the doctor said I needed to recover in hospital."

Zhu Lanying, who pull up banners in protest, causing many past visitors onlookers. photo
BEIJING, October 13 in Kunming (Reporter Shi Guanglin) 13 pm, a paraplegic visitors from Chengdu, Sichuan with his father,louboutin homme pas cher, three blind due October 8 at Kunming airport denied boarding, at Kunming airport terminal Hall pulled a banner asking Kunming airport executives apologize that this behavior has attracted so many visitors crowd.
October 8 6:40 am, a paraplegic passenger Zhu Lanying EU2224 plan Chengdu Airlines flights from Kunming to Chengdu ride. When boarding, because before the tickets are not issued health certificates and the opportunity to apply to the Chengdu Airlines, Chengdu Airlines will not be accepted for carriage.
Minister of party work Guopei Song Kunming airport,chaussures nike pas cher, due to the traveler does not violate the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority of passenger security checks, security staff start the channel special passenger screening program to check them. However, after the failure to take the flight ,, emotional, repeatedly blocked the gate, boarding want to force and to prevent other passengers boarding flights. Zhu Lanying to prevent forced entry into the aircraft, the scene on duty police officers and airport staff to discourage them,jordan pas cher, during fall from the wheelchair.
Subsequently, the airport staff immediately notified airport emergency center medical staff for its examination, the sent to Kunming, People's Liberation Army 43 hospitals and hospital law do a full physical examination. The hospital records show that Zhu Lanying spinal paraplegia, scalp hematoma, sacral pressure ulcers.
Guopei Song said after the event,basket nike pas cher, Yunnan Airport Ground to Chengdu Airlines ground service company as an agent, contact the first time to communicate with Chengdu Airlines. Chengdu Airlines staff said, "does not apply for special passenger services when the passengers to buy tickets,, so the scene this situation can not take advantage of the provisional application." Then, to serve the company in accordance with the service standards Chengdu Airlines and mandate, to help Zhu Lanying twice Contact Gaiqian flights to Chengdu. And out of humanitarian concern, twice hospital,ray ban outlet, arrange accommodation and someone accompany October 8 to 12 in.
At 16:00 on the 13th and more, Zhu Lanying and his father,louboutin outlet, three blind in Kunming airport terminal pull protest banner on the banner reads: "I want to see the airport wounded leader I want I want I want to go home the right way." This behavior has attracted so many visitors in the past onlookers.
In the protest scene, Zhu Lanying, told reporters recalled the scene that day. She said: "Before refusing to fly has never been on my wheelchair is also close to the last plane of the luggage tag did not know in advance what is prescribed, but a lot of my patients are flying every day,, too. not seen any aggrieved. "
In this regard, Guopei Song responded that the provisions of Article 34, "China's civil aviation passengers, baggage and domestic transport rule": unaccompanied children, sick passengers,, pregnant women, the blind, deaf or prisoners and other special guests,boutique louboutin paris, only in accordance with the carrier Under the conditions of people (airline) provided by the carrier prior consent and make arrangements if necessary,abercrombie france, to the rear of the carriage. Infectious diseases,escarpin louboutin pas cher, mental illness or health condition may endanger themselves or affect the safety of other passengers passengers, the carrier shall not be accepted for carriage. According to the relevant provisions of the State can not take advantage of passengers, the carrier is entitled to refuse the opportunity to have purchased tickets on a voluntary refund processing.
For his injuries, said the staff of the Department of Kunming airport by it. She said, "There are four airport staff would not let me check, and take me away,hogan outlet, which leads to multiple soft tissue contusion."
To this end, Zhu Lanying require Kunming airport must be healed her wounds. Zhu Lanying, said, "I am dizzy,, the doctor said I needed to recover in hospital."
However, the Civil Aviation Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Kunming airport terminal station director Li Yi is confirmed to reporters at the airport that day Zhu Lanying indeed prevent other passengers boarding the flight behavior, taking into account that it is disabled, made a verbal warning. For once during Zhu Lanying headbutting a glass wall,mulberry handbags outlet, is physically blocked the police did not have an accident. Later,air max outlet,, more and more agitated mood hand stays on the wheelchair armrest, pour out the upper body, want to fall to the ground, police rushed to embrace, and with a custodial staff pulled together by hand to prevent it from falling off wheelchair, but Zhu Lanying police and custodial staff for scratch and bite, resulting in two hands were injured. In the course of the struggle, fell from the wheelchair. Finally, Guandu District Trade and Industry Bureau of Consumer Affairs Center at the airport staff came to the scene,louboutin pas cher, took her to the lounge for mediation, the police before leaving the scene.
Speaking of their demands, Zhu Lanying, said,air jordan discount, "First, the airport must be cured of my injury,, and second president of the Kunming airport Liu (Liu,air jordan homme pas cher, president of Yunnan Airport Group) and Chengdu Airlines executives have to apologize to me, promise plane can not make things difficult for people with disabilities. The remaining issue to a later date. "
Reporters on the scene learned that the three were blind solidarity came from Guizhou Panxian Zhu Lanying. When a reporter asked one of the blind man's name, he took out a printed "in the past to predict the future of Yang Chao root" of the card. Yang Chao said he was listening to root on television about it, invite the other two together to find of Kunming. "Persons with disabilities must be given a fair deal, we have to live a normal life."
As for what is written on the banner, see Yang Chao root is called leadership,boutique louboutin paris, others do not know.
Zhu Lanying reporter asked why not find a lawyer to take legal action to solve the problem, Zhu Lanying said it is to hire a lawyer. "I was to change this behavior," the Civil Aviation Law "provisions of the King,christian louboutin homme, why can not we fly with disabilities?" Zhu Lanying said.
Kunming airport terminal, Zhu Lanying past behavior caused numerous travelers onlookers. A traveler from Shanghai, Wang said that if the airport is really inappropriate behavior, it is recommended to go the legal way, after all, this behavior is very sensible.
Currently, Yunnan Airport Ground Services Limited has issued this letter Zhu Lanying. Inform the letter said, according to the business letter, "China Civil Aviation passenger, baggage and domestic transportation rules" and Chengdu Airlines consider the particularity of travelers commitment in the ticket validity (one year),louboutin homme pas cher, if you need to use the ticket, just ahead of the application Chengdu Airlines carrier shall be responsible for, but in accordance with the relevant provisions of the CAA transportation for disabled travelers to prepare in advance to ensure safe transportation. If you choose a refund, you can waive the fee for its handling,mulberry outlet, and give a certain degree of humanitarian relief.
Guopei Song said, "I hope to take reasonable way Zhu Lanying, rational rights, not behaving aggressively. If any violation of national citizenship laws and regulations appear to bear the legal consequences."
After talking about how to do, Zhu Lanying,louboutin pas cher femme, said, "If the Kunming airport does not apologize, I will always continue to protest." (END)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp,; paraplegic passengers denied boarding: two sides of the events described in deposit dispute
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