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"Self-improvement, inspire others to harvest a better life." Such a concept does not sound very positive and very attractive? Recently, the reporter found that Beijing is a popular kind of "closed experience" inspirational course,, these people are the name of "elite training, self-improvement," the gimmick,, by 5 days and 4 nights of concentration "brainwashing" and let the trainers feel enhance communication skills, to re-examine their relationships with others ...... finally reached to pull more trainers purposes.
If the traditional MLM means naked in pursuit of economic interests as the goal, then this new MLM through clever variation means is people think they are more spiritual pursuit of the goal, but in the final analysis, their ultimate aim remains earn huge profits.
Under the national authorities to crack down on pyramid schemes such behavior basically disappeared in the Beijing area, but it still happens repeatedly, and change a variety of patterns exist, confusing stronger, higher degree of technological applications.
"Self-improvement to save others' fees 50,000 MLM took aim inspirational lesson
Unannounced visits
Closed environment with external insulation
May 8, the reporter went to Beijing Swiss Hotel floor conference room,louboutin pas cher, participate in National Tsing Hua University Tuowei company's "Good Life" elite training. Curriculum is divided into three stages,nike tn requin, a total charge of 5 million yuan.
Reporters noted that the training location is closed, no one windows, indoor air quality,hogan outlet milano, students can not leave halfway, if absent, then you must start from scratch to make up classes. Before entering the classroom, all students need to turn off the phone, parked belongings. The classroom, even if the course longer and must also be required to maintain the same sitting or standing, forbids students whisper, walking, even allowed to take notes, recordings are not allowed.
"Students, Good evening! My name is Zhou Kai its (sound), is your mentor!" A 40-year-old middle-aged man holding a microphone,, walked to the podium (right). His empty-handed, did not take notes, lesson plans, and no payment of any materials to the students.
Provocative mentor strong body language rich. "All life is the result of 'view + action' or 'intent + Method' comes from. In real life, why is always difficult to change the disadvantage? That is because it has potential benefits. For example, you are very impulsive, impulsive there Benefits? Yes! It allows you to have the courage to do what you usually do not dare, you can also help you shirk responsibility after the fact, for example,, you can say in hindsight that was my impulse ...... "These words sounded really have some truth.
The first day of the course until the next morning.
Psychological Hypnosis inculcate
After two days of foreshadowing, the course has added new content - mental exercises.
All students sit on the floor, eyes closed, and then gradually dimmed indoor lighting, the music sounded slowly. Instructor handset move around the room to guide everyone's imagination,louboutin, "Now, you came to the castle ......"
Instructor's voice high and sometimes low, full of passion, and the music and lighting along with doing his discourse timely adjustments. When the atmosphere slowly brewing out if instructors become more sensational. He used a long sentence parallelism, a list of life's misfortunes may encounter: "Who is Who told you that he will always love who you are, who is once again deceived you ......?" In this species to create out of the atmosphere, the mood participants were detonated.
Trainees began sobbing came, the music is even more tragic and passionate. Instructor completely immersed in his talk, and tearful. Some students are feeling out of control, or wringing, howl,, or tears,abercrombie soldes, mumbling ...... even someone tearing their clothes and hair.
Psychological practice ended, lights are turned themselves in are wet swollen eyes and face, everyone at each other, just all seems like a dream. Instructor asked us not to talk,air max outlet, silently leave. Student leader of the team who are lined up at the door, holding the hands of tissue boxes, any student access.
Devil training fatigue bombing
In the third and fourth day, the course content also increased the game or practice, such as eye contact with each other so that students embrace, eyes closed imagine vent in the dark ......
After these contain psychological inspiration, suggesting links, reporters noticed some subtle changes, some students become excited, radical thinking single. But there are also students privately told reporters, compared with the expensive tuition, they feel that these programs are not values.
However, the training curriculum was very compact and normal class time schedule opposite: Daily 10:00 start teaching until the next morning, only to arrange a dinner during which four or five o'clock in the afternoon. Time is very short break between classes, and to complete the "job",abercrombie pas cher, after the early morning there are a lot of class "jobs." According to the teacher, said the principle of the curriculum is the "head on the pillow every night up to four hours." Such a "devil-style training" so that students who are in extreme fatigue,,hogan outlet, the brain often "turn, but turn to the" closed environment coupled with long living easier passive acceptance of outside information. At the end of the course, many students hoarseness,air max pas cher, swollen eyes, exhausted.
Revealing the nature of the assigned tasks
In fact, both the instructor lectures, or games, exercises, all around a theme - inspired by his friends and family have come to class, and must be "willing to make to enhance their appeal of objects, finish the job,, pay money,louboutin prezzi," these three a certification standards.
In the training course, "inspired by" is called "Little Girl", was inspired by those who are called "Starfish." This comes from a fable: the sun, a large number were on the beach throwing starfish storm about to die tragically. A visit to the beach to pick up the little girl kept throwing starfish back into the sea. Mother advised her to say, so many starfish, you'll never pick up finish. But the little girl said: "It is a rescue one!" So you're the little girl, your friends and family is a starfish. In real life they're stranded in urgent need of your salvation. The only way to save - they also appeal to attend this course! "Mentor so repeatedly admonished the students.
