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□ Evening News reporter Zhou Bo Yi Cheng Yi reported,cheap red bottom
Not long ago, a sudden disaster,http://girlsloco.com, to Samsung Town, Chongming County, northwest of this tranquil village cage on a shadow. & Nbsp; after April 20,hollister france, a stray black dog wandering along the new road and broke into the homes of villagers, bite the 11 villagers. After the incident,air max outlet italia, the black dog Jibei killed and injured the first time to go to hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, after two weeks, one of the injured suddenly froth at the mouth, dancing, hair died of rabies.
Currently, Chongming county health department has items used for the dead and the home terminal disinfection, and continue to hurt the other 10 dogs for patients with medical observation.
Playback & nbsp; & nbsp; within two days of the stray dog bites 11 people
Although things have gone half a month, but the new Samsung Town, Yuxin, Yude three villagers who filed the piece accident black dog, still fresh.
The earliest direct confrontation with the black dog that lives in the village of Laoqin sterile. & Nbsp; 4 20 4:00, 50-year-old was at home sleeping Laoqin suddenly heard dogs barking in the yard. Laoqin domesticated dog, usually mainly to prevent the thief. Heard the dogs barking, he broke into the first reaction was a thief, and he stood up to get up, took a stick, wearing a pair of shorts into the yard to find out. Unexpectedly, the old Qingang Gang opened the door, a shadow to jump to the front, until he saw a big dog,http://www.seaside-road.net, the face has been its bite. After the bite, black dog escaped from the yard. Somehow bitten, Laoqin gas does not make one to be the perpetrators had fled, he had bad luck. Endured the pain, he checked the yard and found a home in captivity sheep who have wounds. And a few days,louboutin femme pas cher, this sheep began foaming at the mouth, convulsions stop, the symptoms resemble guilty of rabies.
Laoqin after bite, black dog along the new road continues eastbound,cheap jordans, who lives in the West Village Zhu Adi is another victim. In the morning,air max outlet, Zhu Adi open the door in the house cleaning, suddenly, a dog ran into the living room, suddenly rushed over,gucci femme pas cher,http://www.yqtxt.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, full of black mud of the two front paws ride to his chest. Zhu Adi initially thought it was the neighbor's dog, trying to reach its paw aside from the chest down, but unexpectedly a black dog head low, is a ferocious mouths. Until he finally started swinging, got rid of dog bites, the left arm is bloody. & Nbsp; "The dog was 40 pounds, black hair mixed with yellow hair,scarpe hogan, looked like ordinary dog & nbsp;." After the bite, Zhu Adi chase out of the house and saw the black dog walked slowly along the new highway beside a pedestrian passing by from time to time, it did not make the abnormal behavior. & Nbsp; "do not understand how the black dog always went to the family home to bite & nbsp;." Zhu Adi think are fearful, and afterwards, he specialized in the door two fan aluminum screen door installed.
From the 20th to the 21st time in two days, the black dog has bitten 11 villagers, including the West Village villagers killed gourmet.
Development & nbsp; & nbsp; one person died two weeks after being bitten head
April 21 morning,ray ban outlet, who lives in the West Village gourmet usual, to get up early the housework. Son and daughter work in urban areas, usually Chongming old couple got left at home. Gourmet 66-year-old, former soldier, did the workers, like fiddle fiddle retirement home in a few acres of vegetable. Morning, Zhu's wife in the yard laundry, Lao Zhu pick vegetables in the fields. Suddenly,http://boy.happybsday.com, a black dog inexplicably rushed. This bulky uninvited guests will spooked Zhu wife, fell to the floor. Hear the sound, gourmet back yard from the fields to see the dogs, waving my hands to catch it while muttering:. "Where to the dog, go out & nbsp;"
Unexpectedly, the voice just off, the black dog suddenly jumped up, alignment gourmet bitter bite to the face. Lao Zhu time to dodge, one after the two black dog bites, including the location and the left cheek of those wounds are deep and large. After the assault, the black dog ran out of the hospital jump house. However, it did not last long lucky, because too many injuries, villagers reported to the police. Soon, this black dog was killed Samsung town police station, the body was buried processed.
Black Dog, though dead, but did not stop the scourge. After the incident, the injured villagers have access to Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital for treatment. Dog hurt outpatient hospital doctors, the villagers received rabies vaccine and immune globulin injection,http://www.sheng-huo.ru/forum/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=465417, have been home recuperating.
