be punished.

WASHINGTON (remember the promise future) yesterday 9:50 Xu,air max outlet, a 35-year-old man in the subway Line 1 Nanlishilu Station suddenly jumped off the tracks. According to eyewitnesses, before the incident he and his colleagues saw a woman in a fight,, like a drunk man.
Kim Witnesses said the incident happened, he was in the station platform Nanlishilu Station,louboutin soldes, is awaiting direction of the train bound for the apple orchard. Far, Kim saw the train coming from the direction of the Fuxingmen station,air jordan pas cher, many people waiting for the bus in the discussions,hollister, "came the car looks a little old,abercrombie outlet online, it is estimated there is no air conditioning." At this time,cheap jordans, a wearing a white T-shirt,gucci pas cher, trousers man suddenly jumped off the platform,christian louboutin homme, feet apart,escarpin louboutin pas cher, lie on your back on the track. Station platform and everyone exclaimed.
Emergency staff in MTR stations ran while holding the hand sets kept shouting. After the alarm,scarpe hogan, quick pit stop the train stopped in the tunnel slowly. Metro staff let a man wearing a white T-shirt and quickly stood up after the white man stood up, several staff members of the site on the edge of the man to pull the platform immediately. "The man stand unstable,louboutin soldes, leaning against a pillar on the station platform to sit down,ray ban italia, obviously drunk." Kim said,,louboutin pas cher femme, this man is not a man to travel,air max milano,, and he was accompanied by a woman . Man woman explained to everybody Tiaogui behavior,escarpin louboutin pas cher, "he heart problems."
Last night, a staff member in the South Lishi subway station that is indeed a man jumped into the track. According to their understanding,louboutin homme pas cher, the man jumped into the front platform and a woman peers in the fight,abercrombie outlet,, but also beat a woman,air jordan pas cher,, I do not know why, suddenly jumped into the track. "We pulled him back, ready to be handed over to the police. Men may be because of fear, and suddenly rushed toward the exit of the subway, to escape,, eventually stopped the police station."
Metro staff said the man's behavior has affected the normal operation of the subway,,air max pas cher, and eventually he was taken away by police near the police station. I believe the police will be in accordance with relevant regulations,,louboutin pas cher, be punished.
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