business is booming.

Yesterday, near the station Shapingba District 404, was twice expelled in after breakfast the vendors will continue to operate the car onto the middle of the road. Li Wenbin district inspectors began to photograph the station side of the street vendors were taken to persuade Li Wenbin breakfast car traders who dragged reluctantly retreat LiWenBin photo municipal inspectors observe urged to leave the car side LiWenBin taken at breakfast
5 selling breakfast in Shapingba district station side 404 small vendors,hogan scarpe, walk on the streets and sidewalks, and finally stopped in the middle of the road selling, past buses, taxis and private cars have to slow down the bypass.
Yesterday, we stayed here for more than one hour, witnessed the breakfast hawkers and urban management "hide and seek" the entire process.
District inspectors to come,scarpe hogan, retreated across the road
Yesterday morning around 8:10, 404 Station Three Gorges Square Shapingba flow side, such as weaving, is really a good place to sell breakfast. 5 small vendors pushing a trolley station at 404 Plaza parking garage side by Arima sell the breakfast, business is booming.
At this time, wearing a blue uniform of the inspectors appeared, one by one next to the hawkers . After 1 minute, small vendors who first retreat, through a one-way four-lane road lined up opposite.
Sand municipal inspectors came, small vendors and then retreat
Many people want to buy breakfast coachman also across the street, after all inconvenient,tn chaussures,, obviously not as good as the business side of the 404 stations in the side.
About 30 minutes later, again a small vendors chased each speak a few words, about 8:50,air max pas cher, 5 hawkers second retreat, dragging carts parked near 404 in the direction of the station control room, maybe they hope to be able to stop a bus stop chased out of sight.
Then, after a few minutes, two inspectors to vendors who came over,, this time five vendors moving too quickly,louboutin soldes, directly to the middle of the road they retreat.
I asked a sister to sell breakfast: "? Why run around,," she said: "Shapingba district inspectors arrive earlier, sandy area municipal inspectors should come later, the road on both sides belong to different inspectors." I When suddenly, Sister still agreeable to say: "road on both sides of the inspectors were wearing the same uniforms, management area is not the same, long-sawed everyone, we are all familiar, the first in 404 stations every morning here to sell, and so on district the inspectors to have sold almost, sandy area municipal inspectors should come later, but both sides chased inspection time is not the same,bracciale tiffany, we can make a time difference. "She left a few linen trolley round and small half pot of porridge .
Both sides are not embarrassed himself
Perhaps because of this retreat way to make small vendors feel tired, or maybe something breakfast stalls also sold almost have two carts pulled left, leaving three small vendors, the breakfast spread directly parked in the street middle.
"It's a few good selling breakfast pull Oh, in the middle of the road swing, and gas tank in the stalls." We hear people passing that there are people to take the cell phone camera.
This road is about 20 meters wide, the breakfast spread parked in front of the front of the 404, the bus frequently, inbound,air max italia, the driver had to bypass the breakfast spread traveling from here past the other buses and private cars, but also have avoidance,louboutin milano, followed behind the vehicle slowed down.
"We only have the car parked in the middle of the road,louboutin scarpe, do not let the pendulum here, there is no let swing." Another selling breakfast and sister while we talk,air max pas cher femme, hands money, find the money,nike tn requin pas cher, the action did not stop Shengfan next.
9:00 in the morning,, in order to keep small vendors back on both sides of the sidewalk, Arima garage intersection, two district inspectors stood there for a long time do not go across the road and in the sandy area municipal inspectors also stood there not moving .
District inspectors
"Requirement 8:00 closing time too,
Drag a day after 9:00,louis vuitton bauletto. "
Circle the inspectors told us that these breakfast stalls selling breakfast at 404 is not something a couple of years. "In order to facilitate the travel office workers to buy breakfast, we asked around 8 o'clock breakfast spread on the land,,louboutin homme pas cher,, but each time they have to drag after 9:00."
Chased pointing Arima Square Garage,scarpe hogan outlet, said: "This is the garage entrance plaza residential property owners, but just off the garage where less than one meter,air max 95 pas cher, that fire exits Three Gorges Square,nike requin pas cher, and 404 to the station direction, there's sidewalks,tn requin femme, most place less than two meters wide, the breakfast spread put in here,, hit the pedestrian is very crowded. We also thought to follow a fixed shoeshine stalls inside the square,, to give them planning a fixed position. But the one hand, it needs to be reported for approval by On the other hand the morning crowd inside the Plaza of the Three Gorges might as well stop and give them planning the location, they are not necessarily willing to go. "
Sand municipal inspectors
"Planning a booth, they do not want."
9:00 had 10 points,hogan outlet italia, three small road in the middle of the street vendors pushing carts have to leave.
"We have been in the way of peace pharmacy branch next to them planning a special stalls,negozi tiffany, not far away,hogan uomo, on the side of the road 10 meters to go inside the cell door, but there did not take long, they again pushed to the car Big road coming up, "the sandy area municipal inspectors told us:" Maybe business is lower than in Malaysia on the road, but in this band does no longer find them more suitable location. "
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