Wang took a bottle of mineral water

How quickly things:
He was in the river rescue,hollister france, shore wallet was stolen
Foreign guy to find a job in this encounter attracted public sympathy in Wenzhou
Yesterday,jordan femme pas cher, the reporter contacted a number of units are willing to "use" him
"Let's look!" Find someone drowning, arrived in Wenzhou Guizhou guy looking for work while Wang through the crowd, while undressed and jumped into the Wenzhou Xiaonanmen dirty, smelly river, drowning woman trying to pull ashore, then and from underwater picked up a man ......
When looking at the ambulance away, Wang sigh standing on the shore, but he looked back to find their pants off the shore, found in his hip pocket wallet was gone.
Just came to Wenzhou Wang dumbfounded: penniless,hogan outlet 2015,, even ID cards are not, how do?
Yesterday,boutique louboutin paris, the reporter was informed the matter to contact a number of companies have expressed welcome to the other side of this courageous young man to work with.
Man overboard, Guizhou guy endured the stench of the river rescue
This year 29-year-old Wang is Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou Province Qianxi County.
Listen fellow said,, there are more opportunities Haozhaogongzuo Wenzhou, a few days ago, he took 2,000 yuan, Wenzhou came looking for work.
The day before yesterday afternoon,herve leger sale, looking for a day's work to a nearby Wang Xiaonanmen. Just walk the city opened the bridge on the river to see a group of people around, he looked up, before we know there is a man and a woman fell into the water.
Wang immediately throw satchel Wangdishangyi, took off his pants and shirt, and jumped down from the shore. "After it, I first put that girl still struggling hard pull on,, pulled the shore." He then save the man.
River dirty,louboutin homme pas cher, smelly, just dive down when Wang also choked a few mouthfuls. Wang endured nausea, finally found a drowning man, and with the help of the people on shore under his care on the shore.
People come up,,air jordan femme, and his wallet was missing
Man rescued mouth, nose full of mud.
After landing, Wang took a bottle of mineral water, rinse these mud, and let the girl to the drowning man artificial respiration. He then fell into the water pushing down the chest.
"Probably by the three minutes or so,nike tn pas cher,, according to his stomach out some water, and then the ambulance arrived." Wang also helped put together the drowning man to send an ambulance.
At this time, Wang remembered his bag and clothes. Surprisingly, in his courageous rescue ten minutes time, the pants he was missing a wallet. "There are more than 800 yuan wallet, as well as ID cards."
How can this do? Two nights ago, five horses Lucheng police station to understand the situation,jordan femme pas cher, immediately took out 300 yuan to him urgently. Because there is no ID card,, good-hearted people Ting gave him arrange the accommodation.
The young man was a dutiful son, to make money for her mother to see a doctor
"Save the people, the money was gone,louboutin pas cher femme, I hate a thief,air max, but not the slightest regret, after all, save the people,scarpe hogan donna, themselves happy." Wang said.
Yesterday, Wang later learned that the actual situation,boutique louboutin paris,, and a lot of people love to Wenzhou Wang phoned Wang wanted to help one. Five horses instructor police station said that if a program review of qualified, willing to hire him as a police station Police Association. "Courageous young man can do the Police Association, certainly a good thing for people to do more."
"I grew up on the police wanted to,nike air max pas cher, but the Police Association of relatively low wages,ray ban italia, and I want to make more money, the home of the mother needed money to see a doctor." Wang is a dutiful son, 19-year-old began to work outside the home, the mother bleeding After he spent working in savings. Trip to Wenzhou, he wanted to have a better chance to make more money,cheap jordans for sale, honor their parents.
Wang's understanding of the situation, the reporter quickly and made contact with a number of enterprises in Wenzhou, the other side have said very welcome. Angelo Group, said that if Wang can adapt Baoxiniao turner work, you can go to work tomorrow, but also to solve the accommodation and other problems.
Yesterday, Wang reporters after hearing the good news that, although lost his wallet, but still face a lot of good people in Wenzhou, he hopes to pass the interview,hollister outlet uk, to "Angelo" a good job.
Reporters also learned that the man surnamed Wu was rescued, the girl surnamed Zhang, was his girlfriend, two are from Sichuan. Zhang told police she accidentally fell into the water first,, Xiao Wu, in order to save her,louboutin pas cher, jumping into the water,air jordan femme pas cher, but both can not swim,hollister pas cher, thanks to Wang jumping into the water to save them.
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