Finally,tn pas cher, the teacher simply propose goals - Each student must ensure that they (the term curriculum refers to lectures voluntarily) to complete the number of 3C. So far, this so-called "good life" has finally revealed the nature of pyramid schemes - kill cooked and pull the head.
MLM is to rely on the development of on-line off the assembly line, which pull the head to get the benefit, but in such training, the development of offline seemingly unprofitable, participants will get a mentor to encourage and reward, is a spiritual enjoyment. But for companies,louboutin outlet, there is no doubt "astronomical" a large number of students can be used to make huge profits. According to informed sources, this pyramid scheme, has gone from "the pursuit of material interests as the goal," up to "the pursuit of spiritual benefit as the goal" is a new variation of the traditional MLM means. According to the reporter, currently circulating in the country "completely closed experience" a kind of course many of them belong to this. They all have such characteristics.
1. implied practitioners to renounce self-consciousness, the collapse of the psychological defense system. In the case of heart undefended, it is easy to be controlled.
2. Let the participants for their despair, the trainees completely destroyed psychologically.
3. Give the students hope, so that students feel the only "love, devotion" and other worldly truth before they can save themselves. From despair to hope, trainees have become dependent on the instructor.
4. The student will be placed into the virtual environment, so entirely at the mercy of the participants to strengthen students psychologically dependent on the instructor.
5. To be like the little girl, save the "starfish", to express their love, to make their own sublimated into a noble man. Mentor to the students pointed out the direction in life, students like catching a straw, psychologically completely dependent on instructor.
6. Establish a psychological sense of "hypnotic environment." This bombing like training, so that students complete in extreme tension, fatigue, anxiety, mental collapse easily,nike tn prezzo, lose all self-judgment. At this time, the spirit of the students has been completely controlled by the instructor.
7. Allow the students to produce a sense of accomplishment, a sense of real training later. Then the students spare no effort to develop off the assembly line, pull the head, the so-called "Starfish."
Including Beijing sweet lemon Consulting psychologist Xiaojiang Qing,chaussures tn, including several senior counselors and experts, course materials provided to reporters were discussed and analyzed, they are unanimous sigh, this course is too tight and exquisite design, and step Step control spiritual practitioners, so that students thought the guidelines in accordance with the direction of mentors to go, and ultimately achieve lucrative purpose - to become the company's trainee free "salesperson."
Consultants believe that this course inspired from old students new students to join, began foreshadowing. Old student and the company's staff will "invite you to put aside all the things in your heart, put aside all the analysis, evaluation and judgment, and threw himself into the experience of the course to go, so you can have the biggest harvest ......" In fact, This is suggesting that students give up self-consciousness, the collapse of the psychological defense system. In the case of defenseless people, it is easy to be controlled.
Next, all the training in a fully enclosed environment conducted. This is actually a psychological sense of "hypnotic environment." In this environment,chaussures nike pas cher, people's thinking and judgment disturbed consciousness more and more narrow range. Coupled with the particular light, music, instructors guide full of hints and discourse, it is very easy to be hypnotized, fully follow the guidance of mentors to thinking. Consecutive days and nights, especially in such an environment class, and only sleep four hours a day, all ears mentor repeated indoctrination and strengthened. This bombing like training,,abercrombie milano, so that students complete in extreme fatigue, anxiety, mental collapse easily, thus losing self-judgment. Therefore, the third stage, when the teacher let us go to appeal, "starfish", many of them have completely lost their normal judgment.
Past MLM spirit - "the source of life."
This course was formerly known as the source of life (Lifespring), originated in the United States. More than ten years,hogan interactive, "source of life" course developed rapidly in some Asian countries. Currently these courses in Beijing were already flooding potential, there are differences in the different companies set up, course name, number of stages and fees, but the new name, teaching mentor often flow between the various companies.
In the 1960s, a man named Alexander Everet professor founded the spiritual power (Mind Dynamics) courses, and some scholars believe that the actual curriculum based on the spiritual guru Edgar Cayce and sanity will (Theosophy) thinking. Subsequent development of the life force in American life springs (Lifespring); in Japan and Hong Kong, on the development of the life force (Life Dynamics). In 1994, the life force into the Hong Kong market is less than four years, has more than 7,000 students.
OK vocabulary concealing ugly nature
Finished five days of unannounced visits, the reporter almost devastating. In practical experience, the reporter believes that this course to some extent, to fill the gaps on the spiritual needs of the people, to meet the unique psychology of individual people. But it comes with the mandatory indoctrination means of rational cognition and the exclusion of all dissent, bizarre training methods, some trainees extraordinary fanaticism, the impact of the people of the original categories of thought and moral order, in the "personality ,louboutin pas cher, love, devotion, new life ...... "under the cover of these beautiful words, still harbored MLM profit-true colors. The basic approach is to kill MLM cooked, it requires the use of existing social relations in business,nike tn prezzo, namely the establishment of business networks in the social network. Thus, fraud MLM business network,air max outlet, will quickly diffuse into the whole social networking is not a crisis of confidence, resulting in phase cheat relatives, friends, enemies, credit wounded.
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(Original title: Reporters Secret MLM new tricks)