dean Mazheng Gang,hogan scarpe, Ms. Ma Zhenggang Yu Jing, father Made Xun, Yu Yingang father, cousin Zhang Ping Yu Jing, Zhang Ping's wife car petrels, Ma Zhenggang Wang Yufang aunt,woolrich parka, cousin Mazheng Gang Xiao Wen.

Ma 8 persons, four people are career preparation workers,outlet moncler, Made Xun, car Haiyan, Wang Yufang,hogan spaccio, XIAO employ four people are not accounted for staffing. Data released by the hospital, the new field hospitals in the town,woolrich sito ufficiale, a total of 18 employees, of which 13 are career preparation, five artificial temporary recruits.

A 18 township hospitals, dean of a get accounted for 8 people, which makes a lot of friends speechless, it was even given a "mom and pop", the evaluation of such "family business."

In an interview with reporters, Deputy Secretary Jiajiang County Health Department Shiming Li said that this is a historical reason , Yu Jing two marriage caused.

In 1995,woolrich sito ufficiale, Ma Zhenggang by Jiajiang County Health Department and Personnel exam to second place in the new county town hospitals work. At that time, the father of Made Xun,tiffany milano, Yu Jing's father Yu Yingang have up to 10 years in hospitals, he served as the attending physician. since 2001 served as the vice president of health, and became president in 2007.

In 1997, Yu Jing by Jiajiang County Health Department and Personnel examination into hospitals,hogan outlet, as practitioners of obstetrics and gynecology. In 1998,scarpe hogan, due to a lack of accounting hospitals when Dean Lee Yu Jing concurrently appointed hospitals accounting. After training, was the only one for certificate holders who accountant hospitals.

2000, and Yu Jing married. Because of this marriage, horses, more than two synthetic one. Mazheng Gang said, a "Ma's Army" phenomenon, to blame blame the marriage. He expressed frustration, "Do not get married is wrong?"

In subsequent years, hospitals have a new horse into the sides, more than relatives. 2002,hogan 2014, Yu Jing's cousin Zhang Ping enter hospitals; in 2005, Zhang Ping's wife car Swallow enter hospitals; April 2007, aunt Wang Yufang was hired cleaners; July 2011,http://bbs.rwpd.wanmei.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=15867909, cousin Xiao Wen graduated from nursing school, beginning in hospitals trainee.

Later into the hospitals of four relatives,louboutin, only Ping passed the exam Jiajiang County Personnel and Health Bureau, workers belonging to career preparation. Car Swallow, Wang Yufang are temporary, XIAO still probationary stage, three people are not prepared.

Swallow the car into the hospitals,moncler milano, after a year of study, to get a nurse license, now a nurse jobs, part-time pharmacy. Prior to working in the pharmacy is the person who posted the previously mentioned dry build Ling, November 31, 2011,http://zhongdianshucheng.com/news/html/?17549.html,abercrombie outlet milano,http://forum.longquanzs.org/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=259&mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, hospitals in order to build a dry-ling "no professional qualifications" as an excuse to dismiss.

Later, Wang Yufang cleaners placed in the charging position,peuterey prezzi, because the patient reception hospitals each year as many as 80,000, the only toll hospitals busy Wu Yong, president only made such arrangements.

Xiao Wen is a trainee nurse, part-time work in the laboratory. Before she entered the examination room,woolrich donna, another girl Li Huan in laboratory work. September 1, 2011, Li Huancheng for probation staff hospitals, six-month trial period. However, January 2,hogan prezzi, 2012, Mazheng Gang told her that she was not fit to work in hospitals. Mazheng Gang said the dismissal of Lee Huan has a variety of reasons,http://joincarpool.net/plus/feedback.php?aid=13, such as the treatment of low Li Huan too,http://karua.at.webry.info, want a paid education.

"After I left the hospitals, Xiao Wen entered the laboratory work." Lee Huan said.

For hospitals to hire temporary staff concerned, Shiming Li said that the preparation of relatively small rural hospitals, hospitals can hire temporary staff as needed, just after the employment report on the trip to the Health Department. At the same time, part-time work in hospitals is permitted,air max outlet, as long as it passes the relevant professional training.

Another questionable personnel arrangements that in May 2011,http://www.infocrystal.com/alink/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=10/, Ma Zhenggang Made Xun, who took over from his father dean positions. retired in January of this year, has been rehired hospitals continue to serve as the attending physician, but did not take up the preparation. explanation is that hospitals lack medical skills such as father and experienced physicians,scarpe nike tn, and sometimes also more difficult to recruit the right people.

Shiming Li said Ma Zhenggang dean is appointed through legal procedures. Health Department conducted its investigation, the general political situation leadership to hospitals conducted an investigation, held a staff meeting, in a democratic manner recommended dean. When elected as the new president, more than 80% of the vote.

However, a hospital worker to China Youth Daily reporter, said they did not see the results of the election, only to see the letter of appointment Health Bureau. In this regard, Shiming Li explained that the vote was not open, and only a handful of several leaders Secretaries know.

According to "Huaxi Dushi Bao" reported Jiajiang County Health Bureau official said the new field hospitals in the town after the employer regarding the network exposure, "attaches great importance to the county, the organization department also involved." The official said that the survey results show that 18 people in the hospital, Dean Ma Zhenggang an eight people there,hogan donna, but only four permanent staff person. In addition, Ma Father rehire retired personnel,http://thehospoda.com/kunena/13-living-here/11444/reply, Ma's cousin Xiao Wen for student nurses and two others for temporary recruits. "Thus,prezzi hogan, abuse of power, cultivate cronies phenomenon basically does not exist."

Now, Jiajiang County Health Department has been working for Yu Jing has been adjusted. said, referring to the relevant provisions of "Civil Law", the husband is the president, his wife is not as an accountant, so Yu Jing in May 2011 after the account has not been involved in the accounting work done. July 2011, Jiajiang County Health Department staff hired specifically,http://www.wifigx.com/forum.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, unified management accounts throughout hospitals.

Newspaper Sichuan Jiajiang February 21 electric