suspected positions occupied after the incident

(Reporter Wang Qiu) believe the magazine reports distorted the facts,louis vuitton bauletto, undermines personal reputation, Beijing Technology Co.,hogan interactive, LTD,louboutin outlet, former CEO Mr. Chen will be "Chinese e-commerce,,hogan scarpe,," the magazine to court to require the defendant to stop infringement of its reputation and Claims 100,,000. Yesterday,hogan sito ufficiale, reporters learned,air max pas cher,, Fuxing Road,, Haidian court court sentenced Chen lost.
Chen said that in 2011 the first five "Chinese e-commerce" magazine in an article entitled "We are no longer brothers," the article made him into a reputation crisis. In this article,nike air max pas cher,, Mr. Chen has been described as an unauthorized use of his own salary, reimbursement and other illegal occupation of the company's assets in several ways,air max pas cher femme, and ultimately by the company "driven out" of bad faith who was related to insiders as "five evil "" shameless to the extreme. " Chen believes that "Brothers," a text of a dispute between him and the company's hype, damaged his reputation,hogan, shall bear civil liability.
Court found that, during his tenure,nike tn, Mr. Chen reimbursement accounts irregularities do exist,hogan donna 2013, but had also been reporting suspected positions occupied bail measures being taken to the public security organs according to law. Combining these facts,hogan interactive, the content can be identified,scarpe gucci, "Brothers,," the article described basically true, although published articles cited "five evil" word, but the word is a reference to another person called 'described as five evil',nike tn requin, not the article He is the author of the evaluation,hogan 2014, so "brothers,,chaussures louboutin," the article does not constitute defamation against Mr. Chen. Finally,nike air max pas cher, the court rejected his claim.
Yesterday,, reporters in the Baidu search found involved in the article can still be found on the Internet. According to the article said,,louboutin femme, suspected positions occupied after the incident, Mr. Chen was Beijing Technology Co., LTD removed from the CEO post.
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