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Web of Science reprint away after a long letter on behalf of the exhibition "No sleep last night," lead users hot. Network screenshots
Beijing News News "last night without sleep,air max 95 pas cher,, for a student." November 13, Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral tutor exhibition generation process into confusion,hogan 2014, he abruptly abandoned the school to continue to do research at Tsinghua University doctoral student Xiao Yang (pseudonym) opportunities,hogan outlet, and Beijing signed to do a key middle school math teacher. Cheng wrote a long letter on behalf of the exhibition of more than 3,000 words on the blog, expressing regret and confusion.
"Overkill", "too real social environment for the brain drain" ...... This letter fueled hot.
18,, Xiao Yang posted on a social networking site a long letter the teacher replies,gucci borse outlet, "I have an aversion to scientific research."
He is my most talented students
"His choice surprised me, I sleep through the night is also thought to understand. He is I have met the most talented students." Yesterday, the process on behalf of the show,air max pas cher homme, he stood staring at the desk and Xiao Yang,hogan uomo, co-author of the English books, frowning.
On behalf of the exhibition,, said Cheng, Xiao Yang worked in the field of system control top international journals (IEEE TAC), the first author of several articles published long identity papers. "Ph.D. Chinese system control areas, few hair on this journal articles too."
"Granted that he will engage in high-end scientific research," said Cheng-generation exhibition,nike tn italia, contradictions six months ago, Xiao Yang suddenly told him, after graduating high school to go to a bank or a teacher, and has obtained his accountant. At that time, the process on behalf of the show thought it was just "young fad."
But in early November, Xiao Yang suddenly informed mentor, he has been hired a Beijing high school, about to sign.
Qian of the question PK freedom of choice
"You do, China and even the world may lose a good scientist." That night, tossing and turning process on behalf of the exhibition, in a blog published an open letter, "No sleep tonight."
Subsequently, this letter is reproduced in Web of Science, aroused hot friends.
"Why our schools are always cultivating outstanding scientific talent?" Qian of the question once again become the focus of attention. However,hogan scarpe, there are also a part of the public believe that there is freedom of choice, Xiao Yang, the "lower than the contribution of secondary school teachers in the university researchers."
The only reason is not interested
For instructors do not understand and talk users, recently, Xiao Yang also posted online a long letter,abercrombie soldes, saying that "is actually very simple, the only reason is not interested. Not interested still a relatively neutral term, I actually You can say that I have an aversion to scientific research. "" Do research tired, when I decided to quit the research when the heart is relaxed extremely long absence. "
"I'm certainly not the scientific community needs people, people who are not interested in scientific research can not make truly meaningful results, I want to be the education needs of professionals." Xiao Yang said that on looking forward to high school as a teacher, he Church people liked the kind of knowledge of accomplishment.
■ dialogue
Dr. assigned to teach high school talent imbalance
Beijing News: Why is strongly opposed Xiao Yang abandon research?
Cheng generation Exhibition: He is engaged in research for over 30 years I have seen the most talented students, the research community is rarely good seedling. He read a four-year undergraduate at Tsinghua University, mathematical skills playing very solid, very flexible mind, and he's good at finding the essence of the problem and propose a solution, and he is a pleasure to discuss mathematics. He is also very hard. Has three foreign universities invited him to read postdoctoral research his future is very bright, so give up, too bad.
Beijing News: You asked Xiao Yang in the field of their own research interested?
Cheng generation Exhibition: I need to reflect on this point,tiffany outlet on line,, I never asked. I always think there is interest to do well, to publish is a very pleasing thing in top international journals. I totally did not think he was not interested in his research, without realizing that sense of accomplishment. This still makes me confused now.
Beijing News: Some people think that the contribution of secondary school teachers do not likened to the contribution of research is low, how do you see?
Cheng generation Exhibition: I never doubt the importance of secondary school teachers, and my interest in mathematics is being nurtured several high school teachers. But I insist that the doctor is a waste when secondary school teachers,nike tn, especially science and engineering doctorates Xiao Yang, such as gifted. He has accumulated nearly PhD with less than high school education to go, into the country, teacher effort,louboutin pas cher, individual effort, almost in vain. Do not let him go, and high school students talk manifolds,, martingale inequality and other knowledge?
