A force after years of hard work

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A force after years of hard work, finally has his BMW car. But one day find broken gearbox,air max pas cher homme, repairs need more than ten thousand dollars. A repairman Hikari to force out of a "good idea": manufactured together after new accident insurance policies,hogan milano, this new mix of old wounds hurt by the insurance company will pay for repairs up together. A decision to fight a force.
June 11 this year,abercrombie pas cher, Ali and Hikari driving a BMW car ready for an "accident" in the GS. Ali is a bit distressed,hogan outlet, but also worried about their driving skills in general, so for driving by Hikari. After seasoned Aguang intentionally rear-end collision on the road directly in front of the normal running of a van,tiffany outlet, in a hurry to leave the scene.
After police arrived, Ali then lied to his own careless driving caused the accident, because the front of the van has voluntarily left the scene, temporarily unable to issue a Confirmation, police notification Ali the next day and then to deal with the traffic police force . But when the police team to bring up the surveillance video, they noticed that someone else driving, decide to initiate an investigation.
A force and Hikari all this panic under ground, in consultation with a lawyer friend his behavior is likely to break the law, the E Lili Ma call the insurance company to cancel the insurance,hogan donna, do not pay the damages,http://club.miyazaki-mu.ac.jp/gvolun/bbs/f_board.cgi,hogan scarpe, said. After thinking a ten days later,air max outlet, he eventually confessed to the police team went to the whole matter.
After assessment,abercrombie femme,http://www.aajlr.org, the BMW car maintenance amount involved totaled 36,hogan,873 yuan,hogan outlet, while Hikari found guilty of the crime of insurance fraud,chaussures tn,http://club.miyazaki-mu.ac.jp/gvolun/bbs/f_board.cgi, was sentenced to five months and twenty days detention and fined eleven thousand yuan; Ali guilty insurance fraud,louboutin pas cher, was sentenced to five months and fifteen days detention and fined ten thousand yuan.
The judge reminded
In daily life,nike tn, many owners as a result of careless driving their own car always makes some small rub a small cut,hogan rebel, in order to save time and usually it does not manage Times insurance,hogan uomo, or some rub and vehicle issues do not belong to the scope of the insurance company's claims So wait until sometime together to create false "accident" them together to make a new injury insurance claims old wounds. This seemingly commonplace in the industry, "conventional" approach,nike tn prezzo, if it reaches a certain amount,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,nike tn requin,http://als-net.com/cgi-bin/keijiban/als-keijiban.cgi, will be arrested for insurance fraud,http://www.ebay.com/itm/aw-cgi-/180631681385?clk_rvr_id=399999103299, as the case of Hikari and Ali as his BMW car damage did not say,http://www.hacosuke.com/hacobbs/hacobbs.cgi,hogan outlet, but also by prison the pain and extra pay a fine.
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