Menstrual soon.

Shenzhen News Network May 19 hearing (Shenzhen Evening News reporter Xu Longchen) in order to cope with the physical exam in the exam,louboutin pas cher, some girls even started eating contraceptives postponed vacation? Such a message would you believe it? 2012 Physical Exam exam began May 5, the end of the weekend. Recently,hogan outlet, a lawyer in Shenzhen after the microblogging broke the news, the network set off some waves. Micro-Bo said, in order to pass the exam PE exam, some participate in the examination of the girls actually taking the pill. Yesterday,, this reporter a few secondary schools in Shenzhen investigation, found that the situation pill does exist, but in addition,hogan donna, Red Bull, coffee, chocolate,requin nike pas cher, also became candidates who successfully pass the exam "magic."
High school students taking the pill sit
"Exam approaching, many parents worry that female students PE exam time coincides with the child to the holidays due to leave make-up score is calculated only by 70%;. Some schools require parents to give their children the pill in order to postpone the time to vacation leave pill may cause. nausea, vomiting,, irregular menstruation and other adverse reactions,bracciali tiffany,, great bodily harm to minors. do not change the system from the exam, this is not a sensible idea, what is education? "
Apply make-up score on count by 70 percent, there really such a statement? According to earlier this year released "early in 2012 in Shenzhen, Graduates sports examination program,scarpe hogan outlet," states that "there are temporary injuries (such as fractures, muscle strain, etc.) of the candidates (with Qujiyishang People's Hospital Central Hospital or proof) and girls holidays (by the school issue a certificate), may apply for deferral, make-up time before the culture class exam, the city focused on one-time make-up. "According to the city in the examination policy, even apply for deferral, the candidate's test scores will not discount calculations will be calculated according to the actual score.
Even so,louboutin pas cher, the network that microblogging is still very hot, in the Comments,scarpe nike air max, many of the candidates as well as fresh,hogan donna, "someone who" have described their experiences and feelings. Users also leave comments and even referred to as "the college entrance exam class girls are collectively taken your medicine."
Red Bull is also a coffee sit trick
Compared to online reprint, more worrying is that in real life, such a situation does exist.
Yesterday, the reporter visited several secondary schools nearby pharmacy. According to pharmacy sales staff to reflect, in recent days there girls who look like students to ask or buy pharmacy pill,hogan, but not much. So looking for some drug to postpone the clerk said, the majority of girls are soon to say that because the exam, the exam will affect vacation worried "by some mothers to find drugs with pharmacies,tn nike pas cher, some of them are a couple of the students come together.", Menstrual soon.
Just last week, there are two girls to a pharmacy to buy medicine. They first rolled in medicine shelf, did not seem to find what they want, and then two girls are shy to say that they want to buy the drug delayed menstruation. In fact, in addition to buy birth control pills, but in the interview, the majority of students also said that participating in sports before the exam,abercrombie outlet online, they themselves would prepare Red Bull, coffee, chocolate and other food,hogan italia,, help yourself to a better state to pass the exam. "Our class has nearly 20 students to buy these drinks Red Bull, there are a lot of girls to buy glucose." Liu said the candidates for the exam to get better in sports, has long been popular with middle school students in a variety of "Sports High points tonic ", although they were a little cold, but in the end watching other students prepare these" supplements ", and he made a concession.
Parents of students in the exam Qi assault
Ye pill,, drink Red Bull worth mentioning, after all of these methods are "cramming"; if you want to successfully pass the exam, the usual practice is essential. However, high-intensity exercise,, but also tend to be self-defeating,abercrombie soldes, muscle strain, periostitis become a lot of junior candidates' occupational disease. "
"Good thing the temple began to prepare, some utilitarian is exam month blitz." Read three days in Futian Area junior Xiao Huang told reporters that since entering high school, physical education will be to prepare for the exam PE exam as the goal, nothing less than the practice exam content items. In addition to training in the classroom,abercrombie outlet online, the parents of some of the weaker student achievement opened a "special treatment." In his own case, due to the relatively weak in running family will arrange a time for an hour a day to his practice running, but once a week as well as simulation tests to detect the training results.
And candidates are as nervous as their parents,mulberry outlet, and in order to help their children get good grades, parents are ready early on from the "examination by." It is reported that this year's exam PE exam still take "a compulsory item +1 optional project" approach, a compulsory item of 200-meter run, 1000 m run (M),scarpe hogan, 800 m run (female),hollister pas cher, standing long jump, one minute supine ups (female), pull-up (male),, throw the medicine ball, one minute skipping, half-court basketball dribble layup and so forth was optional items. And just how on-demand, parents say, there is also a lot of knowledge.
"In general, to be more prudent to throw some solid ball, the possibility of a mistake is unlikely,basket nike pas cher, but basketball is hard to say, and sometimes extraordinary play,, but it can also lead to missed because he was nervous, it can get very high marks Hard to say. "A candidate parents said he does not want to see children under great psychological pressure,nike air max 90 outlet, we must also assume the task of physical exercise a high load. But she also admitted that in the test, "a sub-Less" mentality, so that children can only teeth training retraining.
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