Let the wise men, in particular, such as Xiao Yang talents to teach high school, is the failure of the education system, the social imbalance in the distribution of talent.
I'm just being obedient boy into education
The day before yesterday, the reporter linked to still visit the United States to study, Xiao Yang, he said, has all his opinions written in the letter.
Beijing News: teacher of your choice very disappointed, how do you think?
Xiao Yang: I know the way the teacher told me high hopes, I say he must be very disappointed, and I even have been thinking about it so insistent engage in research to engage in it, but really to the choice,hogan outlet, I chose selfishly Press their wishes.
Exit the research community because of tired, did not feel that he is very capable person. (Earlier research has always insisted) is not a teacher forced away, just because I grew up to be educated as "obedient boy", as long as someone gave me the task and I should do the task, whether I like it or not, will try to complete not just research question, and even help the lab chores are done fast and well. Such a result was the way the teacher thought I like to do research.
Beijing News: family support your choice?
Xiao Yang: November 11,tiffany gioielli, my grandmother back home and family had a meeting. They advised me not to rush to make money,,louboutin, but I want to ask them for high school so I chose a position is not high, not much money there is also tiring career advice. Finally, we agreed that if I really dislike research, adhere to scientific research for life will not be happy, but they do not care what my fame status, high school teacher is also very good.
Beijing News: Many people believe that a high school teacher, Dr. Qucai go?
Xiao Yang: I think I have enough ability to cope with the knowledge of high school mathematics. This, I think I totally can not afford to do valuable research work in stark contrast. I also like the kind of knowledge teach others a sense of accomplishment. I did tutoring, I feel comfortable when several hours of tutoring hours than do more research.
This year the holiday, I also helped a freshman calculus kids hanging branches make up two days of classes,louboutin prezzi, when she told me she had 90 points as the make-up time, that sense of accomplishment ah, Leverage.
In addition, a teacher is relatively stable, although the income is not high. I really do not have time to find other work, looking for work in prime time since I visited the United States to study missed.
I do not know the details, do not comment on specific people and events.
Chinese society has been relatively low intellectual pursuit, before research is considered to be more fashionable profession, we believe research can bring wealth, status, reputation, research is very keen on, once they find is not the case,abercrombie soldes, you have to leave. In addition,, there is the possibility of a Chinese social content with the lack of higher pursuit.
Students do not want to continue to engage in scientific research, then let him take a good, really like to do research and people will leave nothing to regret.
- Dean, College of Life Sciences, Peking Rao
Cheng behalf of the exhibition is the older generation of intellectuals, he is more emphasis on training personnel for the country, emphasizing the contribution of the spirit, Xiao Yang is a new generation of young people, more emphasis on personal values and interests, this should be the progress of time. Each individual can live according to their own wishes, rather than to suppress their collective interests, each individual good, society will be more harmonious. And Xiao Yang expressed no interest in scientific research,, Cheng Hsiao-generation exhibition saw Yang's talent, but talent is not equivalent to interest, interest only as the original impetus to go further in research. - College of Life Sciences, Peking University teacher Hao XM
Now think so clear, is not blind, it can only respect his choice. Maybe give up research with teacher education there is a problem, too hard or too much pressure. When students go to high school teacher, is to change the environment to relax, maybe one day he will find a good academic, back to academia.
- Professor,tiffany outlet, College of Beijing Institute of Technology, a famous educational and cultural scholar Yang Dongping
If you go to the doctor secondary schools, perhaps his contribution to the future of the community is much larger than the hair several articles SCI much! Perhaps the way the teacher's research group lost an excellent doctor, an excellent researcher future; but he will probably be for the country to cultivate more excellent or doctoral researcher. - User Zhao
We are now in a global era of the Great Leap Forward academia large impulsive, impetuous behind this, in fact, researchers generally poor treatment. Low pay,louboutin, then the people of various fast track only fun tricks to improve their living conditions, both left academia to the bank,louboutin femme pas cher, or stay in academia made a lot of junk papers getting rewards, are true. - Scientific network users Wang Xiaoming
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(Original title: PhD research to teach high school to escape being questioned)
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