sounded bruising

Xi'an female students to wear "Bloodstained wedding" do not appeal to the silence on domestic violence (images from users' @ Anatomy Anatomy "microblogging) Wuhan three woman wearing bloodstained bandage dress campaign against domestic violence
This morning, two female students appeared on the streets wearing a wedding dress, sounded bruised, covered in blood. This in the end is how it happened?
This morning appeared in Yucai Road, Yanta District,, Xi'an and from the public scene so shocked, two young women with scars on his face, hands wrapped around gauze,louboutin pas cher, wearing wedding was also bloody red. It turned out that a couple of domestic violence simulation performance art. Organizers say that domestic violence is widespread and include marriage and family,abercrombie france, including between intimacy crowd.
Huang organizers,hogan uomo, said: "Domestic violence is mainly divided into physical violence, mental and sexual violence, domestic violence is just a lot of people think, but in fact there are physical violence on the language."
According to a UN statistics show that 20% to 75% of the world's women will experience at least once in a lifetime of domestic violence. Moreover, the community generally believes that domestic violence is something the private sector. Therefore,hogan donna 2013, many people around the occurrence of domestic violence turned a blind eye,chaussures tn, or all sorts of patience. To address this issue, female students who expressed the hope that the public can face such criminal acts of domestic violence.
Students Anatomy: "We are doing this activity in the streets, in the Federation the door,,nike tn, in fact, is to get more people and the public are aware that domestic violence, including violence in intimate relationships,louboutin pas cher, are in fact exist around us,louboutin,, so that we do not remain silent."
Teng Chang yesterday Jianghan District Street wedding dress Touchan bandages, sounded bruising, howling wind, the three girls holding "illegal domestic violence" signs, passersby to promote knowledge of the anti-domestic violence.
Originally, it was a performance art show. According to the organizers,, "leaf", the same day the International Day for the elimination of domestic violence,,air max pas cher, she and classmates raising a sum of money, bought three wedding,, dressed as the image of domestic violence victims. They hope that through strong visual stimulation, raise awareness of domestic violence.
Some women also keep "verbal violence"
After the occurrence of domestic violence,scarpe hogan,, public accusations of violence often projected onto all party body. Recently,tn pas cher, Taiwan psychologist invited fifteen Wuhan Institute of modern psychological science,hogan milano, to the Han presided over the "intimate relationship workshop,hogan uomo," he says,louboutin homme, suffered "domestic violence," the women, some of it should be looking for their own reasons,hogan outlet italia, as opposed to men. " physical violence ", some women also have" verbal violence. "
from "domestic violence" case found that childhood suffered domestic abuse of men, after a lot of adults have a tendency for others to implement "physical violence",hogan outlet, and childhood suffered domestic abuse of women, after a lot of others have implemented adult tendencies "verbal violence" of. They speak harsh,,requin tn pas cher, and often able to find the best people to fly into a rage if such women run into violent and clumsy language of men,gucci outlet, they tend to evolve into domestic violence. Wang Jingwei that only his heart intact,air max pas cher, in order to find happiness in an intimate relationship.
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