Shady criminals who exactly

Surveillance video,louboutin homme pas cher, the two cars blocking the car in front of Mr Choi, a man got out of one runs from interception
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WASHINGTON The day before yesterday morning,scarpe hogan, Riverside Road from Quanzhou Jinjiang to a site act Mr. Cai and his driver Xu master, suffered a terrifying scene: the car just getting out of the site, it was two cars after the attack to intercept the car the ax down three armed gangsters see the car on the cut, they also were driving two cars chased fleeing, running all the way en route jumping 300 meters after they get out. Currently, Licheng District Gangnam police station has been involved in the investigation.

After the cut-off before plugging three men holding ax car

Mr Choi and riding a black luxury car, has been cut with an ax criminals beyond recognition. Mr. Cai Xiao Cai's son told reporters generally described what happened:

The day before yesterday around 10:45, Mr Choi take a car from Riverside South embraced three country estate site out,,gucci handbags outlet, just left the site was two car pulled over. Then,louboutin outlet, from the two car down three young men armed with an ax,chaussure nike pas cher femme, aggressive car ride came to Mr. Cai,, Xu master driver see ill intent, eye grassland to the car down a few meters, and then hit the steering wheel to the direction Hing Yin Lu run away.

Surveillance video of the incident confirmed the vicinity Xiaocai description. Back in the day around 10:30,louboutin outlet, one silver and one black and two car had arrived outside the site, including a silver car parked on the roadside, a black car at the site repeatedly wandering outside. 10:45,nike tn femme pas cher, Mr Choi riding a black luxury car had just pulled out of the site,,air jordan discount, the silver car criminals that cross in front of Mr. Cai car, and the other a black car parked on the right side to the same Mr. Cai car, stop Mr. Cai's right car to escape. After one silver and one black from the two car seat and the back seat after another deputy down three young men armed with an ax. Mr Choi car rapidly backwards a few meters, making a man wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt cut empty, but another man wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt, then ax heavily cut in Mr Choi on the rear window.

300 meters after the encounter rush to kill jumping

Black man convicted of excessive force,hollister outlet online sale, can not unplug ax actually embedded in the car's rear window on Mr. Cai. Xu master quickly hit the steering wheel to the left, and fled from the non-motorized vehicles driving toward Hing Yin Road. You can see from the surveillance video, Mr. Cai and Xu master after escaping,,ray ban outlet, three ax man has hastened the car, driving followed. In another surveillance video screen, catch the criminals, one after the car speed is amazing.

According to Xu master description, he drove along the road after three or four meters of non-motor vehicle speeding, front were two muck truck blocked the road,Air Jordan Espa?a, seeing the two criminals rearview mirror car came closer, just over 100 meters,abercrombie france, two People quickly jumping to escape separately.

Mr Choi,louboutin femme pas cher,, 61 years old, he recalls, after jumping to attend to their own advanced age, bolted toward the front after 300 meters inside fled into a building site was able to escape. Two car criminals see Mr. Cai duo had fled, he took an ax against Mr Choi also hit another car cut,, followed quickly on the car fled the scene.

Shady criminals who exactly?

Mr Chua has been 30 years in the construction industry, he told reporters that he had never encountered such a thing. He said, "I'm older, and usually do not how to participate in social activities, and has never offend extraordinary, I do not think anyone would."

Mr Choi doubt,nike air max 90, his own recent experience may contract a business related. "Recently some people have heard of and I want to grab the business, but the other in the dark, I do not know who is." Mr Choi said. Xiaocai son said: "No matter who it is,gucci pas cher, in broad daylight so blatantly drove assailant armed with lethal weapons, the group was too furious."

Doubt not only that the identity of criminals,, Mr. Cai was the day before yesterday around 8:45 departure from Jinjiang, the others did not know to spring, so why criminals "happened" to Mr. Cai, "had a positive significant arrest"? According to the driver master Xu recalled,scarpe hogan donna, he has eight years of driving experience,air max outlet italia, usually drove very carefully, they can determine the 2nd morning drove all the way from Jinjiang, Quanzhou, has not been trailing a suspicious vehicle. "The two-car license plate was either unloaded or was wrapped in red paper,louboutin, apparently long-planned."

Because Xu master responsive,hollister france, he and Mr Choi was escaped, they are very lucky. "In the beginning the car was forced to stop them,mulberry outlet store, I felt a little strange. Other vehicles, such as the door opened, down three men about 25-year-old hand ax,, I realized that this group of people is not a good man, Then hit the steering wheel quickly reversing escape, or else we do not know what will happen. "Xu said the master.

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