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Beijing News (Reporter Zhang School) "I hope the court can sentenced for me,,boutique louboutin paris, let me go to jail." Yesterday, due to negligence driving his son to death and injury of a small contingent (a pseudonym), crying when Huairou district court for trial and said.
Son playing under the car knocked dead
However, 28-year-old, Anhui Taihe people rented in Yanqi Town,louboutin femme, Huairou District, Tianyuan Xiu elegant farmhouse hospital waste collection.
Prosecution of CLC, February 9,, a small lunch and then drive out to sell scrap agricultural vehicles. Not just getting a few meters away,nike air max pas cher, a small contingent feel like rolling the car on the left side of the wheel to something,cheap red bottom, but thought it was a scrap yard iron pipe, did not bother to continue to open forward. But his wife's cries,, "Hanzhu" him. He found himself less than 2-year-old son,boutique louboutin paris, covered in blood lying on the ground, I realize I will be playing in the car his son and injury. Later,nike air max pas cher, his son died in the hospital process.
It is understood that the day a small contingent to be controlled, after being released on bail. Prosecutors believe that a small contingent due to negligence,louboutin homme pas cher, wrongful death,louboutin femme pas cher, wrongful death should be held criminally responsible.
Husband,louboutin pas cher femme, wife plead leniency
Yesterday,, during the trial,cheap jordans for sale, a small contingent has been choked. In a brief statement the judge asked what had happened, the small contingent, said: "I have stated many times, you can not,hogan interactive, I can not tell you stated,, the public security organs in the statement are true,louboutin pas cher, I hope that the Court sentenced me,?. Let me go to jail. "small contingent voluntary confession.
It is understood that during the case hearing,,cheap jordan shoes, the judge had a small contingent of his wife wrote a pleading letter asking for clemency for her husband. Yesterday,louboutin pas cher femme,, the court is not in court for sentencing.
■ dialogue
"To see the car on the thought of his son."
Beijing News: When to come to Beijing,ray ban outlet italia?
A small contingent: 2004. Later introduced to his wife,hollister france, married in 2009.
Beijing News: how after the accident you had,louboutin homme pas cher?
A small contingent: one-third of my hair white overnight, afraid to return within one night rental yard, however, saw the car on the thought of his son. The state of his wife's not as good as me.
Beijing News: Why did you ask the court sentenced,cheap jordans,
A small contingent: After the incident, the family are to blame me,scarpe hogan interactive, and my wife wanted a divorce, my guilt, I feel sorry for them, can be sentenced to jail in my mind it is a relief and atonement wife get well soon ...... hope to Forget this thing ...... Because considering the wife, I did not commit suicide,nike tn pas cher, or else I'm not in the ......
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