After watching his son one last time

Getting the bad news paralysis Zhang's family sit on the floor,christian louboutin homme.
Morning News & nbsp; & nbsp; 5 4 5 pm,cheap jordans for sale, River Road near a supermarket history occurred in an accident: 24-year-old Zhang unfortunate employee was electrocuted.
At 9:00 on the 4th,cheap jordans, the negative layer in the supermarket aquatic area,, a few hours before the tumult had to settle,,jordan femme pas cher, Zhang is here lost their lives.
Zhang is the time of the incident on the night shift. The supermarket a few people working at night,gucci handbags outlet, when an employee saw down in the tank Zhang,jordan femme pas cher, Zhang has no consciousness. According to reports, Zhang died some time in the day at 5:30. Zhang was soon sent to the 105 hospital emergency vehicles, despite active rescue but still did not snatch Zhang's life, "is brought dead,abercrombie pas cher,, rescue and not come back." Said the doctor.
Zhang has two girls in their mother's surname,ray ban outlet italia, Zhang Chang as the only son inherited his father's surname, sudden bad news hit the Zhang's parents.
After watching his son one last time,louboutin soldes, Zhang mother under the arm can move only his family, but Zhang father is slumped on the ground. "He working at night, as I say let him not to attend this class,tn pas cher femme, but ......" Zhang father broke down in tears.
Liu Zhang's sister said, "I hope my brother is at home,hogan outlet, he has gone away,,nike air max pas cher, this home has collapsed."
"Staff was a shock, we know that this is very serious,christian louboutin outlet, they take the initiative to report the matter, but after the incident, the police station and the police vice squad had gone to the supermarket, at the scene of the relevant evidence,,hogan outlet, and sealed at the time of monitoring." Supermarket responsible person surnamed Zhang,hogan outlet 2015, Zhang carrying out routine work when suddenly lost his balance and panic on the power to touch the body,, the result of accidents.
Zhang,nike air max baratas, head tank charged denied rumors. "Supermarket variety of electrical facilities are normative,, there is no leakage, the problem of aging,cheap jordan shoes, and from the scene of view, Zhang fell into the tank where the fish are safe,chaussures louboutin hommes, from this point of view,hollister france, Zhang is a shock after it fell into the tank. "
Sister Liu said the incident found near field monitors, although they have not seen the surveillance video, but according to the relevant personnel, before the incident, Zhang is using nets Laozhuo something in the tank,louboutin pas cher, and then accidentally electrocuted.
Currently,, police are investigating the matter, and the aftermath of the relevant Zhang, the supermarket being negotiated with their families.
Newspaper reporter Xu Ren pine / Wen Zhuo Min / photo