for their indifference

Tongling woman Moumou due to unbearable husband was having an affair,louboutin femme pas cher,, while her husband sleeping occasion, holding a kitchen knife and chopped the number of knife to the neck of her husband led her husband died of his wounds. 15 am, Tongling Thuận An occurrence of this tragedy together. Reporter yesterday learned from the police,,mulberry handbags outlet, after committing the crime,louboutin homme pas cher, unusual cool off Moumou clothes covered in blood, took a shower,, put on clean clothes,air max pas cher, quietly sitting in the living wait for the arrival of the police.
August 15 at 3 pm,nike air max 90 baratas, 110 Tongling County Public Security Bureau received a woman police said:. "I kill you came for me,tn pas cher," Shun the area police station duty police rushed to the scene,louboutin pas cher, I saw a family outside the house is full blood, a woman wearing pajamas sitting in the living room, his eyes dull waiting for the arrival of the police. Police on the spot to control Moumou.
Through questioning,louboutin pas cher, Moumou truthfully confessed his crime,nike air max 90, and to the police about his unhappy marriage: Xu X Moumou and have been married for ten years, they have over 40 years of age, had a very good relationship. Late last year,scarpe hogan, Moumou found her husband changed,,mulberry outlet store, for their indifference, but also often Cheyebugui.
Moumou suspected her husband out of the other woman. Day of the first month of this year,,air jordan femme pas cher, Chen Moumou on her husband's cell phone micro letter found him and a woman in conversation,louboutin homme pas cher, ambiguous content. According to the micro Moumou phone number on the letter played in the past,nike tn femme pas cher,, a woman answered the phone, and the recognition and Moumou having an affair. For families and children,abercrombie france,, Moumou chose silence.
August 14 at 10 am, Xu X directly home after sleeping on the ground. Moumou to persuade her husband to bed,nike air max 90, Xu X,, but his refusal to go to bed yelling,Air Jordan Espa?a, and then fell asleep on the floor. Moumou grew more and more gas,louboutin outlet, then took a kitchen knife to the kitchen back to the room,air max, sleeping Xu X wielded the knife toward the neck and chopped the number of knife. (Left macro pay, Wu Bin,gucci outlet, Zhu Chunyou)
(Original title: after a few knives and chopped her husband, the woman waiting for the police report)