West Village village committee secretary Huang Ping, most of the villagers after treatment, are little affected much, only gourmet "51" Festival appeared fever, headache, malaise and other symptoms, sound, light, wind and the like very sensitive to stimulation. After becoming fear of water, fear of the wind, but did not dare drink thirst, body pain convulsions, breathing difficulties. & Nbsp; 5 on 5, Lao Zhu began to feel numb tongue, loss of language skills, in view of more serious illness, he was transferred to Changhai Hospital.
Changhai Hospital, lived in two days, and perhaps feel deadline is approaching, Lao Zhu crooked in bed and wrote, "I want to go home" before. & Nbsp; 5 afternoon of May 7,nike tn femme pas cher, with the approval of the consent of the doctor, the family will take back Chongming gourmet home.
At 3:00 on May 8, gourmet sudden foaming at the mouth, hands and feet twitch,tn pas cher femme, standing on the ground could not bounce up,louboutin pas cher femme, co-handedly two sons-in-law could not make him be quiet. So toss more than an hour later, Lao Zhu stopped breathing.
"Lao Zhu is a warm-hearted man, has been party group leader, former Expo volunteers have done this Chongming road race he applied to volunteer, did not expect the unexpected calamity befell & nbsp;.." The villagers are West Village The sudden death of Lao Zhu grief.
Rehabilitation & nbsp; & nbsp; wounded villagers medical expenses will be subsidized
Happened up to now, has been a full 20 days, the wound has healed many of the wounded, the vaccine also only last a needle. However, Lao Zhu's tragic death,http://www.tkl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~sane/iSCSI,louboutin soldes, but in their hearts left a deep fear. They worried about their own bodies, but also prepare for the roads with a stray dog each. In response, Samsung Town Village village committee secretary Huang Ping said,christian louboutin homme, after the event, from the town to the various departments attach great importance to the village, with several meetings, organization of work, family condolences injured. Village health department has already conducted a comprehensive disinfection of poultry suspected of dog bites, animals do deep sound processing. At present,chaussures louboutin hommes, the villagers are treating their own expense, the village plans to subsidize part of the medical expenses the injured villagers.
Reporters from Chongming county health department, after the event, including the Lao Zhu were injured, including 11 to the hospital standardized wound treatment and vaccination of human rabies vaccine purification, implementing medical observation. Rabies vaccine produces antibodies from vaccinated to take some course of the human body,hogan outlet, bitten by the full vaccination totaling 5, 0 (day of injection),louboutin france pas cher, 3,7,14 and 28 days respectively injection, about a week start to produce antibodies. Although a large gourmet vaccinated before the onset of three rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin, but because the dead bite site in the head and face, from the central nervous system near and the wound is large and deep, once the amount of virus into the body ,louboutin pas cher homme, before the virus may not produce enough antibodies the body has spread to the brain and central nervous system disease.
Remind & nbsp,louboutin pas cher; & nbsp; for the pet keepers should be regularly vaccinated
Rabies, also known as hydrophobia, is a natural focal acute zoonotic diseases caused by rabies virus. Popularity wide, high mortality rate, is almost 100%. Data show that the incidence of rabies in our country is the world's second largest country, second only to India, every year thousands of people have died due to rabies. In Shanghai, the incidence of dog bites and rabies cause death cases are not uncommon.
Shanghai Center for Disease Prevention and Control Branch Ni Zhuren introduction of immunization programs for the effective prevention and control of rabies infection, CDC has developed, including organization,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=90/, personnel, technical operational requirements, including a rabies prevention and control work-related management practices, and adhere to a month collect dog bite injury clinic for disposal by the number and quantity of vaccine inoculation, and analysis, monitoring and disposal of an injured dog rabies incidence of events and people.
Ni Zhuren introduction, although the mortality rate after the onset of rabies is 100%, but the people do not panic, because of the low incidence of rabies, dog bites do not necessarily get rabies if bitten by a dog who does not have rabies Even if there is no deal with the wound does not get rabies.
Ni Zhuren suggested that people should try to avoid dogs, cats and other animal bites. If kept as pets regularly vaccinated for rabies vaccine.
If you are bitten by an animal,Jordan Zapatillas Espa?a, especially bitten by dogs or cats,http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi, should go to the county designated medical institutions to dispose of dog injury wound treatment and vaccination.
Post-exposure rabies vaccination no contraindications, rabies vaccination should be sooner rather than later.
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