Mayen St.

At this time is at 16:00 on August 28 in advance of hospitalization fee receipt printing, display the 10 million is paid for with Bing Zou, payment card. Zou small wounded soldiers still in the city with eight hospital intensive care units for treatment, his parents on the same floor of the bed waiting anxiously son would soon escape. Liu small perturbation
27 am that traffic escapes from sudden accident, changed the fate of the two families. Almost the same age two young soldiers still in the same hospital where Zou Ma Cong are facing legal sanctions. The parties father, a severe anxiously waited at the doorway looking out of the woods as soon as his son, another father overwhelmed under the weight of public opinion ......
Ma Cong's father Mayen Holy currently unwilling to be interviewed media reporters, more reluctant to meet. Newspaper reporters and hastily came from Lanzhou Mayen St., because before seen a reason Furong District traffic police brigade in the hospital, he reluctantly agreed yesterday on the phone with the reporter had some dialogue.
Why is "lying"
"I was impatient,, too confused mind, an instinctive reaction of it."
Reporter (hereinafter referred to as "mind"): Ma Cong score how?
Mayen St. (hereinafter referred to as "horse"): pretty good,sac chanel, moderate it.
Note: these days you see it?
MA: So far, I have only seen his son in to the day side, these days think about is how to help as soon as he (Zou same soldiers) cured.
Q: A lot of people criticize you lie to the media,abercrombie outlet uk, obviously corporate, says he is an ordinary employee.
MA: I was trying to low-key point, if I say that they are company executives, then we will say how I do? The same will provoke attacks and accusations, the reaction will be greater, will spearhead more acute. I would say, "show off their wealth,chaussures louboutin hommes," on how the money will say how, my son said, "rich" how's how. I'm not a person is inside and outside, will not say anything, do not say the best. (Silence) I was impatient,lancel pas cher, too confused mind, an instinctive reaction bar. Is trained spokesperson says the wrong thing,scarpe hogan, there will be a time when, to some people just grabbed hold of this. (Silence) Say, mister also employees are doing, are working for the community. (Choking) whether I was the boss or employee, in fact, I was just a child his father ...... (sob) this, so you do a father, it will understand and feel. I have not had a bad record. Say a lie is a white lie.
"After the treatment encounter difficulties, you can call directly."
Ma: how a person, not just look at how he said, ultimately depends on his good nature. He is not going to look to take responsibility, is not actively deal with this matter.
Reporter: What do you have to actively deal with?
Ma: I was at 12:00 on August 28 and more Furong District traffic police brigade rushed, and that you know,louboutin pas cher femme, you see me. I've seen a son, a preliminary understanding of the situation, and friends went to eight hospitals (eighth hospital in Changsha City) to visit the injured. To the hospital, I was looking for a surgical Ho (homonym) director to understand the injury. He said three things: 1 Zou very timely rescue with soldiers; two current successful surgery; 3 If you can keep up with the cost of post-treatment, will recover quite well.... He also told me, Zou soldiers with treatment costs have spent 30,chaussures louboutin hommes,000 dollars,christian louboutin outlet,, plus the cost of post-treatment,tn pas cher femme, along with probably 10 million dollars. I asked him the same name Zou soldiers, immediately went downstairs to pay the 10 million dollars into the account Zou same soldiers. And took 10,000 dollars in cash, to his father, do nutritional cost of living. This, you can ask him (Zou same soldiers) father. We also stay on the phone to him, saying that if after treatment difficulties, you can call directly.
Turning to family
"Individual human behavior, causing great harm to my family."
Reporter: query that shows you are two company's legal, is not it?
MA: Well, I do not want to say this, there is no need to say, and this accident does not matter. My hometown is in Yan'an,louboutin femme pas cher, I more than 80 year-old mother is still in Yan'an. Others put my company name also published out, the company is a private enterprise, in this sense, have no significant impact on the company. However, the individual human behavior,,louboutin femme pas cher, for my family caused great harm. (Silence) human flesh search and attack on the network or even harassment, let my family on the verge of collapse. (Choking) my old mother said it,hollister outlet online, all over 80 years of age, is a retired teacher Yan'an, yesterday, some people just call her and say this thing. Suddenly acute disease of the elderly. Do not know if they are to get the phone number from where. (Sobbing)
Reporter: family now know this?
Ma: I'm afraid the elderly anxious. Began just me and him (Matson) mother knows,cheap jordans,, she was anxious not, two were sent to hospital,, has acute blind (deaf), the ear can not hear. There is a good friend and I know in Changsha. Now, family and loved ones all know. My wife's parents were also seven or eight years, and now know. Even I have to find their brother. Everywhere human flesh search. I hope the family can live a normal life. (Pause) hundreds of text messages, as well as numerous harassing phone calls,abercrombie soldes, I can afford, but I hope they do not go to harass my family.
Ma: To do so, in fact, whether it is my home,,hollister, or he (Zou same soldiers), will eventually become victims.
Q: Why do you say?
MA: So bad for the injured. You think about it, our family into this mess now, and if I'm crazy too, who will help heal this child,, he is responsible for?
Related news
The injured have start eating soup
Brother and sister, said Emily is a good friend knocked together
WASHINGTON (intern reporter Liu Dai Lu Li Qi small) "Last night, we called him,air max, he responded." Yesterday, in Changsha City, eight hospitals,louboutin pas cher femme, with soldiers injured father Zou Zou given Choi told reporters that his son has improved,air jordan femme, but not yet spent the danger of 7-10 days. Moreover, with soldiers Zou Zou sister also leave a flower come from Guangdong to visit his brother in Changsha, she said, and that night along with his brother knocked Emily relationship just good friends, "I called to ask her."
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the hospital's surgical ward eight, with the soldier's mother Zou because fatigue was asleep, my sister Zou flowers in cleaning everyday objects, and to call their parents to buy a bowl of soup for dinner specially. She said he last came to the hospital after the return of the company in Dongguan for a week's leave, yesterday arrived in Changsha. "Brother after the accident, I told him that night and knocked Emily by phone, she is larger than his brother, she and her brother are not in a relationship, just a good friend. Accident that day, she saw his brother to the hospital twice."
Zou given fiscal father said last night,louboutin femme pas cher, Zou same soldiers slightly better,christian louboutin homme, sometimes you can also call him "hum" or two, "he conscious, the doctor suggested that we use a dropper to feed point to his son to eat soup." Currently, Zou same soldiers are still in in the intensive care unit for treatment, you can go to visit their families only in the daily 16:00 to 4:30 during this time. Zou set Choi confirmed Mayen holy saying, "He saved 10 million dollars of medical expenses, but also took 10,000 dollars in cash to me as the cost of living expenses." Zou set Choi said that before cure his son's injury, he will not be considered for compensation and other issues. He also said that before did not accept Mayen St. apology "does not want him to apologize to me,, if he was able to ask my son's situation much, my heart will be a little more comfortable."
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