go out and get all gone." Lost son's mother said.

Shantou newspaper (Reporter Chen new correspondent Yexu Bin) yesterday,http://ebookspratiques.com/search.cgi,air jordan, Shantou City Public Security Bureau announced the detection of a nearly three-year incidence of child trafficking cases. 1-year-old boy was taken away fellow to the price of 5,mulberry sale,000 yuan sold to other traffickers, since disappeared. Police removed the project provinces,http://www.parachan-k.com/ad2/angel/look.cgi,gucci outlet, and finally locked the child's whereabouts and successfully rescued. The child was "transfer" twice in Nanan City,louboutin outlet, Fujian Province has become someone else's "son."
Abduction boy pretending stopping unscrupulous friend
December 25, 2008 in the afternoon, in the Shantou City Chen Zhen Mei Village's a rental,http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~dh/bbs/lightbbs.cgi,ray ban outlet italia, Zhu 14-month-old son Xiaotao (a pseudonym) was missing. Zhu Sichuan a friend to stopping,nike air max pas cher, and then holding Xiaotao play. "Playing playing on the left door, after about five minutes, go out and get all gone." Lost son's mother said.
Southern Tide Police immediately set up a task to identify which children were taken away by a man only 23 years old,louboutin femme pas cher, called Wei Mouyong. This time and children disappeared until early May 2009, according to the police task force investigating clues grasp,louboutin femme pas cher, with the assistance of Yunfu city police successfully arrested in Yunfu City suspects.
Wei Mouyong children may not know the whereabouts. He confessed that after the abducted child, the child handed over to several other people were trafficked to Fujian Province, was 5,louboutin outlet,000. As the child was brought to exactly what these people where Weimou Yong did not know.
Second suspect arrested boy has been sold
Task force police quickly locked the children bought from the hands of one of the suspects Zhang . Last September,louboutin femme pas cher, the police successfully arrested Zhang. Zhang confessed to the other three co-suspects,christian louboutin homme,http://himuka.miyazaki-c.ed.jp, but refused to explain the child's whereabouts.
The morning of December 22 last year, was another suspect online pursuit of Sichuan Gulin arrested by public security organs. The police task force immediately rushed back to the influx of South Sichuan and review. This involvement in trafficking suspects confessed to the crime Xiaotao,http://segyo.ac.affrc.go.jp,mulberry outlet, but it can not explain the specific whereabouts clear.
The court finally a turning point in late May this year. Southern Tide Chaonan Public Security Bureau received a transfer to the People's Court, a defendant's expose materials reflect abducted children are taken by the town pier,cheap red bottom shoes, Quanzhou Nanan City, Fujian Province,ralph lauren pas cher, the one nicknamed "Panjie "Guangxi membership will introduce children to sell women.
Police immediately set up Zhuibu Zu,louboutin outlet, Nanan City, Fujian Province,hollister, Quanzhou go hunt, "Pan Jie,scarpe hogan interactive," rescue abducted boys. After 17 days of careful investigation,http://war.kuronowish.com/min/light/light.cgi?post=r00&mybbp,louboutin, on July 6 pm at the town pier Nanan City,hogan outlet,http://route66club.idc234.bjhyn.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=76611, Fujian Province poetry Village will be online fugitives "Pan Jie" Luomou Red successfully captured.
The boy was eventually rescued in Fujian
According to "Pan Jie" account,gucci handbags discount,http://www.51yam.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, which in December 2008 the suspect Zhang Xiaotao boy Shui to sell it to the town pier Nanan City, a Chen family upbringing, and illegal profits from 1000 yuan. July 7 at 11 am, the hunt in the town pier rescue team successfully rescued trafficked children Nanan nearly three years and returned to their parents to send their security.
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